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  1. a spare sunday so i can actually get out and play 7 months after buying my first bits of kit!
  2. Knackered city's would be cool... Chernobyl or however you spell it would be pretty cool
  3. I don't , never got on with cases especially the ones with a cover on the screen, to bulky for me, Will grab a cheapie one for airsoft use then Just not camo!
  4. Hi all New to air soft and here. (Ish) Question about phone cases or protection, I normally need to carry my phone on me at all times incase I get called away or anything But I can't imagine the screen on my s6 will stand up well to a hit Anyone know of any relatively cheap way of protecting it while remaining functional Phones insured but would rather not be paying that regularly Would a neoprene sleeve be enough?
  5. Just had a test fire up the garden.. shoots really straight and well with normal sights hitting an a3 target at 30m pretty well
  6. bought a fair bit to get going with, few bits of camo, eye protection, a G36 and mags.. and this for 17.50 which is pretty good seeing as its nearly new
  7. I've just bought a g36 classic army and it came with 6 high caps.. once I know they all function I'm happy to sell a couple cheap What scope did you get? Fancy one for mine
  8. Cheers for your reply.. so only just got on to reply But I now own a g36.. really good deal 6 hi caps.. one so far doesn't work but not the end of the world Also has a h&k pro silencer and has been fitted with a precision barrel of some description Giving it a proper test tomorrow but the test shots I had it went really well great range and straight line of fire
  9. no, having something that looks a bit naff doesnt bother me really, 4 rentals at £20 each just to be able to get the ukara or 100 on something useable and two tone that can be sold for a bit or painted and kept
  10. haha yeah i probably will go for that one if i have one of them, Did think about selling a couple of the hi caps on, cant see me using that many of them lol Spray and Pray.....
  11. Ive not seen either yet , but have handled very similar styles of guns in the local shop, when i first looked to start And liked both lol
  12. hi all been on here a while, and been wanting to start for ages now, but finally got a bit of cash and some time, and ive looked at buying over rental.. so i had a budjet of 100 quid for something second hand, that can either do as a spare when i get a ukara and buy something nice, or as something to sell cheap onto another starter ive been offered 2 decent sounding deals both locally to me first CM16 Raider with 2mags and a battery for 100 quid or a Classic Army G36 with 6 High Caps, battery and charger for 100 quid again Local Site will be spec Ops Rock or bloxworth in dorset just asking really which of the two would be the best pick
  13. Cheers For that, Went into a local shop today and had a look around the camo, had a look at some guns too. When you Say Fat... Im not small but im not massive either lol Just so cheep would be good if it fit
  14. Haha seaweed monster, love it.... Might get a suit at some point fancy a bit of sniping, CheErs for all the other responses, will consider mtp, what I might do is just get mtp chest rigs or vests and then buy camp unders for each place, not overly expensive that way round, On the local groups page most said the rocks doesn't need camo, I think most have a laugh with the looks, jeans and a hoodie would suffice, Are the vests and rigs on eBay any good? Or are they generally cheep rubbish that falls apart
  15. Hi all, As im going to be new to this, Starting from Scratch, and first off its camo, Ill mainly be playing on two sites, http://www.specopsairsoft.co.uk/ One Quarry and one forest, I expect the quarry more often as its only 10 min from my flat, so question being is there a camo that covers both, Iooking at them, camo would seem more important in the forest, as the quarry looks more open, Any opinions
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