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  1. Look i had to do a Diversity course in college... learnt about the concentration camps during world war 2, nelson mandala, ghandi etc... And in that course we had to research some books on the subject of segregation and racism... i chose Turner Diaries and Hunter... and i read them, and i never took anything away from it, no racist ideals, or anything of that matter... i just liked them like an ordinary book, it kept me engaged in the story and made me keep reading til the end... Obviously the book is very far fetched and far beyond reality, thats the point, i took it as a fantasy story, something that could never happen in real life... I've also read Clockwork Orange and American Psycho and i enjoyed those books as well... I've never been racist in public, nor would i in the future... like i said previously, i do have multi ethnic friends, and i do hold them in high regard they do a lot for our country and i respect them entirely and i hold no bad feelings towards them.
  2. Anyway, moderator... can you please shut down the thread.
  3. Thats the thing, i've seen several doctors about it, and a fair few have said ADHD... i can't think of what else it could be... My cousin did say i appeared to be schizophrenic, but i don't hear voices, or see anything that no one else can... And its not like im worried that people are out to get me, its just... i don't know, i've seen a psychologist and she said i came across as a nice guy but i am just very misunderstood... other than seeing the GP i can't think of what else i can do.
  4. It is honest... i had no idea one post would explode into this fiasco and i am truly sorry if anyone has been offended by it
  5. Hay i'm trying to do the right thing here by saying sorry.
  6. Well i would like to take this moment to apologise for this post and the previous post on the whole uniform subject... I'm sorry that it has enraged everyone and i must admit, this whole internet kick in that you've given me has knocked some sense into me... thankfully it was over the web, and not the butt of an AEG going into my face... I hope that all is forgiven and that we can move on from this. I must admit, the amount of history that you found on the web about me, was kind of surprising and it has shown that i shouldn't be so forthcoming with my comments... since those posts were made, i have made some progress in those areas... I have just recently been diagnosed with ADHD and i know your probably thinking i'm trying to fob off my behaviour as a part of my ADHD, but i'm not... Its something that has only recently came to light, and its been nearly twenty years of going back and forth between doctors, and finally i have got something nailed down as to why my behaviour can be somewhat unpredictable and offensive, and again i apologise again for any hurt that i may have caused with the whole Waffen SS uniform post. I am currently in the process of getting some form of Medication for said ADHD, and hopefully in the coming weeks, i should be starting a long recovery away from all these comments that i have made. Please know this... I do not hold any racist / supremacist ideologies... I have several friends who come from different backgrounds including, middle eastern and polish, and i hold them in very high regard and am glad to have met them. I just hope we can put this all behind us, and turn over a onto a clean slate.
  8. I do attend Black Ops woodland site down in Portishead fairly frequently (once a month) so i may see you there
  9. Thats the whole point, everyone at my local site is all into Desert, Woodland, Urban camo... I'm the guy who says "screw that" and decided to do something unique... Before anyone asks, its not for any racial or political reasons... its just purely for airsoft reasons.
  10. Just so you know, i have no racist ideologies and only like the look and style of the uniform and am in no way promoting racial hatred.
  11. Remember once, i was sneaking through the village, during a fight, and came across the other team having a small shootout... I threw a ball grenade towards them, and had it bounce off a tree and come back at me... Needless to say, I gave away my position by running away yelling "f***" at the top of my voice. Funny thinking back at it, but at the time, it really pissed me off. This was back in Ultimate Airsoft in Thornbury several years ago.
  12. must admit I love my raider 30th, sweet gun, robust build, nice accuracy, sprays bb's like no one's business/
  13. No I previously had a ukara, but it went out of date, and have just started to get back into airsoft... I'm just saying, I thought Airsoft World's two tone paint, would've been more durable, but it came off like butter... Just surprised at the quality of the paint/
  14. I really couldn't care if they voice their opinions... its supposed to be an enjoyable day out and if they want to get crappy just because of my loadout then they really need to reorganise their priorities if they get offended by clothing.
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