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  1. Warrior atac fg plb belt Warrior atac fg holster Warrior atac fg pistol pouch( that's useless for cyma cm030 mags) so il pop a smoke inside instead.
  2. I've done 3 x orders through Zero One. Each order had its own issue and they never reply to emails/call cack. When I asked to speak to the Owner/director or 'head honcho' they passed me through to an unhelpful supervisor. They cannot be bothered to put descriptions of the items they want us buy so we have to do our own research which is a pain and also means we go onto other retailers and potentially losses in zero one sales will be because of this. I give retailers three chances and once they mess up those I simply don't use them anymore. If you don't like Zero One, don't go onto their website, don't purchase from them. If their sales drop they may start scratching their heads. seasons greetings and all that. sg
  3. Worth a quick read http://www.popularairsoft.com/improvements-law-uk-airsoft-players
  4. I've run atacs fg from my first game and it works a treat in woods. The propper brand is good and fits perfectly. Atacs x next
  5. I myself am in the same position. I'm looking into all cases, not just rifle cases. Guitar cases and transport hard cases look very spacious and as for padding I will buy a big sheet of high density foam and cut to fit. Sg
  6. I ordered a load of stuff from Airlift pro cz and the parcel arrived with a neighbour but I collected once home from work. The box had the couriers tape around the box which I thought this was normal as some companies do this to make the box more resiliant to damage/tearing. The box had indeed been damaged in transit and the most costly item that I have ordered was not in the box. Gutted. I had emailed their customer services to point that this item was now only showing 4 left in stock, hinting for them to pop one to the side for me. I have sent them emails with photos of the clear damage internally and the tape (with GEIS labelled on it) to have no resolution yet. They are not the best at responding to emails so I called them and was told that they would have an answer by the next day. The item is now out of stock with them. 2 days since the call and I have to email them to get a response which is "we will see what we can do". fingers crossed. from 'Patient guy from Cumbria who is still wet'
  7. So I'm nearly there with a sniper set up but the only white 0.40 bb's that I can find are nuprol's on a very cheap bb gun website that has poor feedback on this forum. Are there any other alternatives? If so what would you recommend and where did you get them from? Any help greatly appreciated. scott
  8. Funny you should mention that. I have an old navy divers rig in the loft from long ago. might be worth using at next game if Manchester woodlands submerged.
  9. Bought an asg sniper scope, some paints and ammo from them. Very helpful as usual and very quick delivery, all well packaged up as a whole.
  10. Dear Santa, I would like a few days/weekends where the wind is <30mph and the rain is not hammering down so I can get my rifles zeroed on the range. regards A wet, patient person from Cumbria.
  11. My apologies.( I have now edited my post). I have bought the parts from the airsoft pro cz website but thought if I mentioned the Aspuk name folk would know exactly what I've got, which is very ignorant of me. I have spent hundreds with Aspuk in the past and the last time that I did buy something from there it was Darren's name on the Paypal receipt. The reasons why I have bought these parts from the CZ site is because 1) They are cheaper by a fair amount and 2) I like to try new shops out to see if they are worth using in the future. I would love to buy all my stuff from the UK but some parts are simply cheaper from overseas. The scope, bb's and paints are from airsoftzone in the UK and they have always had the highest customer service so I use those where I can. Thank you Ian_Gere, for throwing these links up. - I had found these before but the holsters out of stock and I'm struggling to find any others that are of similar quality. Many thanks anyhow.
  12. 2 x well mb08 rifles (as one will no doubt be defunct) 1 x airsoft pro cylinder upgrade kit (not the nickel plated version) 1 x airsoft pro 170 spring 1 x airsoft pro 190 spring 1 x asg3.5-10x50e advanced scope 1 x airsoft pro cnc trigger for l96 1 x 30mm one piece scope mount 1 x krylon green and khaki paint 3000 x blaster .20 bbs 1000 x gaurder.40 bbs 1 x cyma g18c pistol 2 x 30 rnd g18 mags 2 x 30 rnd l96 mags I thought id give sniping another go. I miss it Looking for an Atacs fg warrior holster (right hand) and belt if you know who has any in stock....
  13. I ordered a sniper rif from there, arrived within a week. happy. just ensure you include the basics i.e. ukara in comments box. i did email them regards tracking and they informed me that sometimes packages can show as 'held' in Germany for over 48hrs. what actually happens is that the package has well past the german depot but the online (GLS) updates once the item is in the uk. very good service I found.
  14. I've got my entire kit from these chaps, best service.great range. Never ending stock. What more do you want.
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