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  1. Oh sweet, i will have to check them out. Hoping to get to Tuddenham on the 28th if i can sort a lift out. Cheers Oscar
  2. Is this still available?
  3. Boooooo to not calling hits, no point playing if you don't call hits. Will have a look and see what's happening Sunday the 28th. Hopefully it will be my first proper game. I don't suppose you've heard of any places running games during the week, i usually work weekends. Cheers Oscar
  4. When i was 17 i used to watch good old flanker tanker on youtube, his videos at urban assault got me excited to play there. I want to try out all the local sites, Tuddenham ect Do you have any recommendations? Oscar
  5. Not played a proper game yet. We did the whole, run around the woods with £5 BB guns from the local car boot when younger. But I'm very much looking forward to my first proper game. Oscar
  6. @AndyDynamic That would be awesome. I bought my rifle today and should have my kit all sorted soon. So bring on the games. Oscar
  7. @AndyDynamic @djben9 @klein Hey guys, its so cool that there's possible team mates near by. I'm very much looking forward to playing some games in the future. Cheers Oscar
  8. Is this still available?
  9. Hey i live right in Cambridge city centre. So getting trains or buses to most places is possible. Just the final stretch of getting to the site is tricky.
  10. Hey I live in Cambridge and am brand new to airsoft. Would really like to find some airsoft buds as my mates are useless. Cheers Oscar
  11. Hi i'm a newbie from cambridge too.
  12. Hey buddy I'm new to the world of airsoft also. Been trying to persuade mates to go for ages, but no luck. Really would like to get some games under my belt, but driving is a no go right now. Would love to meet some like minded people to hopefully play some games with. Cheers Oscar
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