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  1. Mike W

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    I limit myself to only 3 mags and one in the gun.. But this only last me a game normally lol... I must admit that I do tend to lay covering fire down for my team. On a day I would say 3k-7k depending on what mood I am in .. I use .3s and all my mags are hi caps .
  2. For me it has to be equal between my tippman and my polarstar GRY ... Love them both... Am off to pick up a WE Kac PDW later so will see lol..... It might change.
  3. Mike W

    Opinions on TM 416 Delta

    Hi, The airsoft shop in Hull " Airsoft Direct " do some of the best deals around on TM guns. Drop them a line As for the gun... Apart from changing to deans leave it as it is .
  4. Guns I wont be parting with..... Tippmann, hpa vfc/badger hybrid, g&g pred ( its not a pred anymore apart from the receiver and some of the internals ). Gun I wish I never bought was a CAA M4. Just hated it lol.
  5. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I did ask him what he wanted for it lol.... And not offered him money hehe.... I did say I was not going to buy another gun as I have a few lol.... But its the one gun I liked when he bought it lol... Just remembered ... Bought some mag pouches as well lol....
  6. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    He has been doing it longer than me and likes to spend money. Seeing I am the only persion to shoot it I thought it would be rude not to have it off him . Plus he wants me to build him a pistol so it will make it even cheaper for me . I would say what I paid for it but then I dont wanna see grown men cry lol.
  7. Mike W

    How do you carry your rifles?

    I use two hard cases and a soft one.... TBF I only take my hard case which carries my two main rifles and two main pistols and all mags that I am using at the time. Soft case I tend to put my AEG into and leave it as a spare in the car. I do also have a large deployment bag that everything else I have fits into. Do I have too much stuff... probably lol....
  8. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It's already in the country lol.... Got it from a mate . brand new and the only bbs through it are from when I set up for the owner as he never used it. So I got it with bottle very cheap
  9. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just bought one of these :) https://www.evike.com/products/76228/
  10. Mike W

    Tippmann m4 set up help

    Like above has said. Tank reg and line. Maybe an extra tank if your trigger happy. I love mine and get such a buzz when I use it. Leave it as it is when you get it and bed it in. You can then decide which parts you want to change as they are all different. Mine has TDC , g&g green hop rubber and tighbore barrel. Other than those and the external changes I have made on mine ,which is down to personal preference just enjoy it Oh and a sound amplifier if you wanna scare people lol.....
  11. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Well over the last few months I have bought the following. Tippman m4 plus all mods vfc bodied polastar fusion new tac vest and pouches viper back pack for my air tanks. Just dont tell the wife lol......
  12. Mike W

    Airsoft Direct- Hull

    Hi, I use this shop all the time and also there slaughterhouse airsoft site. I have nothing but praise for the staff in the shop and they stock quite a bit of stuff and if its not in the shop then they can order it in for you. I like the way they leave you to browse and are not intrusive until you actuall talk to them. Did you try to speak to them about the tracer unit you was looking for or did you wait for them to speak to you ? I have found that because they dont wanna be intrusive and pushy, that sometimes it might seem like they are not interested but if you speak to them they will engage and are very helpful.
  13. Mike W

    Tippmann M4

    If it does bother you too much you can put a layer of paper around the spring or some grease. Be careful of the grease one though as I have seen some reports of them playing up when greased. Mine still does it and have not cured it as like the above post , the real steel versions do it as well .
  14. Mike W

    G&G CM16 parts

    Hi, Only things I did to mine where = re-shim, re-wire, mosfet, deans connectors and soldered all the wires on so no heat loss through connnectors. I also run it on 11.1v batteries. Other than those everything else was standard. Just keep the barrel cleaned and you should have no problems as Raiders are pretty reliable.
  15. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ares amoebo 013 honey badger. 552 sight and a torch to go with it all .. Just waiting on battery extension as I run 11.1v lipos on my AEG's.