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  1. Yeah, might have to look at getting a V7 gear set. Will do a comparison with the old gears and the new ones. This M14 is becoming more and more of a pain! better be awesome once I have finished all the upgrades.
  2. Aah, I have got a set of "Super Shooter 32:1" high torque gears. Are standard gear sets not compatible? Do I need to get M14 specific ones, or just V7 specific? My understanding was that the gearbox is a bit of a mix and match between V2, V3 and V7 parts. Unfortunately I was not aware that the gears were specific.
  3. Hi, Thanks, yeah believe I have watched the video. Unfortunately it does not really help with my issue about the piston teeth pushing down on the gear teeth and putting it at an angle, making it impossible to re-assemble. Has anyone else had this issue with any other gearbox re-builds? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. OK, So I picked up a Classic Army M14 a while back and have decided to DMR it. Stripping the gearbox down to uprate the gears and shim them as well for optimised performance. Took this time to also upgrade the piston, cylinder and spring. Now that its all in, I am trying to re-assemble the gearbox, but having no luck. I am sure it must be something simple I am doing wrong, but then I don't think anything on this gearbox is simple. Trying to hold the spring down in the cylinder, while holding the anti reversal latch and all gears in place when closing up the gearbox. After several attempts, I managed to find a technique that worked, but the gearbox case will not fully close. Doing a step by step install to find out what was preventing the gearbox from closing, I found it was the piston teeth that is pushing down on the gears, lifting the gear off at an angle and making it impossible to close the box. I have tried looking at loads of youtube clips of gearbox re-assembly to see exactly how the piston teeth should mesh with the gears when re-assembling. But obviously when the spring is inserted, it pushes the piston all the way forward, lining up the rear "block" on the piston teeth rail with the gears, making it not mesh, but pushing down instead. Hopefully that has explained my situation. Will try and get some photo's up, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Will do a search and watch some clips. Guess when the teeth are aligned, the piston will be pushed all the way in, so spring has least amount of compression when re-assembling. Unfortunately just found out the part I have being machined wont be ready today, so no re-assembly just yet.
  6. I hope to get the final pieces to do my gearbox upgrade today and wanted to check a few points before I start putting it all back together. Do I need to align a certain part of the gear with the piston, or can any part of the gear line up with any part of the piston upon re-assembly? EG: Piston all the way in to cylinder and gear section with half width teeth align with piston? I don't want to mis-align the piston to gear and then break / strip something when I pull the trigger. Obviously the gear has teeth all around it, but there is a section of teeth that are only half width. Thanks for any advice given.
  7. Thread Revival. Anyone know if the firestorm FET's have active breaking? I assume not?
  8. Looking to upgrade my M14 and using a aluminium piston. Whats the general opinion on aluminium pistons. Are they good to use, or best avoided.
  9. Got all the parts except motor ordered. Still trying to source a good one that's not too expensive. Let just hope I got the correct revision of everything. Proper mix n match with this thing!
  10. Thanks, Just putting together all the info for buying upgrade parts. Anyone know what style motor is used? Short? Long? Also whats the consensus on using Madbull Black TBB? Or worth spending more for a Prometheus TBB? 509 required.
  11. Thanks. Gearbox surrounding parts are slightly different, but a good enough guide. Cant find the thread now, but sure someone said to upgrade the tappet plate. But from the video it seems only G&G tappet plate will fit, so no steel upgrade available?
  12. Thanks. That would be amazing. Was enough of a pain removing the stock. Quite a bit of force required. Currently sat with a completely stripped down M14 and contemplating putting back together as stock, or upgrading a few key parts. Will probably do high torque gears if I open the gearbox. (32:1 SHS gears for V3 gearbox?)
  13. I have a firestorm unit. Believe its about as small as they generally come. I am happy to open the gearbox to install, but with what seems a lot of small screws etc, a guide would be helpful. Failing that, which way round is best to open the gearbox? Front end facing left or right? Don't want to lift the upper part off and have a load of things fall of without having seen how they fit.
  14. Thanks. Seen some people fit the MOSFET inside the gearbox. Would be better if I could do that, just thought it best if there was a guide about on opening gearbox and wiring MOSFET in there.
  15. Anyone have any guides (Pictures) or video of best way to install MOSFET into a classic army or G&G M14? I can only find instructions for CYMA. Thanks
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