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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling as I have too many RIFs. Functionally sound, haven’t changed anything internally and has never given me any problems. If you are not “in the know” this RIF is actually 100% identical to it’s Ares counterpart as Nuprol and Ares struck a deal together. So consider this an Ares, one of the newest types as well. Most likely why it has performed so well for me. Image does not include the mag, batteries or iron sights but I can assure you that these will be included. (Pictures will be added when I get back home in the coming days but will answer any questions in the mean time). Mock suppressor has minor nicks on it but not incredibly visible.


    Livingston, Scotlabd - GB

  2. Without SS I I would think depending on what spring you use 25rps "could" be pushing the edge a tad. Good luck if you do haha, put a vid up and run it till it die "for science" haha
  3. That sounds good, however I might stray clear of the o-ring since I won't be going much higher than 360fps, and will occasionally be putting in a 300mm x 6.08mm barrel for CQB fps limits, and since I run a very snappy system I don't want to test it by adding resistance to the piston and possibly cause PME when I switch the battery up! However, that link will be favourited, cheers!!
  4. Thanks for your advice, this really helped. I think I might have a spare brass full cylinder somewhere which means less to buy! My role for the RIF will be to mostly semi-auto it, a bit of CQB, and occasionally a “fair” speed on full outdoors, but I use semi all too much haha
  5. Hi all, Away from home with no access to accurate measures at the moment, but planning on a build that involves a 363mm x 6.02mm barrel. I'd like to know the best cylinder to use for the job? - I should note that the piston and gears are short stroked by 2 teeth and the AoE has been corrected also, so this should be factored into the remaining volume. I'm between a Type B or Type C cylinder (using the LayLax as a standard of types, sorry if this is incorrect terms) - or I could just use a full one?.. The RIF will be running "around" 340-360fps, I have yet to play with springs. I would like to hit around 2:1 ratio, even though I have very good low noise and stable flight with 1.6:1 at the moment. Would love recommendations of ratios to aim for also please. - is 2:1 better than 2.5:1? I hear that 3:1 and higher is really DMR/bolt action on heavy bb areas (not sure I can even get that high!). Any help appreciated, I'm a little all over the place in my head! Cheers -J
  6. MP5 / Glock are “roughly” the same size. - hicapa is different but not far off. Perhaps look for elasticated versions?
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Got this and tried it in my garden a few times but wasn’t for me. Part is in great condition with zero air leaks. Comes with all stock parts you would find with the wraith stock packages online. The air line running from the wraith to the engine has been cut in the middle, and a T fitting put in it's place with a plug for the bottom, this allows the use of dual air if you wish to swap to HPA vs Co2. I have tested this system with both Co2 and HPA connectors at the same time, with either or the other power input as the main source with zero air leaks (do not try both HPA and Co2 together! duh..). All you need to run a HPA setup is a 6mm airline (can be bought for penies online anywhere just search for 6mm fluid tubing) and a 6mm push fit connector, again cheap and easy to find. Also included but not pictured is a stock to go over the wraith (standard M4 stock) If you have any questions about the stock or it's parts please shout!


  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Like new, only worn a couple times, as far as I can see there is little to no wear. Stitching looks solid for a replica and padding is very comfortable and stable (I have added small extra padding for plate size and comfort). With all pouches attached and filled with magazines and utilities, the plate carrier distributes the weight very well and could easily survive a long operation with it. (I have personally run this with 10 metal mags and various utilities + a backpack with water and supplies before). Can be adjusted all the way from a fairly small size up to very tall (I am 6'8" so take it from me) and wide size. It has an internal elastic cummerbund to stop the plate carrier shifting around so much and personally this makes it ever more comfortable. Pouches include: - 1 x Triple M4 double stack w/ velcro cover (Cover can be removed or tucked in) - 1 x Double M4 double stack w/ velcro cover (Cover can be removed or tucked in) - 2 x single pistol mag w/ velcro cover - 1 x Large admin pouch - 1 x Large radio pouch w/ elastic retention band on top - 1 x Utility pouch with elastic holds inside Please message me if you would like any other forms of pics if you feel I have missed an angle, or would like me to describe in further detail if I have missed something out. If you are between Edinburgh and Glasgow I would be more than happy to arrange a try before you buy deal instead of straight post. Buyer pays postage.


    , West Lothian

  9. Bring £10 extra with you, and just buy bb's at the site "if" you need them. Worry less about first game prep and just have fun! Waste ammo! Save ammo when you end up spending £100's on the sport later haha. Enjoy!
  10. You mentioned it but didn’t link any quote or some such, not everyone has AI lying around.
  11. Was the gap at the front or side of your cheek? And would you describe your head as average or large? (Sorry gotta know!).
  12. I know man, it has become very aparant!
  13. Thanks for the reply, am I right in saying though that you can remove the arms in favour of a strap? This could help with wearing with comms possibly.
  14. Hi all, Plenty of little tidbits on various glasses around but nothing too concrete or up to date. I'm looking for any info anyone has on their experiences with any shooting glasses and their performance. I know the biggest contenders with ease of availability are the Revision Sawfly's, ESS ICE, ESS Crossbow (& suppressors) and Wiley X Sabre, so I would appreciate any thoughts on these? Other question would be as to how well your glasses work with ear protection in terms of comfort? Any help greatly appreciated. TIA
  15. Hi all, In the market for a new pair of glasses. I'm between a few, namely the ICE for their very common reviews and good write ups, and the suppressors because I use ear pro a lot (Howard leights Impact Sports). - Side note, can someone tell me if the ESS Crossbows and ESS Suppressors are newer than the ICE? Just trying to see if anyone has the aforementioned glasses that could give them some praise (or not), or possibly another option if you think is worth a short rave. TIA
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