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  1. Given that you reported my post. I'd say so.
  2. I prefer "Retro chic" myself. The missus wouldn't let me have lipos in the house because someone told her they catch fire. Not unlike the batteries in our mobile phones. Or other appliances we use daily.... 😕 I mean, microwaves can catch fire. Doesn't stop her using that!
  3. Because you're under 18? Unfortunately the law extends to 2nd hand sales as well, not just new purchases from a retailer. Until you're 18, you cannot buy a RIF, nor a two-tone IF.
  4. Haha! What a Twunt! He'll never sell that for that much! ..... *Shifty eyes*
  5. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Yes and no. He's bought this off me:
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Don't see many of these over here these days. Tokyo Marui Glock 17 springer pistol. Boxed as new. Very cool toy (FULL TRADES! ) Bought as a joke birthday gift for a mate, who didn't appreciate the joke. So up for sale. Good fun pistol, the range/accuracy won't set the world on fire. But if you get a kill with this, you'll have the bragging rights for the rest of the day on site. It's has 5 BBs fired from it for testing.


  7. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I had terrible results with this. It might have just been my gun, but I binned mine. ...or I might have given it to MarcRG1. Can't remember now. But anyway, obviously, I hope you get good results from it, but I hated mine.
  8. L3wisD

    how to make your cm16 raider lighter

    Also, it's strange that your battery cable isn't inside the buffer tube..
  9. L3wisD

    WANTED: Gas Blowback Pistols


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    Hi All, I'm selling my rifle soon (once I get around to it) to have just a pistol & belt set up. Budget of around £80-£85. I'd prefer a Glock, but I'm just as familiar with M9s. Tokyo Marui preferred. WE considered. Extra mags and goodies are always welcome. Prefer good condition obviously, but will consider more worn stuff as well.


  10. L3wisD

    how to make your cm16 raider lighter

    Can you put up a photo of it Liam? That way we know what we're working with. Or just crack on with making this
  11. L3wisD

    Pistol problems....

    It might be worth asking @rocketdogbert if he'd mind having a look at them for you. Offer him some money to spend on Vector parts and he'll be like putty in your hands
  12. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    RDB asleep in his bed:
  13. I spot an @Asomodai laying prone with a FAMAS
    1. Jedi_Master


      Spray and pray, I do not think so.  At that price I am marking mine so that I can use them again.

    2. Rogerborg


      If you think that's expensive, wait for the Novritsch branded version.

    3. SomeBlokeWithNoMoney


      i want to see if these would feed now

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  14. Pfft. What sort of amateur do you take me for! It's a genuine CWU-27P flightsuit in movie accurate colour. Correct belt, and attachments, patch dimensions, leg hose is sewn in like the movies, not glued on. I could go on and on (But I won't) ...How about a Spiderman outfit?
  15. I'm selling a complete (minus proton pack) Ghostbusters suit if that tickles your pickle 😂
  16. This was my "home" site before the Mall took over my existence. Love it at Dorking. The woodland areas are designed well, and have a great 'flow' to them. I'm not sure if this is partially because it's shared with a mud run assault course company. Had some good fun in the fort. The game where everyone is in the fort with 4 or so attackers (changing team to attacker when hit) is so fun. Sitting in the fort hearing the "tttTTTTing tttTTTTing tttTTTTing" of BBs hitting the outside of the fort always gives me the giggles. The on-site shop is run by Socom Tactical. If you ring then ahead of time they can bring something from stock if you want to see/hold/buy it on the day. Agreed, the cheap eyelid/foreskin sausages at lunch aren't great. But they fill a hole. And I wish they'd chrono everyone as well. I haven't been in about a year, but I'd love to go back soon.
  17. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    @Robert James needs more people to commit to this please fellas!
  18. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    It's a WARQ helmet Supposed to be incredibly good. But they are £175 in the standard black colour with clear lens: https://fubarbundy.co.uk/shop/warq-full-face-helmet-black/ You can get them custom made with loads of different options direct from WARQ. https://warq.eu/en/
  19. L3wisD

    new handgun

    That's a very broad statement to make... Can you be more specific please before offering advice. Was it: The Army G17? The San Yan G17? The ASG G17? The Raven G17? The Poseidon G17? The KSC G17? The KJW G17? The KWA G17? The WE G17? The VFC G17? The Marui G17?
  20. L3wisD

    WEGlock silver slides.

    What RDB said. Strip the paint. Bit of brasso and away you go.
  21. L3wisD

    Aep 556 what tracer fits. ?

    The AceTech Lighter should fit. With the at1000, you might need a thread extension to get it to clear the mlok. The lighter is very, very good though. Don't be put off by its small size.
  22. Good spot. Can't be having that..
  23. L3wisD

    The last AFUK Mall event

    I've text him about it. But he's away with his work (international Gigolo extraordinaire!). He's dead keen to come. I'm happy to vouch for him, I'm sure he won't miss it.
  24. L3wisD

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Such a good deal that. Great price for a reliable backup.