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  1. I have not had mine long term but i have used it a good bit, enough to put it through its paces (The XFG) It is without questions a brilliant GBB, gas efficiency is very good (always get the last shot off even in the cold) the 'kick' is potent, the hop is easily adjustable to suit your preferred flight path (it lifts .28s perfectly) its very well made, especially when comparing it against the likes of WE! The glow in the dark sights are a nice touch, as is the raised stippling on the grips, it actually works. Material wise, the lower frame is very well made, as is the outer barrel and slide, again leagues above the likes of WE etc.... In summary i paid very little for mine new, (£89) and i spent the same again if not more on spare mags, i have not regretted it one bit. For the money you will not get better out the box. I have not yet found a decent locking holster (fobus etc) that it fits in so ive reverted to a viper adjustable type (so keep that in mind, depending on what sort of holster you wish to run) I will happily recommend this GBB to anyone, it really is a great little thing.
  2. Going to give it a bash tonight bud, ill keep you posted.... Got 2 of them to do hahaha
  3. There is another spring fortunately, @L3wisD its the enter and covert system so gearbox out jobby... Thanks for the video, luckily its relatively easy change then...
  4. For anyone else looking here, We spoke to Patrol Base this morning, they assured that the guns are downgraded when the get them and that the gun is 100% site legal.... The picture says it all Super disappointed in Patrol base, now our weekend is likely ruined, we will loose our booking deposit and now have to get this downgraded at our cost..
  5. Hey, So my buddy just received his H09 from patrol base, the gun is advertised at 310fps though in the box came a test card from the factory at 420 😱 Anyone know if Patrol base would of swapped the spring out or has he got a super hot AEG? Thanks
  6. Give the ICS XFG a look Its's extremely well made, performance is amazing and although not based on any real steel... Its a good looking bit of kit imo Best of all its only £89!!!!
  7. Indeed I'm glad I posted this haha some good sites here thanks chaps. The first answer by @heroshark was the one I meant camp sparta. Thanks for your help everyone
  8. A few months ago I stumbled across an urban airsoft site at a disused Mod base (I assume) it looked to be a fairly newish site. But for the life of me I now cannot find it. It was similar in layout to Urban Assault and had ariel pictures of the site on their page. I know this hardly slims it down but anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  9. Yeah ended up unpicking the stitching and making small cuts below the cable, I've a genuine comtac head strap that I can reuse if I ever need to take them of the mounts. Cheers
  10. Hi all, I've bought a standard set of m52's (with the headband) and I want to install the arc rails but can't get the wire out the band anyone know how to do it? Cheers
  11. Sorry to revive and old thread, @THE FNG does the laylax button provide a 'tighter' lock up? the scar stock with the standard button is somewhat creaky Thanks
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