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  1. Marco

    Is the Tippmann M4 milspec?

    Ok, so to reply to my own question, yes it is. I just installed a magpul Milspec stock and fits perfectly
  2. Marco

    Brand new Tippmann tank 48/3000

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    Brand new 2018. Paypal and delivery included.


  3. And in particular the stock? Thanks
  4. Marco

    HPA bottle testing

    This is very helpful. Thanks. I’ll compare the marks later.
  5. Marco

    HPA bottle testing

    Thank I’ll have another look but what kind of markings should I look for?
  6. Marco

    HPA bottle testing

    Hey guys, I have this big hidrotech thank, can you help me understand when I have to test it again, please? Date on the tank is 2015/10
  7. Marco

    Tippman M4 CQB (HPA)

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    Tippman M4 CQB (HPA) with instructions (don't really need regulators or tanks).


  8. Marco

    Ares M4A1 efcc/efcs

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    • Used or new

    ooking for Ares M4A1 with efcc/efcs (mosfet) not the amoeba series.


  9. Yes, while they knew, what a BB gun is they were not aware of the "airsoft sport". I also explained them I have a valid defence and I was entitled to buy non two tone RIFs. However they didn't know about the "defence"!
  10. @KendoKhan @Shizbazki yes I learnt my lesson about looking at RIFs on public transport. Yes I agree about the best thing in this situations is to be polite and comply. This made things easy for me and the issue was dealt in a matter of minutes (however I missed the train). Thanks for the advice.
  11. I assume if I had said no they would have escalated the procedures e.g arrest or stop and search. Can you actually say no to the police? I’m used to the Italian police they would have kicked the s##t out of me if I had not complied but the British Police (thank god) is more civilised.
  12. Guess transport Police but not plain clothes one.
  13. They didn’t arrest me but they asked me to follow them and leave the train for questioning.
  14. I have a small iPhone 6. I wonder who was the stupid person that thought I could be a threat by looking at guns on my phone. Maybe racist a bit since I’m not British looking but Mediterranean and with a strong foreign accent.