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  1. Joust bought a set of reaper tag rounds.

    1. CaptainDumbass


      I am seriously considering getting myself some but im not sure if theyre considered pyros as im sadly under 18

    2. Chippins


      the ones that explode are :(


  2. standard, serbian drug dealer-esqe bag with a minimi sling rigged onto it so i can sling it over my back.
  3. Chippins

    Melee Choices for the Battlefield

    I haven't got a flexible broadsword :'( Though I do intend to start training with one next year!
  4. Chippins

    Melee Choices for the Battlefield

    I really want to take my fencing sabre one day and do a WWI style loadout with a revolver and a sword. i just don't think its practical... or something people who don't know me would take kindly to.
  5. Chippins

    Game modes and maps that HAVE to be done.

    Yeah, i guess there's no generic 'don't be a mong' form for that sort of stuff
  6. Chippins

    Game modes and maps that HAVE to be done.

    because I was thinking air insertion.
  7. Chippins

    Game modes and maps that HAVE to be done.

    If money were no issue I'd love to play a downed chopper crew scenario. 3 crash survivors have to get to a radio to call in for backup, the opposition are looking for them in dense woodland with vehicular support. If the chopper crew get captured before they make radio contact then their back up will have to assault the opposition's base directly and airlift the crew out, if not, then chopper crew get to choose the extraction point and the opposition have to fight them there. That or we just turn Madrid into one big airsoft site.
  8. Chippins

    Photos from the field

    Photo of me from the weekends shoot at Black Hills in Dronsfield
  9. Chippins

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    PMC style loadout from this weekend
  10. Chippins

    KSK loadout issues

    to be honest, your best option (In my opinion at least) would be to get one of these, ant then wear this over the top. Then get the Modern BDU trousers,a UBACS and put all the fancy helmet ancillaries on a cheap Mich 2k2 helmet replica to bring the loadout up to date.
  11. Chippins

    KSK loadout issues

    KSK use Mich 2002 helmets, for everything else look here Also those chest rigs are expensive
  12. really tempted to turn up in a paintball mask a hoodie some DPM skivvies and some trainers and troll the fuck out of the 'PTW Master Race'
  13. Chippins

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Got a G&G CM16 L, A tracer unit Some Rail ladders aaaaaand an MTP Boonie
  14. Just bought a Combat Machine CM-16... Jeeesus P Christ its good.

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      It's depressingly good. I'd be happy using a stock one as a freakin' DMR, and the fuckers are only £120?! DAFUQ?!

    3. TeddyBhoy


      I've seen someone use one as a DMR Ed, I think internally all he did was change the barrel for a longer one.

    4. Chippins


      I did that to my G&G M14, people were complaining about how good it was