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  1. Everything's here! My new sniper weighs a freakin' ton! D= My L85 feels like an ideal CQB gun in comparison haha.

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      The weight is almost entirely forward of the hop unit... So it's like holding a minimi with both arms out stretched.

      Weighs about 6.5/7kg with the scope on and mag in.

      So not as much as a SAW, but the weight makes you feel it a lot more.


      Not to mention you have to juggle the weight in one arm whilst you cock the spring back, which isn't particularly light either.

    3. TPI


      Nick! try wielding the SAW with one hand like a Pistol, That is what he's feeling Nick do you even lift? Mine felt like a Toy in the weight Department it was so light! i could one hand it for 4 whole minute's upon which my wrist would give in and i wouldn't be able to use my hand for 3 hour's -_- wonder how long i could do it for now....

    4. Chippins


      God I had to do that in a Hold the flag game, ended up using my knee as a makeshift gun cradle, properly wrecked.


      But yeah, I Have genuinely been reading your name as Nickonia, my dyslexia has a habit of adding extra vowels in places they shouldn't be :/

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