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  1. On my way to my first game at LandWarrior in months and 2 foxes run across the bypass right infront of my car. Radiator is in bits and the bumper destroyed....most expensive airsoft day ever!😣

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    2. L3wisD


      If you need help with parts, give me a PM with your reg and I'll have a look tomorrow. I work for a parts factor y'see... Big savings for AFUK members ;)

    3. Guyver1


      Jings  buddy. Very unlucky.

      Glad you and passengers are o.k

    4. allyballybee


      thanks @L3wisD, went down the insurance route since the damage seems pretty bad, car is un-drivable so they're gonna come pick it up. Really appreciate the offer though


      @Guyver1 cheers buddy, not the best after the long hiatus away from skirmishing but we'll be back in 2 weeks time, once the motor is up and running again :)

  2. allyballybee

    Snipping spring to reduce FPS

    Thanks dude, hugely helpful, i'll give it a go!
  3. allyballybee

    Snipping spring to reduce FPS

    Wondering if anyone can tell me a rough guide as to how much FPS you lose per spring coil? I bought an ASG AUG A3 which shoots 394fps out the box and easy fix to get it under Land Warrior's 370 in time for Sunday, is to just snip off a coil or two. I'm comfortable enough with the gearbox, but don't want to snip too many coils off and be dribbling BBs all over the floor! Appreciate it's not going to be an exact science but a guideline, saw a few people online saying 15-20fps per coil, some saying 30-40fps and i'd rather trust one of you lot. I guess it depends on the spring?
  4. allyballybee

    Anyone used Altai boots?

    can't even get them in the UK without paying absurd shipping and duties, to hell with that I'll check them out, thanks. Few different brands i'll check out too, only using them for skirmishes so no need to pay way over the odds
  5. allyballybee

    Anyone used Altai boots?

    Did a search on the forum through all the boots threads and didnt see any mention but these seem to be getting good reviews on Amazon and a few independant reviewers. https://www.altaigear.com/shop/altai-multi-functional-tactical-boot/ Anyone heard of or tried them? Got about £100 for boots to replace my brother's old army surplus ones which absolutely kill my feet every skirmish. Apart from Haix and Altbergs checking out some other brands that might be suitable
  6. allyballybee

    G&G TGM MP5 A4 Motor issues

    I think a little bit of "friendly fire" at the next Skirmish may "accidentally" occur
  7. allyballybee

    G&G TGM MP5 A4 Motor issues

    That's kind of what i was seeing, think i'll do as Skara suggested and just get someone to look at it
  8. allyballybee

    Various European Stores

    Has anyone used the below? https://bunker501.nl/ https://www.softairgames.net/en/ https://www.sniper-as.de/#emotion-start Trying to find spare mags for my Umarex Beretta m9a3 in FDE but everywhere i'd normally use is out of stock and no idea when they will be in. Each of these stores has only 1 mag each and i was looking for 2 but wondered if anyone had ever ordered from them?
  9. allyballybee

    G&G TGM MP5 A4 Motor issues

    So i bought this https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-armament-gt-advanced-tgm-a4-mp5-full-stock-blowback over a month ago, took it out to the garden to have a wee plink and see how it felt shooting and when i pulled the trigger, nothing. I switched the battery on the off chance it had low power and again nothing. It somehow felt in the trigger, like the gun was trying to do something, but just couldnt. Work then got in the way and i forgot about the issue until i picked it up again and tried to give it another go, still nothing. I'd decided it was likely faulty and i'd look to discuss it with the shop. Fast forward to the other day and my brother confesses that when he was having a look at it, he tried to access the battery compartment.....by using a screwdriver to unscrew the pistol grip.....the screw which is used for tweaking the motor. Turns out he'd turned it all the way up, so the motor was trying to work but wasn't able to. So i used a screwdriver, turned it down a little and i could get a few shots out but now it won't feed more than 1 BB at a time. I've a local shop i can take it to but wondered if anyone has had a similar scenario, before i do. Don't want to waste a tech's time if there's an easy fix. I'm not particularly savvy when it comes to troubleshooting so any advice or help is welcome!
  10. allyballybee

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread Discussion section Only

    You're a hero, i bought a G&G TGM MP5 on black friday and was looking for mags! saved me a [email protected]
  11. allyballybee

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    I love my LCT, going to it's first skirmish tomorrow so i'll see how it properly shoots in a skirmish rather than plinking in the garden when i get a chance.I love the Modernised AK variants that have rails and modern stocks, but also i do love a wood furniture AK, they just look so good. The TX Mig has a proper chunky feel to it and once you put an AFG on it, the weight is less noticable but still a metric shit tonne compared to most rifles! Doesnt hurt that there's just something so satisfying about reloading an AK, that click when the magazine hits home!
  12. allyballybee

    Gun picture thread

    It was between this and the LCT TX Mig for my first gun, now i see it, i have so much want!
  13. allyballybee

    ESS ice

    thanks mate, i'll have a look and try re-adjusting everything and see how i get on
  14. allyballybee

    Blackblitz airsoft

    Thanks for the responses guys @proffrink, i e-mailed them and they said that as i didnt give them an e-mail address (pretty certain i did) they text me the details. I checked and they had, assuming it's because my car sat nav system does this annoying thing where it automatically pops up with texts and then marks them as read immediately. Either way they claim it's on it's way so to give it some time, which is fair craik, since it's only been a week and Canada is a little bit far away. They were helpful though so i'll hang fire for now. Next game isnt for 2 weeks anyways @Duff i'll do that next time mate, i think my obsession with only finding the LCT one and not just looking for other alternatives left me a bit tunnel visioned. I only paid about £55 including postage though so i'll take that £20 as a lesson learned! On the plus side i got the dovetail side mount and now the thing is more or less complete so it's lookin sweeeeet! At the rate im going may have to re-mortgage the flat and sell the cats!
  15. allyballybee

    ESS ice

    This might be an absolutely daft question but are there different sizes of nose guards for them? I got a pair but they dont sit nicely on my nose at all. Now im not sure if thats just because i wear proper glasses daily and im used to expecting the same sort of fit or if they genuinely just dont fit nicely. I used them for a whole game day with no issues other than a niggle in the back of my mind.