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  1. Ok great, well I think it seems wise to just leave it as it is. Many thanks all
  2. Thanks for the reply guys. OK great, mine already has the shortstroke trigger in so sounds like im pretty much set. I read somewhere that it was reccomended not to use a 11.1 is that accurate or should I just expect to replace all the stoke internals at some point when they break as they seem to pretty readily available? Sorry yep this is an EVO
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to get back into cqb airsoft and have just acquired a 2nd hand scorpion evo. It's a solid gun but I really want to tune the gun for maximum trigger response, I'm aiming to play cqb at a local field so a crazy rps isn't really necessary. I'm confident in opening up the gearbox etc but am not 100% on what would be a good motor/gears/piston that would be able to improve the rreponse whilst also being able to withstand the extra mechanical stress. I'm aiming to run a 11.1. Does anyone have an experience or recommendations for parts? Many t
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