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  1. Does the £30 include postage and PayPal fees, or would they be additional?
  2. I'm visiting family in Poland and managed to get a day spare to do some shopping. Anyone one on here know of any good military surplus shops near Belchatow or Częstochowa? The only stuff I could find on Google is online sellers, as per usual, and not much else. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be brilliant, I'm sure there's a couple of Poles on here that would be willing to help and ex-Pat. Dziękuję
  3. Now that I've had a look and noticed their sale I think I'm just gonna buy 4 or 5 new guns though.
  4. Didn't manage to get the picture but a bit of additional lube on the piston has fixed the problem. Looks like I just wasted your time. Sorry dude.
  5. You only need to be over 18 for deactivated firearms, looked into it a few months back. If you're buying from a dealer they will register your name and gun make/model on their own system, usually pen and paper, and that's it. Problem there being that anything worth buying in the deac market is way over-priced. I wanted a Mosin, and the cheapest I could find was £475. You'd pay less for a fully functioning one.
  6. I applied online and had my regular site confirm it. It was all done online and I had my number in about 15 minutes. Speak to your local and see if this can be done for you.
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum but I hope you can help. Last Saturday my friend dropped his Cyma M14 and broke the gearbox cage, at least that's what we think it is called still kinda noobish to this. I somehow managed to rip the magazine release lever and button out of my Ares Amoeba. Our next skirmish is on the 17th of September and we need to fix our rifles before then. Question is, do you know of anywhere that sells spare parts that's based in the UK. Found plenty of American/Canadian/Chinese shops that have the Cyma gearbox cage, but estimated delivery times come well into October. The magazine catch is easily replaceable, but finding parts for the Cyma that would arrive in time before our next skirmish is above my Google level. If you have any links please let me know as I don't want to miss out on this skirmish, because I'll be working weekends for a while after. Thank You.
  8. I'll take some pictures and post them once I've finished work and got home, can't promise the video though unfortunately. I probably should have thought to do that first though really...
  9. I bought a WE 1911 MEU a couple of weeks back and test fired it plenty in the garden and it worked fine. Skirmishing it last weekend though I found that every time I fired it a boat load of gas was escaping out of the back of the gun and the ejector. The gun is well lubed but it seems that the piston sits too far forward when the slide is back and I think this is causing the issue. Now as I'm not well experienced with GBB pistols I wondered if there was something I could try first before taking the piston itself out, as I'm a bit worried about getting it back tofgether again. I can't visit a tech as I'm a bit broke this month and would like to run it in my nbext skirmish which is before payday. I've read that spraying a tiny bit of silicone lubricant into the actual piston might help this issue but some people tend to disagree with this vehemently. Please give me some advice guys.
  10. Black Hills Airsoft Run one every other Saturday. It's in Chesterfield, don't know how close that is to you.
  11. There's a player at my regular site with only one lung so you'll be fine OP. As long as you play fair you'll have fun.
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