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  1. allyballybee


    Thanks for the responses guys! Yeah i love the aesthetic, with a mount for the back so you can a holo or red dot on it, it will look great! I know some people aren't a fan of the rails but the ability to mod it with different attachments is a big bonus for me. Just got my UKARA so it's a little overwhelming, i like to know as much as i can about something before i go spend a good sum of money on it. I've been saving for a while and have money aside for it but not keen to just blow it all without some facts :). Just unfortunate not many people here seem to have used one so not a huge amount of user feedback other than what you can find from random reviews. There are so many great looking rifles out there, the Bren A1, the Scar-L the list is endless!
  2. allyballybee


    Has anyone used or seen the below? https://www.evike.com/products/63258/ I know LCT are one of the better AK style names but only seen one person mention it on the forum after doing a search. Obviously need to bring down the FPS a bit but be good to know if anyone has an experience with it
  3. allyballybee

    Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Cheers for the advice guys! Think i'll go with the ESS Ice, heard good things from a few people about the lack of fogging and im about as unfit as it gets so i'll give them a try! If they dont work for me i'll think about the Revision Bullit ANT since a lot of folk are fans!
  4. allyballybee

    Eye Pro / Face Pro Test

    Can anyone link the eye pro they use? I've googled a whole bunch of Bolle stuff and seems like there are multiple ones which would be suitable but im not exactly experienced in such matters, only thing i know for sure if the mesh goggles i got for starting gots ta go!
  5. how is that f2000? i've been a big fan of the design since i saw it, i've always fancied one as the first one i get once im registered!
  6. allyballybee

    cheaters (rant)

    It's almost like you knew i had my first game yesterday...haha! As a new player, my local site did some test shots and i personally didn't mind at all. Seems a relatively straight forward way to make sure, especially if there are a lot of first timers or new people, the playing ground is as clear of cheating as they can. Ideally in a site with mostly regular players know the deal you probably wouldn't need them but i was test shot 10mins into the second game, not being used to being shot and being in a safe position, i heard the pop and it took a second to register it was a hit before i put my hand up and called it, marshall called test hit and i was immediately back in before i'd walked five feet. That being said, the test shot got a bit of my kit and didnt hurt, the more experienced guy who got hit two mins into the first game with a test shot to the unprotected elbow.....he had a few choice expletives for the marshall!
  7. allyballybee

    Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    I did notice that but i was on the land warrior site so thought maybe they were actually seperate sites, ill definitely get involved! Haha a few newbies from here going?
  8. allyballybee

    Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    Sorry for the delayed response Alan, appreciate the tips. I've booked in at Land Warrior for Sunday 25th, my brother is coming along, we've been talking about it for a while and decided to plunge in now! I think i will take out a membership, especially if they help deal with the UKARA, though i couldnt see anything on their website about it! I'll absolutely say hello, we won't be hard to spot, the two gingers in the crispy new combats haha!
  9. allyballybee

    Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    I think thats the way i will go too, it does make a certain amount of sense to get a feel for different ones! If i temper my impatience and wait the 2 months, i will probably be better informed when choosing!
  10. allyballybee

    Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the tips! Some good advice! Did any of you go two-tone and just cam up the bright parts or just wait until you had played enough for UKARA registration? I think renting is probably wise for the first time but sound financial decisions and me are somewhat strangers! Arwen thanks for the heads up, thats definitely good to bear in mind!
  11. allyballybee

    Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    Thanks guys! If anyone feels like sharing any great tips for beginners or advice feel free to PM me! Think my first game will be at Land Warrior a week on Sunday if anyone has been to the site?
  12. allyballybee

    Hello from an Edinburgh-based newbie!

    Haha thanks guys! Im finding it hard already to resist the urge to buy a rifle before i've even had my first game back!
  13. Played my first and only game many moons ago and excited to finally get the chance to book another game soon! Hello to all!