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  1. Please delete, baby son posted on my behalf during nappy change 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. I’m always adjusting mine according to the situation. If I’m out in the open or have plenty of space then I prefer my stock fully extended. But in buildings with lots of tight corners I collapse it to make a shorter gun. Works for me.
  3. Mate it wouldn’t matter if you were defending them. They’re probably decent retailer overall. I’ve just had a bad experience, I get the feeling the ratio is more bias towards people having good experiences. But there’s definitely a common theme when it comes to communication online and via phone. It makes complete sense to me that they generate tracking ahead of time. I think they should just maybe put something in the dispatch email to let us know when it will be active from. And also inform us if it wasn’t dispatched on the planned day.
  4. I did suspect it might have been something to do with that, which is why I didn’t push to hard when asking why my tracking number didn’t work. But still they didn’t take the time to explain their process to me. They just gave me another tracking number that also didn’t work.
  5. That’s right mate, the first time I questioned it a few times via message or on their Facebook page, I never got a clear response about it. They just said it was packaged up waiting to be collected by PF, and will be with me soon. I thought it was odd but didn’t question it further. I thought maybe the tracking number will become active when scanned by PF on collection. But I could never figure how they could get a tracking number without sending the package first. What is it about these retailers that sell BFGs being totally garbage at getting their products sent on time? And actually communicating with their customers?
  6. I preordered a Qua8e grenade from Extreme Airsoft mid January. I closely followed both of their Facebook pages (extreme airsoft and Tectonic Innovations, which is also owned by them) to get an Idea of when I should expect to receive it. From posts on their pages I saw I should have received it mid to late February, which is a lot later than advertised on their websites that said end of January. But that didn’t bother me as I wouldn’t want a rushed product sent to me. On the 19th of feb I got a dispatch email from them with parcel force tracking information. The tracking info didn’t work, I checked with some people on Facebook and they were in the same position. After waiting a few days I messaged them and they informed me that there was an issue with the anodising and I should get it by the 25th of feb and they would include a few primers as a way to say sorry. I thanked them and told them that was fine but that it would have been nice to have been told. They also gave me another tracking number... this also didn’t work. The 25th of feb came and went and still no sign. And still no contact from them. So again I messaged them a few days later. This time I’m told the grenades will be with stockist on Monday. No explanation as to where my preordered grenade is or when it will be with me. So I asked for a refund, I then got the fastest reply I’ve ever had from them basically saying that it’s not their fault as theres a fault with the base plates that need re machining and that Chris and Lee have been working 16 hour days to sort them, which is the reason not one person in the company could have sent me a message to let me know of further delays. But my refund had been processed. The fact that there were production issues isn’t my problem. This is a brand new product and things like that are to be expected. But the lack of communication and respect for the customer is what upsets me most. For a product that cost around £140 I expect a bit of a better shopping experience. Also when I politely advise them that I’m a little frustrated about the lack of communication and then for them to completely ignore that messsge isn’t a confidence builder that they’re mature enough to accept feed back that might help iron out the kinks in their customer service/ business. Potentially great product unfortunately being released by a company that isn’t capable.
  7. Yeah possibly but it doesn’t in air rifles and they use much stronger springs.
  8. Im going to quickly duck in and out here. But another factor to think about is the piston will hit that cushion of air and then bounce back a little, maybe enough for the rest of the air to escape out of the CH. This is a common thing with spring powered air rifles and the reason why it’s recommended to use the Artillery hold whilst shooting them.
  9. I’m the same as Skara, I tend to wear some comfortable walking trousers and a black hoody for most all my days out now.
  10. This thing must shoot 5p groups at 1000mtrs at that price.
  11. Just noticed he’s reduced it to £120 now. Save yourself £9 and loose any sort of warranty 😂
  12. Absolute bargain! More expensive than a brand new one.
  13. Spoon987



    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Looking for an MK23, preferably a clone as I don’t really want to pay a lot. I intend on gutting it eventually anyway. Let me know what you have please.


  14. https://uk-airsoft.co.uk/ https://www.skirmishairsoft.co.uk/ There you go mate, I’m not sure if there’s any info on the sites about this yet.
  15. I’m sure they will, especially on the weekday night sessions. I’ll have to pick up a cheap springer shotty if they do.
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