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  1. Mad Rag

    Bare Da, butt

    been -2 most of the day up here in Scotland
  2. Mad Rag

    Bare Da, butt

    :O you have sun ??????? what is this "sun"
  3. Mad Rag


    right I got you @Druid799
  4. Mad Rag


    @Druid799 right so need to get my defence, going to play a game at the Fortress next wed or Friday. will be my second game at that site but I also played 1 game a fwg too will that still count towards ukara or does it need to be at the same site.
  5. Mad Rag


    i had a look last night and wow, do you need ukara to order from them? whats there shipping like. @Druid799
  6. Mad Rag


    just had a look wow they got some cheap gear
  7. Mad Rag


    is tawain gun cheap ?
  8. Mad Rag

    Large Events in the UK

    this thread has broken my small brain
  9. Mad Rag

    Mesh googles/glasses

    @ExArmy91 fair enough, the guys channel is a good starters guide. goes from starting up ect
  10. Mad Rag

    Mesh googles/glasses

    @ExArmy91 did you give that video a watch ? some good recommendations there
  11. Mad Rag

    SAS in action in Nairobi

  12. Mad Rag

    Does anyone train?

    bloody brilliant
  13. Mad Rag

    New To Airsoft

    @[email protected] yesssss deffo eBay or amazon. I got near enough everything from eBay bar my gloves they are from amazon. don't get cheap eye pro as they can be made poorly can may shatter or break when hit there is a good video on youtube on this hope this helps
  14. Mad Rag


    @Rogerborg thanks for the above really helped. think I will get a trmr when I have the money ha-ha. where would I look for a second hand one ?
  15. Mad Rag


    @Rogerborg im wanting to get a blank firing. that's what I thought the mrk where.