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  1. Hi would you be able to post it and how much roughly? Cheers
  2. Would you sell the hi cappa separately?
  3. @Jam Sandwich it was good meeting you on Sunday mate. Hopefully will play many more games together in the future. Oscar
  4. Ha nice one mate. I'll keep a lookout for you on the Sunday. I was also thinking Hawaiian shirt for a sicario. Oscar.
  5. Ha ha fair enough. Gotta keep the boss sweet. Oscar
  6. Hey guys is anyone heading to the filmsim on the 9th? Or been to one? I'm thinking about going and after some general info on what to expect and possible team mates. Cheers Oscar
  7. Nice one. I'll be the guy in plain clothes with the red bandana. See you there. Oscar
  8. Hey guys I'm Cambridge based and had my fist game last month at tuddenham. Was ace. Heading there again at the end of the month. Oscar
  9. Hey guys I played my first game ever on sunday and absolutely loved it. Everyone at the site was really friendly and super helpful. I had some really good chats and gained some good tips for a newbie like myself. I teamed up with two site veterans who looked out for me and showed me the ropes. Gunman Tuddenham 10/10 would play again Oscar
  10. I'm still planning on Sunday. I'm sure they'll be plenty of other times to say hi or shoot each other in the back 😋 Cheers Oscar
  11. Hi is anyone heading to Tuddenham this Sunday? if your going from Cambridge could i catch a lift. Will pay petrol money and buy ya a sandwich😀 Cheers Oscar
  12. Will do, good shout. Cheers Oscar
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