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  1. Mike W

    Tippmann M4

    If it does bother you too much you can put a layer of paper around the spring or some grease. Be careful of the grease one though as I have seen some reports of them playing up when greased. Mine still does it and have not cured it as like the above post , the real steel versions do it as well .
  2. Mike W

    G&G CM16 parts

    Hi, Only things I did to mine where = re-shim, re-wire, mosfet, deans connectors and soldered all the wires on so no heat loss through connnectors. I also run it on 11.1v batteries. Other than those everything else was standard. Just keep the barrel cleaned and you should have no problems as Raiders are pretty reliable.
  3. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ares amoebo 013 honey badger. 552 sight and a torch to go with it all .. Just waiting on battery extension as I run 11.1v lipos on my AEG's.
  4. Mike W

    After a new primary

    I own a tippmann cqb and I love the thing. Yes is has some faults which can easily be fixed but for pure joy when you shoot it.I have not used anything else that gives me a smile like the tippmann does. If you run a sling then you will not even notice the air line if routed correctly. Once it set up there is not alot that can outrange it but it does take some setting up to get it right. Single shot is where this rifle really rocks though. Also no batteries which makes playing in the rain more fun as well lol. Scorpions are good guns as well but even they have there issues. Personally I would go with the one you like the look of the most and worry about issues once bought.
  5. Mike W

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Got a tippmann cqb and line and bottle at the weekend.... Awesome gun and love the recoil on it . Battle belt.. some more mag pouches. Think that's it for now lol. Just looking at vextors next
  6. Mike W

    G&G Predator Tech Help!!!

    The battery is low which is why it does that. Replace the battery as soon as it does it and do not unplug and then plug back in to make it fire again because it may cause the box to lock up. You need to be running 9.6v and over . I have used 3s lipo's in mine since I bought it with no problems running it on those batteries. Nothing to worry about as it is just a safety cut off for the battery monitoring.
  7. Mike W

    Is airsoft getting too expensive ?

    I think compared to other hobbies airsoft is quite cheap. It only gets expensive if you let it . I go every week and would go more but I have to work lol. Plus my wife could my nuts off lmao. I think it starts to get expensive when you play it more and start to buy more gear. But as for initial setup costs I reckon its quite cheap to get into.
  8. Mike W

    Hi- caps, mid-caps and true caps

    Hi, I play at Slaughterhouse as well and I used a mixture of normal high caps and flash mags. Am starting to use my flash mags more and more as couple of pulls on the string and you can nearly empty the full mage :). I tend to run 3 mags on front and one in the mag when playing there and can sometimes go through all 4 mags.
  9. Mike W

    The brand caa

    HI, I have owned both the CAA sport line version which is equivalent of the G&G cm range and can honestly say I would buy the G&G every time. CAA guns look nice and the externals are pretty decent. Downsides are really crappy trigger contacts ( had to replace mine with upgraded ones due to burning out ) . The buffer tube is plastic so replaced with metal and finally the hop up sux as in the rubber and nub. If you put a g&g green one in it and do some upgrades then they both shoot the same. The CAA does look nice though compared to the G&G. Other thing is if you want to run a 9.6volt crane battery you have to put it in the top of the barrel cover as they will not fit underneath due to space. I have had my cm raider to bits the other day and after a year or so of use the internals still look good as new and no issues with it in all the time I have owned it. CAA I Sold but the raider I still own Hope the above helps
  10. Mike W

    M4 mag feeding problems

    I have G&G guns and some mags where playing up the same as yours. If you push the mag all the way and up into the magwell does it feed ok? I Found on mine that I had to shave a little from the feed locking lip so when the mag was pushed in it engaged the lip and pushed it back further . Another question and I know some people will say against this but I have done it with no issues. Empty the mag and spray some silicone spray down the top of the feed tube and then put some bb's in it and feed a few through by hand and throw away then re-fill and put in gun and see if it works.
  11. Mike W

    New to forum

    Hi, Just thought I would introduce myself. I am new to the forum and have been playing air-soft for about a year and a half and love every minute of it. I am lucky enough to have met a great group that play together most weekends. I try and get to a skirmish every week unless I have family commitments . I see this as keep fit as am past 40 so decided I needed something to do .....
  12. I have been running 1450mah 3s lipo's on both my wildhog and my predator for a while now and have had no issues running these batteries.