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  1. callumbagshaw

    seeking an Airsoft Urban Mock Village for 3D imaging

    Where abouts are you based mate? If you're up north there's the Stan in Sheffield which is an old abandoned factory, and Skirmish run it - they also run Wentworth which sounds like exactly what you're after but I've not been there personally and I think it's an old prison or something.
  2. callumbagshaw

    What Pistol would you recommend?

    You're right but from what i've seen over the last few years there are two stand-outs in terms of performance that i've seen (out of the box anyway) - The KJW (or equivalent) MK23 offers incredible range and accuracy for the money (I think they're only about £60!!). It's a bit crap on gas efficiency though. The ASG CZ Shadow is incredible - gas efficiency, accuracy and range straight outa the box, plus it can hop .32g(heavy) bbs noi problem if you want it to. PS I don't own either of those so no bias here, I own a TM G17, WE g18, g19 and XDM compact - all of which perform worse than the two mentioned above and, as quoted by Wo1f... perform about the same as eachother.
  3. callumbagshaw

    Custom setups

    It's a reasonable idea for hobby. It's a bad idea for a business. Not sure about everyone else but I probably buy 2-4 RIFs to every 1 plate carrier - you'd be better off doing what half the guys in the classifieds do; same principle but with RIFs: Buy a gun, paint it, add a few grips and change the stock and call it "upgraded", "custom" or "unique", then bang whatever markup you want on it. ^This is a better business model. Still a shoddy one, but better.
  4. callumbagshaw

    barrel extenders (fake silencers)

    Just throwing my personal first-hand experience in here - don't expect incredible results in terms of range or accuracy just by adding a barrel extension. It's probable that you'll see some joule creep/FPS increase though, providing there's a decent enough seal between your fitted inner barrel and the barrel extension that you put on. if it's range and accuracy you're after the first place to look is probably your hop.
  5. callumbagshaw


    Thanks mate but I need an 11 or 12 for my big feet Thanks all, I'll look into the Haix!
  6. callumbagshaw


    So it's finally time that I buy a new pair of boots.... I know it's a good idea to get a really good pair of boots but these days I'm only playing once every couple of months so I'm not sure I can warrant spending hundreds. Seen these on Fleabay and they look OK-ish, and for the price, even if they last only a few games it's not the end of the world: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tactical-Recon-Side-Zip-Army-Patrol-Combat-Boots-Police-Security-Leather-Suede/173128331412?var=&hash=item284f40b094 Anyone got any better suggestions or valid reasons not to buy the ones in the link? I don't mind spending up to £60-£70ish but like I said, at the moment I just can't warrant spending more than that. Open to suggestions (must be above ankle height please). Thanks in advance
  7. callumbagshaw

    BB subscription service

    Might be better to target site owners who sell BBs onsite. It's a cool idea but I don't play "every X weeks", just as/when I fancy it so as a recreational plinker it wouldn't be any good for me personally.
  8. callumbagshaw

    Shooting range

    If they're used to air rifles then they should probably have overlapping security/safety protocols in place to cover an airsoft RIF. Only thing I can think is that they don't fancy having plastic BBs lying around.... Also, depends what kind of range they have set up - if you shoot a pellet at wood it will either go into the wood or bounce off probably a few feet - a plastic BB hitting wood can ping off it a considerable distance. **Edit** - if you just want to zero scopes and change a spring you can ask basically anyone with private land if you could use their land for a short while , since you're not shooting at people- maybe offer a local farmer a few beers or something along those lines.... You'll look like a mentalist but I wouldn't let that get ya down
  9. callumbagshaw


    If you can't find an O-ring to fit your mag this stuff works too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blue-Gasket-Maker-RTV-silicon-high-temp-sealer-instant-sealant-water-oil-resists/252800552624?epid=602577438&hash=item3adc164eb0:g:eYUAAOSw~AVYvWZO
  10. callumbagshaw

    What would be a good DMR?

    I have a Krytac CRB (which has been upgraded - not out of choice, a few things broke on it so I put some high quality parts in there) I also have a KJW KC-02 (this is also sold under a re-brand as an ASG STC - or Special Teams Carbine) I can tell you FOR SURE that the best value out of both of them is the KC02. Don't get me wrong the Krytac is an amazing AEG but it's just not as satisfying to use as the KC02. IMO - here are some of the top qualities of the KJW KC-02/ASG STC: They have a shed load of room for upgrades, despite being great out of the box. They have a wonderful community such as FB pages etc. which explain a load on how to take them apart, how they work etc. - this makes them a great GBBR option for beginners who are willing to learn. They're cheap (enough) They're light They're durable They're accurate, and have great effective range. They fit a lot of M4 externals, such as pistol grips or butt stocks, but they are actually modeled on the ruger 10/22, which means that most 10/22 real steel stocks and parts fit! They're incredibly versatile, you can use green gas, C02 or HPA to operate. If someone said "you have 1 shot to hit this object from xyz meters away for £1million" - I'd be picking up my KC02.
  11. callumbagshaw

    What does airsoft cost?

    At least 10 times what you told your mrs it costs.
  12. callumbagshaw

    Anything changed in airsoft last 3 years?

    I got a Cyma tactical AK as my first ever RIF. Since, I've invested hundreds, maybe thousands into all sorts of guns and upgrades, including Krytac, KJW KC-02 w/upgrades, JG VSR etc. The Cyma AK honestly stands up to all of them. It's not quite as good in terms of effective range, or RPS, but the difference is small when compared to the difference in price! The only gripe I have with it is that the battery slot had awkward dimensions.
  13. callumbagshaw

    gearbox reshim price

    ASPUK do a full service which in cludes shimming - pulled this from their website: Strip Down De-Carbonate Motor Gear Box Strip down. Clean and Re-Grease. Re Shim Full Gear Box Inspection Hop Rubber inspection Re-fit and Align of Hop Unit. Inner Barrel Clean Return Postage £46.99
  14. callumbagshaw

    Indoor shooting Range

    I'm with the guy who uses cardboard boxes filled with foam/paper, so I can't offer different first-hand experience on the target making part. One thing that hasn't been covered though, is this: If your RIF cost you more than £50 - i.e. if it's at least semi-kinda-half-decent-ish - DO NOT RE-USE the BBs you're firing at your targets. they'll break your gun eventually Even small amounts of paper/debris/dust etc can cause internal problems which can easily be avoided by using fresh BBs every time you fancy a plink.
  15. callumbagshaw

    Have I been kidding myself?

    Good luck bud, you'll never look back!