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  1. The trouble with leaving it assembled to paint though is any moving parts like the safety switch, stock, charging handle etc. It means if you painted it in "safe", then switch to semi or full auto you're gona have a random line in your paint job!
  2. It looks like he hasn't dismantled it before attacking it with the airbrush...? Paint job looks nice IMO, not sure how long the internals will hold up though if he's just blasted paint at the RIF as it is. Also, once you start sliding that stock, flicking the safety or pulling the charging handle, the original bright orange two-tone might stand out.
  3. I'll leave the others to recommend a good starter RIF for ya since I've been out of the sport/hobby for over a year now. What I will contribute is: SAVE SOME MONEY FOR DECENT BOOTS AND FOR GOD'S SAKE PROTECT YOUR EYES PROPERLY. The search function on this forum will help you do both of these things. Good luck and have fun!
  4. callumbagshaw


    it's quite often the hammer catching, make sure the screw that holds the hammer assembly is as tight as you can get it, and in extreme circumstances you could try filing a bit off the hammer itself, but do that at your own peril!
  5. Who is "us"? This is the first time you've piped up... I was simply recommending a service which might have been helpful to the OP because I was aware of it. I didn't post the screenshot with the spelling error in it, nor did I even claim that he was a good tech, I just said it's a good shop with a good reputation, which, in my opinion - it is. This is a forum. A forum is a platform for discussion, telling someone to wind their neck in because they're part of "them" not "us" defeats the object bud, especially when you've offered nothing constructive in the first place.
  6. He's running a successful airsoft shop. Did you know that you can rearrange the letters in "Rogerborg" and make the word "Salty"?
  7. The guy's running a shop, employing and teaching several people, raising a family and putting out constant content on social media. I don't think he's too concerned about a mistaken keystroke. Ah well, let's stay true to the general attitude of the forum these days: "pick up on minor, meaningless details - avoid being helpful, stay specifically OFF topic, and buy a TM recoil, strip it down and completely rebuild it so we can all be friends"
  8. I saw that ASPUK are running tech tuition sessions, you tell them what you want to learn and they teach you (think it was £20 or £30 per hour but don't quote me on that). They're a fantastic shop with a great reputation, based in Sheffield.
  9. +1 for flash mags, until the stupid pull wire thing snaps - never got round to learning how to fix them but I hear it's not too hard.
  10. Is the one on the right a McLaren 570S? My boss has one, which reminds me to answer the OP's question: yeah I'm stuck at work looking at this glorious sunshine and thinking how nice it would be to be flinging a few well placed BBs towards n00bs
  11. There's no point in me joining in with a similar comment to the ones above, everything that should have been said in direct response to your question has been done so already. However, it's worth asking: Is it the first time you're visiting the site? Some airsoft sites are pretty tight-knit, and nearly always have some form of social media to post info out to theirregular attendees - it could be worth asking the owners of the site if they can put a post on one of their pages to see if anyone from round your end is heading that way in a car, and if they have room to take you? Perhaps offer a £5 or a bag of BBs in exchange for a lift. Not sure how much it is to get on the bus these days but the difference of a few extra quid to tempt someone to pick you up has to be worth not getting headshotted by armed police?
  12. And your gears would strip like my stock ones did Also, it's a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment, insinuating that everyone who has something for sale will jump on this thread! Not sure why the uploads ended up that way - the pics I uploaded were the correct way up!
  13. opportunity to further advertise my Krytac for sale? Sure! See classifieds

    • For sale
    • Used

    Unfortunately, it’s time for me to part ways with my prized pew pew. Due to buying my first property, I’m having to raise some extra cash to brighten the place up. This is certainly a reluctant sale. In terms of performance, this gun is an absolute beast. The hop dial is numbered 0-15, I use it mainly as a DMR with .32g BBs, which can be over-hopped when the hop is set to 4 or 5, so you can imagine how much hop you can get out of this thing. It can hop any weight BB that I’ve ever come across (I’ve even tried the longbow .50g BBs). In terms of range, it shoots as far, if not further than any other AEG I’ve ever shot or seen shot and competes with fully upgraded VSRs at my local site. The fire rate is incredible for an AEG. I have shot this at multiple sites in the UK, and upon unleashing a full auto burst, it’s not uncommon for someone to turn and shout “what the [email protected] is that!?” (video can be provided on request) Original features: · Aluminum alloy receiver · Alpha 9" metal handguard · 8mm ball bearing bushings · Quick change spring system · Locking bolt and bolt release · Ambidextrous sling loops · Adjustable iron sights · Ambidextrous fire selector · Integrated MOSFET · Adjustable rotary hop-up · Easy maintenance spring guide · Anti-corrosion gearbox coating · Krytac 20K motor · Tempurature and wear resistant bucking · 6 position Krytac battery stock Krytacs are known for being fantastic out of the box, unfortunately the stock gears began overspinning and eventually managed to strip themselves a few months after purchasing. I has ASPUK fix the gears and they installed ASG ultimate 16:1 high speed gears, and while they were at it, I had them put a few upgrades into it: Upgraded/changed parts: · ASG ultimate 16:1 high speed gears · Laylax Promethius 280mm 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel (stainless steel) · Promethius purple bucking (flat hopped) · New pistol grip (fits hand much more snugly than the original) · Rear wired to deans connection for faster trigger response · Uses 11.1v LiPO · Increased power spring (may be > 330FPS as I use it as a DMR these days) · Chrome flash hider · Red/green dot and flick up iron sights · 3x small Weaver rails added to Keymod handguard (Under, and both sides for grips, torches lasers etc.) Comes complete with Chris Hobbs/”GearTech” commissioned COD4 “Fall” style paint job (some came away on the handguard during a VERY wet skirmish day - as shown in photos. I’ve since applied a thin layer of clear lacquer to protect the remainder). ASPUK also serviced the gun and shimmed the gearbox in January (I do have a certificate somewhere) Comes with: · Two hi-cap mags featuring the same paint job · 2x 11.1v LiPO bateries · Original box · Original gears · Original spring, should you need to reduce power Looking for £400 O.V.N.O.


    Sheffield, South Yorkshire

  15. As a few have said, high zoom scopes are only really "useful" for spotting. If you're fortunate enough to have it zero'd to the perfect distance to make your shot, more often than not in my experience you'll watch the bb tap them and continue to watch as they don't feel it and keep playing. It's bloody infuriating. I use a fleabay red dot on my Krytac CRB though and have it zero'd to whatever the length of my garden is, at a guess probably 4-5m. Because of the way BBs fly out of an RIF with a hop up, it's not really possible (in my experience) to zero a scope or sight in so that it will be bang on across a range of distances, instead you find that you zero it to a sweet spot and have to adjust your aim for distances longer or shorter than that sweet spot anyway
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