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  1. After my triumphant first barrel, hop tensioner and bucking change on a pistol I decided to change the inner barrel on my Tm AUG HC to a prommy one. Looks to have gone quite well :D Nub back in successfully. 

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    2. L3wisD


      @Iceni - I'm always astonished by your knowledge of Airsoft AUGs. It was great reading that, and I don't even own an AUG! :)


      You should write a definitive guide to airsoft AUGs ;)

    3. Iceni


      I've considered it a few times, But the list of mods for them is pretty extensive and not all apply to all models or gun builds. I will do one at some point, but it will be long and as detailed as I can make it. As such it's not something I can enter into without setting time aside to get into the meat of them.

      The hop is probably the hardest part to get right. It's too easy to not understand what it actually does in addition to hopping. And when it's wrong you get a gun that will appear to have every problem under the sun. The symptoms can look like short airseal nozzles, mis-feeds, double feeds, total failure to feed, body pins falling out, Gearbox rattle.  Shimming an Aug barrel can cause all of the same problems as well... The unit and barrel has to move freely.

    4. Asomodai


      No problems with my Aug after barrel goes in. The High Cycle seems to have a pretty decent barrel set. Unit and barrel is moving freely. 

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