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  1. I'm with you on encouraging people to give archery a go, it is incredibly satisfying when you get a great shot. I was unfortunately one of those shooting recurve, and while I didn't go down the route of the eye patches, I did have the stabilisers fitted. It takes a huge amount of skill to ensure your feet, shoulders, hands, head, chin, nose were all the same position as last time and you pulled back to the same millimetre point - some days it was fun, others it was frustrating and I did think about getting a longbow or flatbow for the more natural appeal. Attending a coaching course though and it improved my shooting no end, until I injured the shoulder of the arm that holds the bow and that was that!
  2. I'm having some work done on my garage roof, and the guy spots my practice archery target (full of holes) but mistakes it and asks "do you do Airsoft?" Turns out he used to partake but moved up to airgun target shooting and now clay/rifle shooting. One of the guys I parkrun with spots a photo of my gear on Facebook, he used to game several years ago and has a well used M4 gathering dust. Member of my local rc car racing club also used to game as well. Who has surprised you by being a current or past airsofter? (Is that a thing?) I guess I feel that because its 'omg guns are bad!' Then I don't tend to bring it up in conversation

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    Pinned down by a sniper with a £900 Silverback? Surrounded by kids in hoodies, hip firing JG G36s? You need to break out, punch a hole, send em packing! Send in the armour! This is a genuine Tokyo Marui M1A2 Abrams RC tank with firing gun - capable of firing 0.12g BBs up to 25m in distance. It holds 40 BBs, so that's 40 kills soldier! The turret rotates through 320 degrees, and the barrel as a max elevation of 20 degrees - all controlled through the handset. With rubber tracks, and independent suspension, it can also climb inclines of 35 degrees and move over difficult terrain with relative ease. This is garden plinking on a whole different level. Rubble, soil, cats, it will climb over small obstacles quite well and the rubber tracks give decent grip. BBs are loaded through the hatch on top, which also houses a secondary power switch (safety) just for the main gun. The tank itself is powered by 8 AA batteries (although you could possibly switch this to a Lipo pack if you know your wiring) and the handset takes a single 9V battery. It's a little dusty from being on my display shelf, and is a little faded on the right hand side but otherwise is in full working order. I've owned it for at least 10 years and had many laughs stalking house mates at uni with it. Originally purchased from Model Zone, I don't have any of the packaging or instructions, but you may be able to find these online. Unfortunately it will only take 0.12g BBs, I've never tried 0.25 in it and wouldn't advise it. If you got a jam it could be quite difficult to free up. There's a further write up here. I can post, but can also arrange for collection in Cambs or Beds - postage would be via courier, and would probably be in the region of £10-15 as it's a bit heavy.


  4. What Facebook debacle? 😏 welcome anyway! Word to the wise, Airsofters are impatient buggers with shop orders (just check out the Places to Buy threads) so any updates to customers if their order is delayed, no matter how small an update, will carry you a long way!
  5. I have a TM PX4 and can highly recommend Swiss Arms Extreme Gas - link - it works very well in the RIF although does start to suffer in really low temperatures, as-in below 10 degrees. In the ranges of 10-15 it should work fine.
  6. No facts I'm afraid but you just have to look at the hoops Ukapu has jumped through with regards to legislation to get us where we are now. As others have said, all it takes is a Daily Mail headline - "KIDS AS YOUNG AS 6 WITH GUNS ON YOUR STREETS" and the government will lap it up as a Brexit distraction for a few days. It was a fool hardy decision by the site to allow this, and if they are indeed allowing kids as young as 6 to handle RIFs then I'm sorry, but that's frankly stupid.
  7. With others on this - Airsoft is legally on a knife edge and it's things like this that will make some hand-wringing-worrier lobby parliament and next thing you know we'll have permanently orange RIFs. Although the MPs assumption that kids as young as 6 will be taking part in Airsoft I think is a bit off, is there any site that allows that young?
  8. If it's been sat around, check the contacts on the trigger that they haven't oxidised. Otherwise if you haven't lost any of the tiny springs then you should be in good shape. My first gearbox split was a nightmare, could not get the reverse latch and trigger spring to stay put while trying to put the thing back together.
  9. I think the spring is a spare for the mag catch? Apparently they can fall out easily on some models when being dismantled.
  10. Bit late to the discussion on this one but I've got a TM PX4 with 4-mags and that served me well running for fun as a primary one day. I had a single pistol speed loader which could fill the 4 mags so had roughly 200ish rounds on me, the mags could do two full goes without being regassed. So yeah certainly possible, and good fun!
  11. Just replicated my review on facebook for you guys 👍 gotta get dem likes
  12. Ha yeah, we thought it was also for skirmishers with a hangover! 😄
  13. Disclaimer : I am in no way associated with SWAS Airsoft or their business A great site with massive potential Yesterday was our first trip to the new site at RAF Wyton hosted by the team at SWAS Airsoft. We went along with an open mind as the site is very new and only began operating just before Christmas. First off, booking via the website is quick and easy and actually quite refreshing to use. A quick paypal payment, meaning there's no fumbling for cash when signing in or dealing with change. You can still turn up on the day and pay that way if you want but you must let the site know beforehand (email, Facebook, phone) because this is an active MoD base and you can't just rock up with a car full of guns. Access is excellent, just past Huntingdon on the A141, the gate is clearly signposted and you're met by security. Again, active MoD base means a form of ID for everyone attending is mandatory. A 2 minute drive around the top end of the airfield brings us to the parking area, which is ample and very close to the safe zone. The safe zone is fantastic - a permanent warehouse/storage structure with long benches and tables with ample room for gear. Protected from the elements and dry was a huge bonus as the morning games were made all the more difficult by persistent rain and blustery winds, so having somewhere we could rearm without worry of mud or water getting into the kit was excellent. The site itself, approx. 45 acres so quite large, is a combination of hard standing concrete (combination of roads and old missile platforms, sadly no missiles remain!) and scrub-land which is a combination of thickets of bushes and small trees. There are also the beginnings of structures that the team have begun to place on site (more on these later), so we have the standard wooden palettes as minor defences, through to more robust sand bag walls acting as machine gun nests. So while initially the site seems quite open, on the ground there is a good combination of open areas and mazes of scrub to fight through. The team advised me that in the warmer months, all the trees and scrub are more fuller and in leaf so the extra cover afforded by these will make it even more exciting, although we all agreed that some of it could do with being cut back to improve the paths through them. Also a plus point is that the site isn't completely flat, surprising for an air base. The slight elevation changes reward a team that can take and hold these, but there's plenty of ways to flank the enemy thanks to the width of the site. We started with a very simple domination warm up game around some of the simple wooden structures, with the usual turbulent results (including both teams raising the wrong flag at one point!) but it was a great laugh to get started. The rest of the days games involved much more of the site and crucially a lot more tactical, including games taking the form of Conquest style matches where the attacking team had to take parts of the map in sequence, through to transport games involving either transporting an ammo crate, or a wired device to a central location. The variety here was great, with each team getting a chance to swap roles. As mentioned, flanking on this site is excellent, the site and gaming areas are wide enough to encourage this, but not too sizeable as to require a massively long walk back to spawn. The site could take a huge number of players, at least 100+ with no trouble. Back on the subject of structures, yes at the moment the barricades are quite basic, but that's to be expected. The team are full of ideas though and already have plans for an ambitious structure on part of the map which once in place would serve as a brilliant addition and tactical control point, plus they're including more sandbag walls all the time (which I prefer to palettes). The team themselves are a great bunch, knowledgeable and great to chat to, and also keen to be strict with rules on hit taking and the like which is to be expected. May I also add that having the hot drinks available for free is a great welcome to the site, especially on a cold day like we had. It's little things like that, that make the site worth going to, something a lot of sites don't go with. Gripes if I have any, which I promised to let the team know about if we have suggestions: I'd prefer bigger barricades in some places, sandbag walls being preferable - placed in the right way it can benefit attackers, which sometimes you want so games don't become a stalemate. The site has a lot of brambles which are worse than barbed wire - not something the site can do a huge amount about, and is more about watching your footing. The guys have plans to clear as much as they can but you know with brambles it's usually a losing battle The parking area could do with a plastic grid of some sort on the entry and exit of the grass, it got churned up pretty quickly, should be fine in summer but worth mentioning. I would turn the shooting range/chrono range 90 degrees from the blast wall or perhaps have a clearer sign about which way to go for chrono so you don't get people wandering into the firing line. The netting to the sides of the safe zone was a bit tricky to get around (especially exiting right) so that perhaps could do with a rethink, I know it's to make sure people are protected from the gaming area and reminded about eye-pro. This could be more a business decision, but perhaps every other Sunday could work better for player numbers? Every weekend could dilute numbers slightly, just worth bearing in mind. So there we go, honestly for a new site I think they've started out very well indeed and can only see it getting better with experience. It'll also change a lot during the year with the seasons keeping it fresh and interesting along with the updates the team have planned. Pros Great fully indoor safe zone Site is big at approx. 45 acres with a good mixture of landscape Massive potential for structures Easy to access and find your way around Cons In its infancy, structures are basic Player numbers are limited right now but should deserve to improve
  14. Ouch! Yeah masks are annoying, especially when aiming (I've found the soft side masks are best for it) but I'd rather keep my teeth! RIFT keep a running tally, they're up to something like 16 teeth knocked out.
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