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  1. @SkipDearman welcome, hope your enjoying the sport. be ready to have a always empty wallet.
  2. wow I did not expect for this to get such a response.
  3. Here here haha Hmm
  4. I blanked the names except my own as didn't think it was fair to shame them lol even if they are slagging us lol
  5. I will.just leave this here lol
  6. are we talking about 17th of march ? @Seven @Rogerborg
  7. Hey @Swan im down in Dundee so we arent that too far apart
  8. so i did some pew pew last night and gun seemed to work fine with no issues. i think i need a new fire selector and it feels very warn and wont really stay in position.
  9. hes got a fair few good airsoft videos.
  10. Cell 2 and 3 are alternating with the colours @Adolf Hamster
  11. Is it meant to be this colours. It was red now like a red and blue together
  12. so I have now fitted my rail and t1 for my mp5. had to do a littler doctoring for it all to fit correctly but its on and looks quite cool.
  13. this guy needs to change his name tooooo ...............
  14. welcome to the mad house. im sorry but that is the best bloody name ever. the jedi knows all........
  15. oh lol stupid me hahaah. I got confused hahaha
  16. I have poor impuls control ? hahah ?????
  17. that is true, maybe i should make the trip down then.
  18. thing is im not sure if my mp5 will last a game it broke on sunday and then some how fixed it self lol so im like on edge lol do fancy going though
  19. ahhhhhh no hmmm tempting .......... hmmmm are you sure lol (i kidd) however is a can, choco biscuit and crisps!And free tea/coffee all day! as well as a hotdog worth the extra £12 mmmm @Seven
  20. they play wed night friday night and every other sunday im sure you could get a train to kirkcaldy not sure after that though, its a good site. im lucky i guess i drive @Seven @Musica walk ons for the sites i go to are £20
  21. fwg is a outdoor yeah but the fortress in indoor cqb. i really really want a trmr but cant afford the £100 all out trying to save hah
  22. @Seven haha haha yeah im dundee. usually go to fife war-games, been to the fortress once. ok as i get paid Friday so wouldn't be able to book till then as i blew all my money on Sundays game just past (22 on mk5 alone lol)
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