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  1. A few sites I know are 12 (With an adult on site) and iirc one goes down to 10
  2. Whatever happened to VFCs FAL? I thought they were gonna release it last year. All I've seen of it was a picture last year
  3. The Umarex/VFC ones I believe. I have one and it's fit like a dream in every holster I've tried.
  4. "Don't open it we promise everything's fine just don't check because then you might break it" Uh huh
  5. Was gonna write out a massive paragraph in their review thread, got about 10 lines in and just gave up. Bought a pistol mag from them, they accidentally sent me a TM Glock 19 and a TM mag. Gave em a call, they said they'd put in some stuff with my actual order. No, I will not be wearing your patch, thank you very much
  6. Defcon did me over aswell, telling me they gave me a call. Asked them what my number was and they changed a number. Interesting since my contact details are on the invoice they send me. Had so many issues with them, they just can't accept blame.
  7. Like @ScottyLad said, I can definitely recommend getting a mesh mask with soft sides like this one - (https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-mask-6-tactical-half-face-mask?pv=9905) over something with full steel sides - (https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/viper-tactical-cross-steel-mesh-half-face-mask?pv=2019). Not only will it let you get closer to your rile (Aiming down the sights) but IMO they're much more comfortable.
  8. I haven't used it in extreme cold. In my opinion, if you want the best performing gun ootb get a TM. I personally love the official trades and build quality and shooting alright is a bonus. It's not gonna blow you away in the cold but it will be usable. Edit: when I said shooting "alright", I was comparing it a TM. Range and Accuracy is pretty impressive, just slightly less snappy than a TM (Which is to be expected with TMs plastic slide)
  9. How did you manage to spend $850 on a pistol? You could get a rifle and a pistol for that!
  10. I've got the 19 from them and it's been good to me so far. Like most VFCs it's great to look at and feels well made, bar the weight. Without the mag it feels proper light and even with the mag inserted the gun is lighter than most. That's about the only gripe with it so far.
  11. Saw a long video a while back detailing some of the uhh... less than youtube friendly things he has (allegedly) done. I think it got removed but the guy accused him of hurting a kid. I think he's also been banned from a few sites (dunno why). Must say that I only heard one side of the story though
  12. You are https://echelonairsoft.co.uk/ ? or has posting at 3.04 in the morning finally taken it's toll 😂
  13. Wow... that is cheap, really cheap, assuming prices will change?
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