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  1. Maligator

    THE TM MWS thread

    Fire support are suposed to be getting new stock soon. I didnt even realise they do practical shooting in the UK with real steel until recently. Didnt realise they do it with airsoft either until the last month. Id be interested in getting into practicsl shooting with real firearms but i dont like the long barreled pistols. Im after the MWS CQBR but cant get one yet thanks to the lockdown. The problem is having a defence in the law, most will pretty much only accept UKARA or BAC.
  2. Ah, so gun oil is fine? Ive got plenty of gun oil. Cheers for the advice. Only got the glock so far, will be getting a TM MWS when I can
  3. Tried doing a search but ended up with loads of classified adds, im sure this has been asked many a time though. What lubes do you all use for your GBB rifles and pistols?
  4. Thats exactly what im after, peoples opinions, more importantly reliability between VFC and KWC. I appreciate any info anyone gives me, apologise if it came across the wrong way. Ive opted for the KWC after speaking to someone from the range who uses one and has used reel steel glocks too. I'll do my own long term tests/review on it to potent help others in my situation in the future. Although im sure things will change with whats available during that time
  5. Okay, been and found the GHK G17, its a gen 3 and going to be very expensive so that takes that one off the cards. Just need to decide between the VFC and KWC as they are both the same price, cant find any reliability issues from online research yet so may just go with the KWC one due to the mag style
  6. Both KWC and VFC are fully licenced and marked up. Ive checked out reviews and both have had nothing bad said about them, all I can see is the mags are different. I dont go off purely online reciews like youtube vids as they could be biased as well as they arent long term tests so I like to see if anyone has used either for a while and can give feedback/their opinion. Is there any info anywhere on this GHK one coming out? And what glock will it be as the gen 4 is what I am after. KWC licenced with all markings. https://www.ezdistribution.co.uk/airsoft-rifles-c271/pistols-c283/umarex-glock-17-gen4-co2-blowback-pistol-kwc-p8679 VFC licenced with all markings. https://www.ezdistribution.co.uk/airsoft-rifles-c271/pistols-c283/umarex-glock-17-gen4-co2-blowback-pistol-vfc-p8681
  7. Ive been trying to search to see any differences in quality and havent found any comparisons. The only difference between the 2 that I can see is the mags. Should add its the CO2 versions I am looking at. Anyone got any experience/knowledge on the matter?
  8. Maligator

    THE TM MWS thread

    Cracking, cheers for that. Need to find one now. A TM M4 and umerex glock will be my ideal load out
  9. Maligator

    THE TM MWS thread

    Okay, so im totally new to airsoft, not done a single skirmish or used any airsoft rifles but ive finally made my mind up and decided even with all the extra expense and issues of a GBBR i want a TM M4. Im thinking CQBR but is there much difference in accuracy and range between the 10 inch and 14inch barrels? What do I need from the off to get me up and running, cant really afford to do any mods and going to have to start of with maybe only 2 or 3 mags until i can afford more.
  10. Hi all, new to the site and new to airsoft all together. Based out of 2 locations, hinckley and loughborough. Im looking to find somewhere to play and get the ball rolling so I can get a RIF. I know nothing about weapon systems and whats best to get to start out. All I know is I would like a Glock gas blowback for sidearm and an M4/C8 derivative assault rifle.
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