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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 7 hours

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    All but the Bulle Molle drop leg pouch are new. Item: OD Molle Belt [SOLD] Condition: Brand New Make: MIl Tec Price: £6 Postage: 2nd Class = £2.9; 1st Class = £3.5 Item: Viper Molle Belt platform [SOLD] Condition: Brand New Make: Viper Price: £6 Postage 2nd Class = £2.9; 1st Class = £3.5 Can be attached to any 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) belt providing a molle platform. Item: Bulle Molle drop leg dump pouch [SOLD] Condition: used - very good Make: Bulle Price £6 Postage 2nd Class = £2.9; 1st Class = £3.5 It has a top zip so can be used as dump pouch and a lateral one if you want to use as utility pouch Item: Camelback Backpack and bladder Condition: Brand New Make: Eurohike Price £6 Postage 2nd Class = £2.9; 1st Class = £3.5


  2. Time Left: 6 days and 7 hours

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    Item: OD AK Grip Condition: Brand New Make: KIng Arms Price: £6 Postage: 2nd Class = £2.9; 1st Class = £3.5 G16 Standard PistoGrip in OD for AK


  3. So I changed the hammer spring but it didn't fix the issue, I swapped the whole hammer assembly with a kjw one but the problem persisted. I'll start check the slide assembly now. Anyone can suggest a technician that service GBB guns?
  4. It seems so, btw i have changed the knocker lock spring too, the previous one one a bit bent. I'll do more experiments this week end, thanks
  5. I only changed the recoil spring because of the issue. Apart from the nozzle the gun was stock. Yes the springs are all a guarder set.
  6. Hammer spring is still the original one. I'll try swapping it with the guarder one.
  7. Thanks. Yes same issue with all the mags. I have now changed the nozzle spring too and the issue still persists. i have also added a new recoil guide and springs (guarder) I'll move next to the trigger bar and spring, then the hammer set.
  8. I have the same issue with my g26 (couple of threads below yours ) "Issue with G26 (marui) not cycling and firing properly". It's definitely not the magazine. I have already changed few parts with no results. I'll try this week end swapping more bits and see what's going on. I'm trying a process of elimination.
  9. The gun is cycling but not all BBs are coming out.Also If you look at the video the magazine is empty and its not locking In empty position.I have changed the recoil spring guide and springsI have changed the nozzle but the problem still persistsThe trigger bar and spring seem ok, so the chassis/hammer and slide release bar and spring. I will try changing the loading nozzle spring before checking again the hammer part (I do have a whole hammer and chassis kit from JKW, if compatible I could try to swap it)Any suggestions? Thanks[video] [/video]
  10. Ok, so to reply to my own question, yes it is. I just installed a magpul Milspec stock and fits perfectly
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    Brand new 2018. Paypal and delivery included.


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    For sale my Ninja PCP FILL STATION and 3000psi regulator. £120 Excellent condition as new (Bought before Christmas). You can fill 13cu and 26cu air system (tanks) on the fly. All you need is a 4500psi tank. I have a brand new Empire, 68cu 4500 psi carbon fiber air system too for £50 (2016-2026)


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    I’m looking for Magpul/PTS accessories un Olive Drab Stock CRT or MOE Pmags


  14. And in particular the stock? Thanks
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