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  1. 4 swollen bruised lumps on my left arm from a high fps G36c, one which has scarred me, but I was in the middle of charging in and using the rubber bayonet on the end of my Lee Enfield on him at the time.......
  2. 1 set of British Pattern 37 webbing (already Blanco-ed).
  3. Shoot and Scoot Lee Enfield Number 4 Mark 1 - my WW2 British Loadout is slowly coming together!
  4. Strange reading this - i've found the main non-hit takers since i started back in May last year were hirers - which I put down to them worrying about getting hurt and putting on thick clothes so they don't notice they're being hit. I have no issues airsofting with teenagers, I've met teenagers that are better players than some adults.
  5. 1 x British WW2 Mk 2 Helmet and Net. 1 x King Arms Thompson SMG
  6. I just got a Condor Exo - cracking plate carrier.
  7. I had a similar issue due to sizes, I'm 6'3" ish and slightly larger than average, changing from an olive green tactical vest to a cayote brown plate carrier - found the Condor Exo Plate Carrier comes in different sizes and looks fairly large.
  8. Sam91

    Gaming in 2015

    Gotta go with the following at the moment: - Fallout 4 (if it ever appears) - Battlefield Hardline - Dying Light - The Witcher 3 - Star Wars Battlefront - Halo 5 - Rainbow Six Siege - The Division (Very high on the anticipation list!) - Dead Island 2
  9. G&P Silencer 20mm rail sling mount Cayote Tan USMC FILBE bergen/rucksack
  10. Multicam jacket (Summer/Autumn wear - my MARPAT is too dark for some times of year) Viper 3 point tactical sling (a bugger to work out which goes where) Web tex camo tape (DPM)
  11. Hi Guys, I have a G&P M16A3, and I need help with what size rail to add to it, I've narrowed it to either an 11" or 12" rail. Question is, do the rail lengths include the O ring that holds them on? If so I need a 12" rail, if not an 11", so could anyone help? Cheers, Sam
  12. 5 Dan Wesson shells - pretty sure these are the evil dark coloured ones 2 Packs of 5 Gas canisters for the revolver (which is here, but not useable till my birthday)
  13. Got someone at my site that uses one - the noise is amazing! If your on the same side....
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