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  1. +1 for Cheese. I've met him in real life. He's the real deal. Anyway, this thread has covered a veritable rainbow of subjects. I'd suggest getting back on topic... But I'm not even sure what the topic is anymore.
  2. Didn't realise they fetched that much money!
  3. @rocketdogbert in "Buying all the guns Lewis wants" SCANDAL! RDB:
  4. Just to follow this up for some closure: It turns out it was actually Duff with a sleeper account. Jedi has authorised the use of the ban hammer once more.
  5. @StealthHunter - If it were me, I'd use the GearTech. Prices are very similar and the quality of Chris work is leagues above. Everything is painstakingly airbrushed by Chris and he's got decades of experience behind him. Also, we've had lots of members use Geartech on here with no bad reports in the years he's been going. You can have a look yourself by checking out @GearTech and his work on here in his thread: Such as Or on his website: https://geartechcustompaint.com/ Or the usual facebook/instragram.
  6. Remember our friend from the £700 swat loadout? There's a new video of him and his friends putting loaded magazines in guns in the safe zone.



    Jesus wept...


    Bonus points if you spot the guy looking down the barrel of his loaded revolver without eye protection on.




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      and not forgetting local superstar: the orange lodge band, who can't even get in tune, let alone rhythm. 

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      Well that was quickly removed, lol

    4. EvilMonkee


      I am from about 20 miles from Limavady and believe me, it makes my hometown look like a buzzing metropolis.....

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  7. If we're talking about airsoft snacks, there can be only one...
  8. I think the best way for Seth to be successful in his idea is to look into Human Cloning. Clone 200 Random Trashys. Clone 200 Matt Musketeers Clone 200 Kicking Mustangs Divide them into two teams and then charge them £300 each per game. They are exactly the sort of folks he's trying to cater to I think.
  9. You mean to say you don't know has anyone really been far even as recided to use even go want to do look more like?
  10. •Specna SA-C05. •G&G BBs - 0.25g & 0.28g Bought from our own SWAS airsoft. This is going to be my backup/loaner rifle. Really surprised by this to be fair, considering its Specna's entry level range, it's built very well. The metal rail really helps give it the heft you'd expect from an AEG these days. Not a fan of the stock at all though, the plastic seems half as thick as normal stocks. And the plastic buffer tube has to go. And finally, I'm going to paint it in a few weeks! I've been wanting to paint my other Specna for years but didn't want to ruin it! This'll be good practice! It's going to get a nice Green paint scheme with a lovely dirty/muddy effect, channeling in my Games Workshop painting skills as a 12 year old. 😎
  11. I'm wasn't entirely convinced you were telling the truth about this, so I actually had a conversation with Will about this earlier, and by the sounds of it he hadn't actually decided to work with you at all. But I'm led to believe he has officially declined this afternoon. I guess you'll have to stop name-dropping him now... Perhaps you should rename your venture: Snake Oil Airsoft
  12. I think I'll wait for the Nuprol re-badged pot noodle...
  13. But his website has a Jet fighter plane on it! That'd be epic to see at a game of pretend soldiers http://airsoft.group
  14. Being connected on LinkedIn doesn't count.
  15. Good luck getting people to call their hits when there's a $100,000 prize on the line to be the last guy standing. Fucking idiot idea.
  16. @Vulpiness wind your neck in mate. If you want to go off on a socio-economic rant, take it to Reddit or 4chan.
  17. Whenever I've changed a part in my gun I normally just settle for the first game of the day to do any fine tuning. I always take the old parts with me just in case it's made the gun worse and I can revert back to how it was before..
  18. To be honest, it'd fool me! 😂 Even if I got within millimetres I'd not know.
  19. My work here is done 😎 My shares in eBay are going to pay for Christmas at this rate 😁 In all seriousness though, misspelled listings are the way forward.. Has anyone had any luck with some since I posted about fat fingers? 🥰
  20. One tip for buying on eBay is to use Fat fingers first: http://fatfingers.com You type in what you're looking for and it finds listings that have that particular word, but spelled incorrectly. So, for example, "Airsoft", will bring up auctions for "Aisoft" / "Arisoft" / "Airsotf" etc. Sometimes you can win utter bargains with the minimum bid because it won't appear on people's searches for "Airsoft". That's my handy tip of the week
  21. Another weekend without airsoft. Haven't played since October, I'll have to check my batteries at this rate!

  22. Hopefully @rocketdogbert will be along shortly to help. He is the Vector master. I've lost count of how many he's had now
  23. My old AceTech Lighter was pants on Red Tracers. Quickly resorted to Green RZRs and gave most of a bottle of red to a friend with a B&T tracer. Wasn't even a glow, it was a feint pink Beeb instead.
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