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  1. Mike W

    looking for a good tech in yorkshire

    Hi. Airsoft Direct in Hull offers a tech service.
  2. Mike W

    The 'What have you done' Thread

    Am a gun tech so my days go ... Normal day job then its either servicer/downgrade or upgrade depending on customer lol.... I have just finished HPA tapping my pdw mags for my own gun.... I sometimes go help in the shop when they short on a weekend .... I love the hobby tho... My wife... not so much lmao.
  3. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Got some hpa taps for my mags for my WE Kac pdw... Sooo much nicer on hpa
  4. Mike W

    Why does eveyone rave about deans?

    Nothing stopping you removing the fuse. Less to go wrong... Just remember any issues dont keep the trigger pressed and keep an eye on the motor and battery temps.. As long as the gun has a good shim then unless something fails or the motor height changes then it should be ok . This is just my preference with my own guns tho
  5. Mike W

    Why does eveyone rave about deans?

    I remove my fuses as my mosfets have built in fuses and it frees up room in the buffer tube. Also one less connection to worry about. Only way my aegs can lock up is if they break but then I take my finger off the trigger to stop any other damage being done.
  6. Mike W

    Why does eveyone rave about deans?

    I used to use bullet connectors when flying rc helis and planes . As soon as I satrted arisofting all my aegs went to deans. I could have gone to bullet connectors but for having some sort of order I went for deans. I do admit I remove the fuse and also hardwire/solder everything in my guns so the only connection is the deans to my mosfets. I think when you start going hi amp draw setups then any good connector barring mini tamiya is good. Each to there own at the end of the day .
  7. Mike W


    mechanix m-pacts for me as well.. I know when I buy the size that they are going to fit and not have to order a size larger due to chinese having smaller hands lol.
  8. Mike W

    40 Mike will it be banned on most UK sites?

    I think there was a list somewhere about the sites that had banned them, This list is getting bigger everyday. All the sites in my list have them banned. Personally I would not bother and just go for a normal grenade if this is the path you looking at. Better than spending then realising that you cant use it.
  9. Hi, The site is called " HQ " and it is indeed run by ASD from Hull. The first normal game day is the 5th August as the other 3 where trial game days. The site massive and it has lots of outdoor play and more and more building's will be brought into play as time progresses. The potential for this site is massive with full day games and normal game days being in the works. I think there is also themed and milsim games will be run at some point in the future as well. I personally love the site and it can only get better . There is also lots of long grass and trees and places to hide. We are in the process of clearing areas and will also be putting signs/markers up around site to help with navigating around site.
  10. Mike W

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    I limit myself to only 3 mags and one in the gun.. But this only last me a game normally lol... I must admit that I do tend to lay covering fire down for my team. On a day I would say 3k-7k depending on what mood I am in .. I use .3s and all my mags are hi caps .
  11. For me it has to be equal between my tippman and my polarstar GRY ... Love them both... Am off to pick up a WE Kac PDW later so will see lol..... It might change.
  12. Mike W

    Opinions on TM 416 Delta

    Hi, The airsoft shop in Hull " Airsoft Direct " do some of the best deals around on TM guns. Drop them a line As for the gun... Apart from changing to deans leave it as it is .
  13. Guns I wont be parting with..... Tippmann, hpa vfc/badger hybrid, g&g pred ( its not a pred anymore apart from the receiver and some of the internals ). Gun I wish I never bought was a CAA M4. Just hated it lol.
  14. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I did ask him what he wanted for it lol.... And not offered him money hehe.... I did say I was not going to buy another gun as I have a few lol.... But its the one gun I liked when he bought it lol... Just remembered ... Bought some mag pouches as well lol....
  15. Mike W

    How do you carry your rifles?

    I use two hard cases and a soft one.... TBF I only take my hard case which carries my two main rifles and two main pistols and all mags that I am using at the time. Soft case I tend to put my AEG into and leave it as a spare in the car. I do also have a large deployment bag that everything else I have fits into. Do I have too much stuff... probably lol....