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  1. Thin sheet of lead wrapped in card and gaffa tape. Then it'll form to you and have a bit of flex.
  2. Yep it's a kwc base gun. Is kwc's more budget model but with a metal slide. Hops can vary wildly with the kwc guns but should be okay anyway if you are only shooting a few metres. The TM will over hop on anything under 0.25g you . Really short range you wouldn't notice so much. You get a few 0.25g with the gun so you will see the difference.
  3. Maybe consider a belt and yoke of some sort and balance the weight out on your hips more. Incorporated with a small chest rig you can carry plenty and distribute your kit better. Rather than carrying unnecessary weight.
  4. if you have a link for the m9 I maybe able to tell you more. quite possibly a kwc based one. The tm1911 is set for 0.25g .
  5. The TM 1911 is excellent. Umarex do various 92fs models most are decent with some different features like slide stop on one version. Some have more pop than others, but pretty quiet on the whole.
  6. Always found the spas pump a little slippery compared to the M3, also a little big. But it is for just the fact the spas looks cool then go for it. Personally if I where to get a spring shottty I'd get the cyma full metal short m870 with top folding stock.
  7. You have to very perposefull and steady load/cock spring guns. You are not trying to rip in it half but you can't be wimpy with it either as it can fowl things up an even cause damage.
  8. You need to cock the slide fully back and forth to prime the piston and load a BB in the chamber.
  9. Can't really fill the mag wrong just push bbs and your done. If you fill the mag and press the button on top do all the bbs come out? If not they should and the mag isn't feeding. If it is feeding its not picking up bbs and something isn't right with the gun. As I said before its something very hard to diagnose without seeing it. You can strip the gun like a 1911 takedown. How much that will help you Idk.
  10. I'm a big lover of spring guns. I have ordered a good few off the German shop kotte Zeller as they have a great selection. If you have any questions I can point you towards a good one.
  11. If you want light imo pcs not the way. Many years ago I got a good flyye pc and soon learnt I hated wearing it and a good belt kit was more light weight and easier to move in.
  12. Could get a spring gun. Quiet, cheap and good for plinking in the house.
  13. Way to de-rail a thread @Captain Darling, I have deep respect for that. I have a chocolate orange in my mg32, but that's for later.
  14. One of those strange intermediate multi pack size ones produced for pound land to illicit a vale of better value.
  15. I have ran my mk as a DMP for a long time. Similar length barrel running 400fps under 2j iirc. It shoots a little further but the main benefit is hitting harder at range. I often carry in combination with pistols only but sometimes with a small aeg. It's light and manureable only disadvantages is less stability . Some places/scenario's are not ok with it but I ask before. I think it's not an issue as long as people respect the rules and know what they have. From a Marshall pov a mk23 DMP and any gun thats been bought up to dmr are just as hard to differentiate. The onus as it's always been lay
  16. best bet is finding a cheap aa one.
  17. always had a soft spot for the r8
  18. I'm not usually a betting man but I'll take a punt on no.
  19. Rare soft might be able to get you some if not 3d print is your best bet . I know a guy that has some so might be able to get you dimensions. There was one on the classifieds here with shells too.
  20. Yep, I can shoot lazer straight 100m with my 100000mm barrel.
  21. You'll need a donor really, maybe try get a second hand one.
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