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  1. Hi Guys and Girls I looking to get my UKARA and only close site to me is Bunker 51, I have quiet hard task to o ( I have to gather 5 more friends to pay total of £300 per hour per session, and I need 3 sessions for my UKARA) Do you guy know any site close to London transport where I can get my UKARA when I can go by myself?? Kind Regards Angry Pete
  2. I would play freaking death in guns & groceries shop and soon as they gone, all is mine barricaded in office or roof forever
  3. Love those. I haven't play for over 8 years since I moved to UK. But memories are priceless Had this on numerous occasions back in Czech Republic. when Police played game with us before dispersing us.
  4. Hi All, I looking for UK places where you guys order regular or personalized patches, embroiled, printed name tags, and similar stuff? Do you have someone reliable based in UK?? Thank You Angry Pete
  5. That's sounds like amazing offer. Thank you very much @Albiscuit. I just need to sort out my own gun and then I will take any opportunity I can get.
  6. Hi Asmodai. Your reviews are amazing. I am without a car too so public transport it is. haha I just need to start quickly my UKARA application. Dagenham is like 40 min on bike from me. Hopefully see you soon. Angry Pete
  7. Hi Asomodai I already spoke with George and we possibly will meet up soon as we live 20 min away from each other. So I guess I will see you soon. I will have look on that. Angry Pete
  8. Hi all, I decided to start with Airsoft again after 8 years and I would like to buddy up with someone around my location to go play with together. I played for 4 years in Czech Republic and stop when I moved to London. So I don't know anyone in this country to play with and as (I believe) most of you know go play by yourself is not best feeling. So is here someone around Stratford (London) or close East London area that would take one team mate under their wing? Thanks for responses Your truly Angry Pete
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