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  1. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    @Archer Already in the motions with legal action. Come next Thursday once the 7 days have passed if I don't have any response the small claims will be raised. I do agree though, there's no point in trying to get your money back from them, they've made it very clear they aren't going to pay anyone out without courts being involved.
  2. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Well latest update is Zac will be getting a nice letter tomorrow advising if it's not resolved in 7 days I will be filing small claims against him. On a side note saw something interesting, looks like weaponcrates isn't dead and is making a comeback. Positive sign for those that are owed money. Who wants to bet he's relaunching because he's in the shit financially?
  3. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    @proffrink Would also be interested if you could also drop me a PM.
  4. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    I'd definitely be interested in hearing what you've heard locally @PrinskipperSkipple. So small update from me, still not refund and now im getting completely ignored by Mr Grierson. I've already raised a dispute with my bank and the fraud team are now involved. If this fails, il be going down legal avenues. Just to reassure people, dissolving the company will take time and it isnt straight forward. It would take time for this to happen and couldn't be done overnight. Personally, im giving the bank time to do what they need to do as my payment was made via card and is covered under protections, failing this, il be progressing with small claims 100%. I urge you all owed money to stick with it and if it comes to it, take legal action. The fact as shown by this thread is he owes quite a few people money and that's just what we know about. Im also willing to bet everyone has had the same broken promises and clear lies me and others have seen. I will quite happily take him through court if required purely out of principle at this point. Doesn't matter to me even if it was £10 and not the £450 odd he owes me. Out of curiosity, has anyone filed with small claims yet?
  5. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Seems like their mysterious buyer is a Chinese company going by the whois records that updated today
  6. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    I've sent you a PM with a link to the letter i drafted, I've removed a couple of bits and changed it just to remove personal info but it should give you a good idea what is needed. If you need any help with it feel free to ask, i had a good read around the small claims process and what is needed prior to progressing to small claims since this all started.
  7. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    I'm going to give it a couple of days to see if I get any email from Stripe regarding a refund, if not il Definately be contacting my Bank and going down the section 75 route first and issuing a chargeback. I did get this message from Zac via with WeaponCrates page after asking for evidence because of the service stopping tomorrow: "We dont stop support tomorrow, we continue to run this page and any ONGOING issues are still handled. We ended service for new customers." Seems like I might be pushing a few buttons . @Jakkarro I'd send the support page a polite message stating that if the issue is not resolved within the next 48 hours you will have no option but to explore legal options. I'd follow the advice given in the thread and draft a pre action letter, giving a 2 week deadline for resolution before escalating to small claims. That is what I intend to do if it doesn't get resolved. I'd be happy to send you what id drafted if it helps.
  8. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    So i cintacted them last night and told them that if a refund was not issued shortly id have no option but to progress with legal action via small claims. I got a message not long after advising a refund would be sent and payment made today. Surprise surprise, i havent receivef anything at all today, however i was surprised given they only have my debit card details and a refund normally takes a couple of working days at minimum. I chased them back up again and the latest update I have been given is they have issued a refund with Stripe who is their payment provider. I know this can take upto 5 working days as I read it on their support pages when I looked into the payment provider. I have asked them for evidence to show a refund has been issued as I've been given multiple dates now, I will keep you all posted. The best advice I can give anyone in this position is to save all evidence you can to demonstrate that you are owed payment and to what amount. It will be vital if you have to go down the small claims route. Even if all the data is destroyed, you will have enough to show that you are owed payment.
  9. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    @Archer Im guessing he paid you out as soon as he received your digital copy of the small claims?
  10. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Yeah me too, considering the payment processing he uses, all he actually has to do is login to his dashboard, find the relevant transaction and press refund. It's literally that simple. From my experience so far its a new excuse every time and i believe there's only three people at most involved with DarkRhino. Be interesting to hear what you find @Tackle, let me know over PM if you'd rather not post publically. We shall see what Mr Grierson has to say come Tuesday when the letter arrives at his door. @Archer prior to getting you refund did you contact Trading Standards regarding it?
  11. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    I've spent the day collating all the evidence i have and have drafted a letter as required before progressing to small claims court. I will be posting this recorded to their business address tomorrow. The last contact i had from them was that it was with their finance team and they would chase it but i've just heard different excuses since Thursday. I'm not one to be unrealistic and can appreciate it taking a couple of days to sort out but with them closing the website so fast i'm not willing to hang around. Here's hoping that this letter will prompt payment to be made, otherwise in 14 days i will be filing with small claims against DarkRhino Limited, will be also contacting my bank aswell to look at potentially look at raising a Section 75 claim to reclaim the funds. Such a shame really that by the sounds of it a fair few people have had the same issues im having, here's hoping they do the right thing and sort everyone out.
  12. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Luckily I took a few screenshots of the shield feature which shows weaponcrates holds the money for 14 days and also on playercheck that dark rhino is the parent company of weaponcrates. With the other screenshots I have it shows that i paid money to weaponcrates, they hold the money for 14 days and that I have requested a refund during this time. If I don't get any response in the next couple of days il be filing small claims against them.
  13. WeaponCrates is officially gone

    Still waiting on my refund for the gun I bought a week ago that the seller decided to not post or contact me about. Supposedly I'm getting a refund but will just keep hounding and if needs be file small claims. Glad to hear you got a refund Archer, I saw your posts on the message board on there before the site was taken down
  14. Tokyo Marui 416/417

    Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: 416 / 417 Desired Condition: Good Desired FPS: 350 Swaps/Part Exchange: No Budget: ~£500 Looking for a Tokyo Marui 416 or 417. Happy with either stock or upgraded depending on the work done. Let me know what you have!