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    Hey all so I have aqquiered a box of goodies so have some things are for sale. List below. New kombat.uk Black molle pistol holster. I have 3 of these. £8.00 each + p&p New Viper tactical molle pistol holster £15 Viper tactical DPM drop leg holster used I think. £10 Highlander DPM admin panel. £10 Viper tactical DPM drop leg mag pouches for MP5 style mag. Used I think £10 New Kombat tactical m4 style Molle pouches in black 2 of these £10 each New Kombat tactical MP5 maybe m4 style with pistol piuched on front in black molle £14 New Kombat tactical black elbow pads £8 New green elbow pads £5 Also 2 ubacs in desert one in xl new and in packetand one in L open no packageing. Images on request can combine if you wish. Any questions feel free to give a message. Postage to be discussed. Open to offers


  2. so who else is stuck in work and wishes they where out playing airsoft.
  3. naughty man !!!!!!! defo changed my veiws on him
  4. so hes actually running hot. shouldn't the site pick up on this
  5. oh ..... ( can some one remind me again what joule creep is) i quite like his videos but seems hes alot diffrent in person.
  6. kicking mustang hes very good i retract this
  7. I haven't as i have not heard of that one Lucky im looking at around 50 - 60. @Rogerborg your correct, and i play mostly cqb
  8. thats my thinking with the dynatex i can get 2 with my budget. i mean ok fair its only one shot.
  9. hmm not sure if my place does them will need to find out
  10. omg that is bloody brilliant
  11. is that just bought on a game day?
  12. Thats about the same price i'm looking at i think dynatex is what im going to get first then will get a trmr down the line. where do you get your primers? Please do this
  13. So I’m in the market for my first BFG. I have around £100. I can’t decide between one TRMR or two dynatex’s. I am going more so for the dynatex as I can would be able to get 2 but I’m not sure. Any advice options are as always greatly appreciated. Since we are on the topic of BFG here is an image of him....
  14. i was wondering that lol i very much want to do a battle sim but there inst anywhere in Scotland that does them.
  15. Hey Everyone Me Again, So i have this .. https://www.airsoftworld.net/valken-battle-machine-asl-series-airsoft-aeg-rifle-eu-tango-black-dark-earth-limited-new-year-offer.html I love it, a great gun shoots really good. So I'm not tech minded or anything but I was wondering what upgraded I can do more so in the range. Now the range is already quiet good but I want it to go further. So ideas 3...2..1.. GO
  16. you can go solo, there will be plenty of people there. you will get split up into two teams and that will be your squad for the day.
  17. @Rogerborg i am amazed at how knowledgeable you are on this subject.
  18. What @Jedi_Master said, play your 3 games with a rental get your UKARA defence and your good to go, wont need to worry about 2 tone. there is also alot of sites in kent, if you go to the reviews part of the forum there is a lot for Kent sites.
  19. bravooooooooooo
  20. welcome to the forum @Mycrobrine, if the site has a Facebook page maybe post something on there you might get lucky, if not follow the above from @Asomodai and get on public transport
  21. tbh yeah got post game blues buts that's cuz im so cheesed of with how shit of a day it was. the player base was just so bad too much moaning groaning shouting and swearing at people. then i got shot from a part where the other team coult not shoot down and a guy came round the corner looked at me, me thinking i was safe. aim and shot me in the dick from like 5 feet away. the teams where rather unbalanced and it was by far the worst game i have had. normally games are really good. just gutted as booked the day off work just to go too.
  22. well yes but i would be pushing for more than the battery, i mean okay fair enough accidents can happen but this could have been so so much worse, but there needs to be some QC and this item should not have been on sale. i guess its easy for me to say with being in a customer service team aha. at least no one was hurt.
  23. any excuse for a new gun ................................. in all seriousness thats bad and should not be for sale. make sure to get some compo too
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