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  1. My ICS L85 succumbed to the gradual loosening of the selector screw. This causes the rifle to go into full auto even on Semi. Usually you need to tighten up the screw on the other side of the selector. Unfortunately this screw is very easy to round off the head due to it's size. 

    Fired off an email to ICS asking for the exact screw size and they say they are working on a retrofit permanent solution. 


    The screw is a Countersunk, M2, 8mm with .4 thread pitch. Ordered a bunch. 


    1. Prisce


      There are multiple fixes for this. I could never get any of them to work in my G&G L85 though. 


      A buddy put SR25 gears into the box(slight modification if I remember correctly), and that solved the issue permanently.


      I had one machined but it cost £50 at mates rates and that was far too much in my eyes.


      Apparently there is a way to prevent it with a certain battery and motor set up... can’t remember anything about this though. 

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