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  1. It was normal hours, (around 5pm ish or so), and yes I do have a bit of a whiny neighbour next door, my concern was more of her complaining about the noise or upsetting her dogs, I apologised to her at the time and just wanted to ensure her that it wasn't real. Cheers everyone for the replies.
  2. Okay so I recently got my UKARA approved and purchased a WE Dragon 5.1 Hi Cappa, as usual, I do some backyard 'plinking', to test it a little bit before my next game, nice and all, shoots well yadda yadda.. My neighbours dog begin to bark, so I decide to head back inside and discharge the gas and bbs from the magazine and restore my RIF to a safe place, I go back out to get my practice target and my neighbour asked me if I was shooting a gun, I explained it was an airsoft gun and how they work etc and that it wasn't real to clear any confusion straight up, and I asked if any BBs had entered her property (which I'm sure none had - she also said no) she then proceeded to ask me not to do it because it upset her dog. This question may not be in regards to airsoft laws but I'm wondering what would happen if I would be to continue doing it and it upset her dog, It was on my property, and no bb's left the premises, and I have a valid UKARA, Cheers.
  3. I know you can cut off pieces of the spring to reduce the fps, but that seems like a big difference, I would recommend checking out this spring chart for a rough estimate of the FPS, http://www.airsoftcanada.com/SpringChart.php But personally, I'd suggest getting the gun chrono'd first, a friend of mine has a gun that was listed as 330, 'tested' at 350 before being dispatched, and then came in at 390 on the field!
  4. Bloodless2010


    I think that sums up everything I've bought in regards to airsoft so far
  5. That's a good question.. As far as I remember correctly it has to be a non-military colour, or a bright colour covering 51% of the gun at least. The red/yellow ones probably would be considered two-tone, can't really tell for sure with the rest.
  6. http://blog.airsoft-squared.com/german-gun-law Germany is quite restrictive on their airsoft laws, would be worth a full read in your case.
  7. Having a UKARA number was his main concern in regards to selling it, and obviously would refuse if I tried to buy it without one, he has offered to keep hold of it for me until I have my UKARA. Would be great if you stopped assuming everyone was trying to break the law.
  8. A good place to check is here; http://www.airsoftmap.net/skirmish/ There's a few around liverpool, hopefully within that 2 hour travel distance. Shame to hear about your local site though
  9. Please re-read my original post. I would try to purchase a RIF without a valid defence, as that puts the seller in a postiom where they are breaking the VCRA. The guy who offered to sell it to me is actually keeping hold of it for me until I get one, plus I clearly stated in the OP that it was for in future.
  10. My bad, I misread how it was worded in terms of replica but that was in regards of the G36C.
  11. I don't want a clone that'll break on me, I wan't something reliable within my sites limits, and is in stock, I've searched through countless amount of websites and they are all either price or from the US..
  12. So maybe instead of bashing retailers (which I wasn't going to use) maybe you could provide me some I could actually use? So far the only site I've found is Patrolbase and Airsoftworld, but both are out of stock or too high FPS if in stock
  13. Isn't TaiwanGuns clones of the original JG though? How will this effect the performance of it?
  14. Hi, I'm looking for somewhere I can buy a G36, not two-toned (I don't have a UKARA number, I'm simply looking on where I can get a G36 in future when I acquire a UKARA number, and have the money) My budget is about £150, don't really fancy spending more then that for a beginner/intermediate gun, I've seen a lot of G&G and JG G36s, but they are all above my sites FPS limit, which is 350. Really appreciate it, thanks. And sorry if this is in the wrong section wasn't sure where to really post it.
  15. My local site is Taskforce Bridgend, and I'm pretty sure it's £45 for the whole shabbang. As for the mags not fitting, that isn't really a big issue for me. I decided to cancel the order, I'll purchase a JG G36C (or G36K) with a tone-tone service, only problem is now that'll take an extra week for it to be sprayed, when my game is on the 28 I'll just have to rent gear.
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