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  1. I've only managed to find one magazine that works with the F2000 and that's these polymer ones - http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-magazines-c3/high-capacity-c51/nuprol-n-mag-mid-cap-mag-30-125rnd-black-p5898 I bought 5 of these and they don't fit, literally wedge in the magwell, i forgot i hadn't sent them back so i'm too late now for a refund, might just try file them down a little and see if @Slamz can give me a pointer - https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/nuprol-stanag-30-140rnd-adjustable-mid-cap-magazine Tried an ASG and also a Cyma and neither worked. The Cyma does fit, but it's tight and awkward and i didnt like the fit.
  2. no worries mate thanks! I'll drop you a shout if i find anything!
  3. mind dropping me a picture of what it looks like? No rush just whenever you have time I know @Adolf Hamster said he did something similar
  4. I feel a little better knowing i'm not the only one falling foul of this awful abomination of a sling haha. Took me an hour or trying before i realized, it's just not long enough (giggity). Hoping someone knows someone with a penchant for sling making and a reasonable price point (not holding my breath)
  5. Hey guys, Struggling to find a F2000 sling that doesn't cost an arm and a leg in shipping from the states. Does anyone have any suggestions of somewhere that would even make a custom sling in the UK or has made one themselves? I got a Swiss Arms one from Amazon Italy and the damn thing doesn't even fit, despite being advertised specifically as a sling for it!
  6. i ordered an ASG metal mid-cap, will let you know how i get on
  7. Have you had any mag compatibility issues with the F2000? The Nuprol metal mid caps don't fit in the magwell at all, i could consider sanding it down a little but i bought them in bulk so if i want to return i will need to send them all back lol. They look the same as the one that came with the rifle but it seems the Nuprol may be just a smidge thicker at the back edge, so it has trouble fitting into the awkward shaped magwell
  8. Funny you should post this today, i got 5 Nuprol stanag mid-caps from Patrol Base delivered today and they don't fit in the magwell of the Cybergun F2000
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling due to 1 in 1 out rule of having a 2 bedroom flat with no storage space! Perfect starter RIF. G&G CM16 Raider 2.0 Nuprol 1100 MAH 7.4v LIPO 1 Hi-Cap mah and 2 Mid-Caps Downgrip Generic red dot Generic sling (single or two point, your choice) Would prefer pick-up to avoid hassle of posting but willing to discuss if needed, buyer pays postage.


    Edinburgh - GB

  10. Thanks for the input guys! Appreciate you taking the time to help me out
  11. Make/brand: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider 2.0 Any accessories included: Nuprol 7.4v 1100mah battery, 2 120rd G&G mid caps and 1 hi cap mag, downgrip, generic red dot and generic sling, either single point or two point Pictures: attached Not quite sure of the asking price for this, only been skirmished twice but know that doesn't make much difference, second hand is second hand. Only really selling as I've acquired so many RIFs in my year of playing that i had to agree a 1 in 1 out rule with the missus 😂. Just looking for a realistic valuation.
  12. On my way to my first game at LandWarrior in months and 2 foxes run across the bypass right infront of my car. Radiator is in bits and the bumper destroyed....most expensive airsoft day ever!😣

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. L3wisD


      If you need help with parts, give me a PM with your reg and I'll have a look tomorrow. I work for a parts factor y'see... Big savings for AFUK members ;)

    3. Guyver1


      Jings  buddy. Very unlucky.

      Glad you and passengers are o.k

    4. allyballybee


      thanks @L3wisD, went down the insurance route since the damage seems pretty bad, car is un-drivable so they're gonna come pick it up. Really appreciate the offer though


      @Guyver1 cheers buddy, not the best after the long hiatus away from skirmishing but we'll be back in 2 weeks time, once the motor is up and running again :)

  13. Thanks dude, hugely helpful, i'll give it a go!
  14. Wondering if anyone can tell me a rough guide as to how much FPS you lose per spring coil? I bought an ASG AUG A3 which shoots 394fps out the box and easy fix to get it under Land Warrior's 370 in time for Sunday, is to just snip off a coil or two. I'm comfortable enough with the gearbox, but don't want to snip too many coils off and be dribbling BBs all over the floor! Appreciate it's not going to be an exact science but a guideline, saw a few people online saying 15-20fps per coil, some saying 30-40fps and i'd rather trust one of you lot. I guess it depends on the spring?
  15. can't even get them in the UK without paying absurd shipping and duties, to hell with that I'll check them out, thanks. Few different brands i'll check out too, only using them for skirmishes so no need to pay way over the odds
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