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  1. My Real Sword T97 has been stuck at the GLS German international sorting office for 6 days now. Nothing coming up on the Parcel Force tracking number either. When do I start kicking up a fuss? Haven't had a delay like this before!

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    2. hunter511


      @Asmodai, less defense more the Germans get a huuuuge sad on about full auto at above .5 joules. Why some minor functionary may have decided to open your package is beyond me. That's the only thing I can think of out of hand tho I may be completely wrong. 

    3. Skara


      Where did the guns you ordered from San Marino pass through @Asomodai? Germany or France?

    4. Asomodai


      @Skara not sure about zmfrom Italy.  But the guns bought from gunfire were sent via GLS from Poland through Germany. Only difference this time is from the Czech Republic through Germany. 

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