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  1. Yeah, might have to look at getting a V7 gear set. Will do a comparison with the old gears and the new ones. This M14 is becoming more and more of a pain! better be awesome once I have finished all the upgrades.
  2. Aah, I have got a set of "Super Shooter 32:1" high torque gears. Are standard gear sets not compatible? Do I need to get M14 specific ones, or just V7 specific? My understanding was that the gearbox is a bit of a mix and match between V2, V3 and V7 parts. Unfortunately I was not aware that the gears were specific.
  3. Hi, Thanks, yeah believe I have watched the video. Unfortunately it does not really help with my issue about the piston teeth pushing down on the gear teeth and putting it at an angle, making it impossible to re-assemble. Has anyone else had this issue with any other gearbox re-builds? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. OK, So I picked up a Classic Army M14 a while back and have decided to DMR it. Stripping the gearbox down to uprate the gears and shim them as well for optimised performance. Took this time to also upgrade the piston, cylinder and spring. Now that its all in, I am trying to re-assemble the gearbox, but having no luck. I am sure it must be something simple I am doing wrong, but then I don't think anything on this gearbox is simple. Trying to hold the spring down in the cylinder, while holding the anti reversal latch and all gears in place when closing up the gearbox. After several attempt
  5. Classic Army M14 Unfortunately it comes without a mag, and little did I know the CA mags are quite difficult to find! Now just waiting for Mr Post Man to deliver tomorrow!
  6. Looking for some advice regarding outer barrels. I am modifying my Honey Badger with a ARES Octarms Keymod hand guard. My existing guard falls between the 10" and 12" options I can buy. This will mean either a lot more of my "Silencer" will show or it will be inside the hand guard (not good). I would like to go for the longer 12", but will then need to push everything out and thus increasing the length of the outer barrel (And inner). Has anyone changed the outer barrel on the ARES Honey Badger series? If so, are they a straight swap with any M14 outer barrel? Also, any recommended bra
  7. Has anyone used Rockets Platinum BB's? Can only find limited reviews online, all seem good and much improved over the standard Rockets.
  8. Yeah, original plan was for the Honey Badger and G17 and then VSR later down the line. But a week after getting the order of shiny new parts, a TM VSR G-spec came up for sale second hand 2miles from my work at a VERY good price, so I could not really say no. At least now my weapon side of kit is sorted for the time being. Only mods now. trying to stay away from big £ mods for a few months.
  9. Ares Honey Badger Stark Arms G17 with Maple Leaf TBB Red / green dot sight for honey badger TM VSR G-Spec
  10. Hi, Still being quite new to the airsoft world, I have now bought my own guns and understand the importance of quality ammunition. Can anyone shed some light of what are good brands and best places to buy from? Amoeba / Rockets / G&G / BLITZ etc...... Ive seen some Rockets Platinum for a very good price, but not sure of what the quality is actually like.... Thanks
  11. Thanks. Think I will try and avoid them and opt for an alternative HK retailer.
  12. Anyone had any recent transactions with EBAirsoft? They any better or still best to avoid?
  13. Thanks for all the info. Will be visiting Zero one hopefully in April so will have a good look around and get an idea of what sits best. As an engineer and petrol head, I don't mind getting my hands dirty and replace / upgrade internals if needed. I would almost be more inclined to buy a cheaper base model and spend extra on upgraded mods and have a better RIF, than just spending the same amount on a more expensive out the box solution. In my eyes, the upgrades, builds etc is half the fun! From whats stated above, seems I will keep my eyes out on either TM or Krytac for the AEG and t
  14. Guess thats the real question. I am happy to spend more to get a decent gun that will last and offer good upgrade options. Maybe £400ish (But again, if I can get a much better model for little more, id rather buy once and get quality than buy cheaper and find I need to sell and buy something else 6 - 12months later.) If I have not got the budget at time of buying, I will wait a month and save a bit more until I can afford. But now I have 2-3months to save. Also some recommendation for side arms. From what iv seen, they seem to be around the £100mark. Whats the census on best opti
  15. Thanks for the info, and yeah the site I will be playing at on the13th March is Com's3 near banbury. To start my research off, can anyone recommend a decent brand / RIF that I can look at. I'd like the look and modular build of the M4's and SCAR-H. So either of those or something similar. Any advice / feedback is much appreciated.
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