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  1. I noticed on another post you recommended a WE M4 to someone else looking at their first GBBR. What is your experience (if any) of the WE HK416 or the WE M4? I prefer the look of the 416, the non-fixed from sight post, the continual unbroken rail system and a couple of other mostly cosmetic things, but I'd be just as happy with a GBB M4 as a HK416. I've also given a little look towards EBB, is that worth it (again, please don't just shout "Tokyo Marui TM 416 D (Recoil Shock)" I cannot, and will not, spend over £500 on a gun. I just can't justify that kind of money. If I could then I would, but I just can't. I can just about push myself to a little over £300, hence the WE HK416 GBB 4168 Thanks for your thoughts though.
  2. Yes, I figured, and as I said in my original post I don't play often and as yet I haven't played outside. It's all been indoor CQB stuff so I am not likely to be affect by cold weather. My GBB pistol works fine so no reason a GBBR won't. But I think I will stick with the WE 888 HK416, it seems to be a reasonable price point without scrimping too much on quality whereas I fear that with the uber-cheap S&T plastic gun I will be disappointed which means I'll still end up looking at something else and waste my money. Thanks.
  3. So I reckon you can all guess what the question here is, but can I caveat the answers before we begin? I know that TM are god-like and that there are plenty of awesome manufacturers doing the job but this is about cheap cheap cheap! I do not play often, once every couple of months at best, twice a year at worst, so whatever I go for will not see heavy usage, but I've considered joining the "dark side" of GBBR and I've been looking at the WE HK416 (the WE888) whilst randomly searching around I discovered this https://shop.ehobbyasia.com/s-t-m4-cqb-gbb-rifle-black.html I've never heard of S&T, does anyone know what they're like as a brand? This RIF is silly cheap, but is it too cheap?
  4. Aha. Quite possibly, I wasn’t properly looking just flicking around whilst on my way home
  5. I was just browsing around the ofcom site. Why does it need to be a business licence? An amateur licence is free!
  6. My Baofeng UV-5R just turned up. Its TINY!!! From all the pictures I assumed it was huge. Hahaha
  7. This ^^^^^ One of my things is realism, it's why I use mid-cap mags, but I am desperate for a GBBR and I've begun to lust after the WE HK416D GBB as it seems to be a good compromise from the high end £500+ TM stuff at £314 I am almost certain that before 2018 is finished I will have switched from my AEG to a GBBR
  8. Thanks guys. I agree with djben9, £75 for 5 years is pretty good. So, I'll just leave it turned off for most games but then when I get to a point of needing/wanting to have working comms I can either borrow someone's paid for frequency or buy my own. I tend to airsoft with two friends so it may be that we split the cost between us which will work out much better. With that in mind I have gone for the Baofeng UV-5R with handheld mic/speaker to go with my US Marshal impression.
  9. I just bought handcuffs, long reach key, Viper Security Belt with pouches, Baofeng UV-5R radio with handheld speaker.
  10. Don't sugar coat it Skara! Let them know how you really feel.
  11. Hey. Sorry to bring this thread up again, but I didn't want to start another one, when I have basically the same question! So, I've read through this, for the time being I am just looking at comms to sit on my vest as part of the "look", but if I'm spending money then it may as well be of some use later down the line. To this end, would I be best off with the UV5R thingy mentioned above? I want it to sit in a pouch on my belt with a handheld speaker coming over my shoulder (yep, I run a LE loadout), I have found this in eBay and like the price. http://r.ebay.com/TT28i3
  12. Must admit, I don't run mine as a drop leg. I bought the UBL adaptor and it comes straight off my belt for that exact reason. Minimal movement whilst running, and less chance of bashing it into stuff, although the Safariland is pretty sturdy.
  13. I've often thought about getting a cheap suit and a UMP45...
  14. Depending on your budget I use a Safariland 6005, it's excellent. http://wolfarmouries.co.uk/safariland-6005-tactical-leg-holster-g17-w-m3-light-lp-shroud.html
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