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  1. I hope it replaces hexi blocks, I hare those things.
  2. So easy to spend money on kit haha. Since last week spent about £400 and still more stuff to get. Next thing for me is a pistol I think. Luckily I got my commitment bonus this month so if I'm gonna spend a load on toy guns this is the month to do it.
  3. I initially joined this forum a week or so ago to ask about people's experience's with warrior and disciple kit (I'm still serving and needed new belt kit). I decided to look around and see what the attraction was with airsoft and it certainly appealed to me, now I have a rifle and ive bought all the kit I need to start. Luckily I'm the type of person that reads the stickies and I know how the search function works haha. It's after joining here that I found the various fb groups concerning airsoft and milsim. Best thing I've noticed about this forum is it really is a fountain of knowledge and everything is easy to find. Being noob friendly is always going to be good for the forum just may require a little extra moderation for the people that havnt done the cadre on the search function.
  4. Think I'll just give em ukara details regardless of what I'm ordering then. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Next week will be my first skirmish too. Luckily I'm still serving so just using loads of spare uniform and exercise kit I have. Biggest expense upto yet has been my weapon. I probably have a few British army issue ubacs and shirts spare if you want a set. Depending on size obviously haha
  6. Thanks for helping me baz. I ordered warrior assault systems stuff and it came yesterday. Really happy with it. I've also ended up buying a gun and loads of other kit for airsoft haha only came here to ask about kit and now I'm stuck here, happily of course lol.
  7. I'm guessing you'd only need to give them your ukara number when ordering the guns? Things like magazines and kit should be fine getting here without it or am I wrong?
  8. This arrived today, Warrior assault systems molle webbing and yoke. Went for a belt setup since i can use it real world and also airsoft and since regular infantry units cant really use plate carriers and stuff it seemed ideal for me. The quality seems top notch and im very happy with it. How it came. All put together
  9. Got issued a few pairs of these for Kenya last year. Awesome glasses and really comfortable aswell. Good luck guys.
  10. My SRC G36C Gen 3. These are the internals of it. Madbull 6.01 tight bore barrel Element silent bearing piston and cylinder head set SHS full 14 metal teeth nylon fibre piston Lonex M110 spring SHS sector chip delayer Madbull 60 degree shark hop rubber
  11. Yer the warrior stuff looks good and British Tactical is awesome kit just abit more expensive. Ill have to do pros and cons of warrior and disciple i think. Cant find the milsim group/forum anywhere lol. Probably in plain sight though. Thanks for the help mate. Always used tailored webbing before now so new to molle.
  12. Yer sorry disciple. Bloody auto correct is the bane of my life
  13. Hey ive never done airsoft before but im mainly here to look at kit. Im currently serving in 1LANCS and im looking to buy some new webbing. Ive been looking at Discipline's molle stuff and it looks good and a few lads in my battalion use it. Im wondering if anyone on here uses it and wether they would reccomend it or if theres similar priced alternatives that are better. My main reason for asking here is simply because i imagine kit can get tried and tested just as much as it does in the army and i dont want to buy anything that will fall apart 3 miles into an 8 mile tab. What im after is belt, yoke, triple stacker mag pouch, couple of normal sized utility pouches and a larger horizontal one. Ill probably have a look around and see if airsoft tickles my fancy, could do with a decent hobby haha. Cheers guys.
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