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    WE L85A2
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    Contemporary British Army,
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  1. Thinking of working on a CQB loadout soon. Going to be going all gas with the weapons too, so weapon suggestions and reasons for said suggestions? At the moment I'm thinking either a tacticool AK, or an M4. Probably both by WE.

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    2. two_zero


      new we gbbrs can compete with say kwa & tm now days?

    3. M_P


      I'd say so, though I'd be tempted not to bother with any ra tech parts except the tcg parts and npas. they've caused more hassle than good for my mates. How's yours going tariq?

      As preference, I'm more interested in the lm4 as I like the more realistic internals, though for performance it'd be hard for me to say having only fired one shot with the kwa.

    4. Tariq


      No problems at all. Few things needed a bit of thread lock but that's it. Just need to properly bed the hop as its really over hopping on .28g

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