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  1. SCAR_Jester

    CIRAS replica plate carrier

    Time Left: 5 days and 9 hours

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    Like new, only worn a couple times, as far as I can see there is little to no wear. Stitching looks solid for a replica and padding is very comfortable and stable (I have added small extra padding for plate size and comfort). With all pouches attached and filled with magazines and utilities, the plate carrier distributes the weight very well and could easily survive a long operation with it. (I have personally run this with 10 metal mags and various utilities + a backpack with water and supplies before). Can be adjusted all the way from a fairly small size up to very tall (I am 6'8" so take it from me) and wide size. It has an internal elastic cummerbund to stop the plate carrier shifting around so much and personally this makes it ever more comfortable. Pouches include: - 1 x Triple M4 double stack w/ velcro cover (Cover can be removed or tucked in) - 1 x Double M4 double stack w/ velcro cover (Cover can be removed or tucked in) - 2 x single pistol mag w/ velcro cover - 1 x Large admin pouch - 1 x Large radio pouch w/ elastic retention band on top - 1 x Utility pouch with elastic holds inside Please message me if you would like any other forms of pics if you feel I have missed an angle, or would like me to describe in further detail if I have missed something out. If you are between Edinburgh and Glasgow I would be more than happy to arrange a try before you buy deal instead of straight post.


  2. SCAR_Jester

    Best shooting glasses

    You mentioned it but didn’t link any quote or some such, not everyone has AI lying around.
  3. SCAR_Jester

    Best shooting glasses

    Was the gap at the front or side of your cheek? And would you describe your head as average or large? (Sorry gotta know!).
  4. SCAR_Jester

    Best shooting glasses

    I know man, it has become very aparant!
  5. SCAR_Jester

    Best shooting glasses

    Thanks for the reply, am I right in saying though that you can remove the arms in favour of a strap? This could help with wearing with comms possibly.
  6. SCAR_Jester

    Best shooting glasses

    Hi all, Plenty of little tidbits on various glasses around but nothing too concrete or up to date. I'm looking for any info anyone has on their experiences with any shooting glasses and their performance. I know the biggest contenders with ease of availability are the Revision Sawfly's, ESS ICE, ESS Crossbow (& suppressors) and Wiley X Sabre, so I would appreciate any thoughts on these? Other question would be as to how well your glasses work with ear protection in terms of comfort? Any help greatly appreciated. TIA
  7. SCAR_Jester

    ESS ICE vs Suppressor vs "Other"

    Hi all, In the market for a new pair of glasses. I'm between a few, namely the ICE for their very common reviews and good write ups, and the suppressors because I use ear pro a lot (Howard leights Impact Sports). - Side note, can someone tell me if the ESS Crossbows and ESS Suppressors are newer than the ICE? Just trying to see if anyone has the aforementioned glasses that could give them some praise (or not), or possibly another option if you think is worth a short rave. TIA
  8. SCAR_Jester

    G&G GC16 Wildhog 12" ETU / MOSFET dead

    I would say maybe 1 and a half years? It’s been a while in use. and mostly in semi-auto.
  9. SCAR_Jester

    G&G GC16 Wildhog 12" ETU / MOSFET dead

    Perfect amount of info thank you. The gun only cost me £100 from a mate who had abused it a fair bit so I wanted to just see how it ran before gutting it. As far as I know the GB shell is alright and most parts should last me a while. From what I know, old school may be my go to, and perhaps a nice advanced MOSFET such as the WARFET, but with the added cost of wires and a switch perhaps a Titan would be more fun and less hassle? Having never installed a Titan before would there be much in the way of replacing other parts or will it replace pretty much everything? (I also heard some random rumour that there's no ant reversal latch in the GC16?) Cheers
  10. Hi all, I've never worked on one before or know how the internals are set up, so I need a little help! So it died a few weeks ago, I had been using it on an 11.1v LiPo for a while without realising I was using a 30c LiPo... Whoops. Now all I know is that I have 2 real options (maybe 3). - Replace the G&G ETU and MOSFET with another stock part and be careful with LiPo usage. - Replace the affected parts and others with a trolley trigger and cheapitea Tr MOSFET - Possible to do straight swap of the G&G ETU with say a Titan??? The other parts I'm replacing are barrel assembly, piston and maybe the motor but primarily shimming and barrel is my concern for performance after the thing is working again. Any help or recommendations appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  11. SCAR_Jester

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    No sorry, I've been in touch with most UK shops about the sizings for their trousers. I think I'll be needing custom work done (or wear gaiters haha).
  12. SCAR_Jester

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Q: Can anyone direct me to somewhere I could get CADPAT trousers ina long leg size (34" inner or above)? Alternatively can anyone put me in contact with someone who makes custom gear surplus or airsoft? Cheers
  13. Hello all, Thought I would make a brief review being as in depth as I can without wasting too much of your time. I recently dived into the world of HPA - HOWEVER before you bring the pitchforks out, I am using the tanks to fill my GBBR's. My issue when using it for my PTS MKM however is at 80PSI (much lower than that of green gas), I was getting 380fps on 0.2s and sluggish cycling form the lowered PSI. I play CQB so I needed a solution to my problem. Enter Airsoft Engenuity - Various products for many GBBR parts (and who may or may not make custom stuff given the designs), one of which was a carbon fibre nozzle for the PTS MKM (both 556 and 308 versions). Unfortunately the nozzle was not to my aftermarket part's spec. That being said he spent no time wasted in helping me modify and eventually reprinting a new nozzle to my exact bolt carrier group sizings, as well as catering to my endless questions on modifications to the nozzle for a week prior. (I should say this may have been avoided if I knew that the nozzle may not have worked with some aftermarket parts! Whoops!). The newly printed nozzle came exactly to the spec of my rifle, it fit like a dream and no extra fitment or modifications were needed. Perfect air seal on the nozzle o-ring to bolt carrier, perfect hop seal, perfect feeding (I have tested with over 10 mags on semi-auto and full-auto). Now the default setting on the nozzle gave a VERY low reading of around 270fps at 120PSI, however I had a large adjustment room to up that to a respectable 330fps, with extra material left to increase further to what I project to be 400fps at 120PSI. Another thing to note is it gave a nice extra little bit of kick with the new nozzle - like a child in a sweet shop you should have seen my grin when I used full-auto. I cannot fault the design, works perfectly every time and a very consistent FPS for a GBBR. Being 3D printed it may have a rough appearance but do not let that fool you, it is SOLID. During his many gestures of goodwill printing me multiple new parts and sending them up, he got me to take a hammer to the old one, to which it took several strikes with a hefty amount of force to eventually cause ANY damage to the nozzle. I have reports from another user that they have sent easily over 5000 rounds with this nozzle without noticeable wear. I have yet to use, but I have been told another excellent upgrade for your LM4 / PTS MKM, is Airsoft Engenuity's Hop unit. To all LM4 or PTS MKM owners, I would highly suggest using this nozzle, it is by far the best upgrade I have ever used, solving many issues with FPS, air seal and double feeds. Other than that AAA rating for service and customer satisfaction! I welcome any questions about the nozzle or Airsoft Engenuity .
  14. SCAR_Jester

    BB Hop Setting

    Is it a different surface finish though? Or is it just a colour change. If it's the same weight then it's the same hop. However the best way to test this would be to just use them? If you REALLY can't see where they are going when testing, then perhaps range a target up with the white bb's, then switch to black and see where your bb hits a paper target. Short answer: try it?
  15. SCAR_Jester

    ICS CXP-16 L (Custom build)

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale or swap
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    Looking to get rid of this rifle, for sale or swap, all offers welcome. Very few stock parts left, however upgraded parts have very little wear due to low use. (See parts list bellow). Included in this bundle is the rifle, 2 short Ares PMAG's and 1 Tan hicap mag, - Also a second upper gearbox, currently set up as a DMR ready setup, however this can be rebuilt VERY easily to anything else, or simply spares. If you have any questions not answered here, please shout! Regards, Jester Explanation of rails and front end: So, you may have noticed it has no side or bottom rails. You are correct, I shaved them off as my plan was to create an MLOK rail or something similar to the TM DELTA rails. I was unable to finish this project due to work and life catching up. The rails on the sides can be cut to MLOK size easily, however the bottom due to the internal dimensions can only have the TM DELTA style unless milled out. The suppressor front end thing, this was another project I finished, it is a piece of steel pipe I cut, welded and painted and placed in the front to act as an integrated suppressor. The suppressor does not contain an inner barrel and has some foam in (makes a nice thump noise at distance). It is only held in with black silicone sealant, so you can remove it with some small effort, once done you can take out the barrel spacer, turn it around and you have the original working look again. Parts list: ZCI 300mm tightbore barrel Maple leaf 50 degree hop rubber ICS metal hop unit ZCI 13:1 gearset w/ bearing tappet pin on sector gear - Gears have been short stroked 1 tooth to drop fps slightly. SHS high torque motor, replaced armature for stronger one, estimated 22TPA. Rewired with less resistant wiring Element trigger switch assembly GATE Nano MOSFET (wired to both contacts) Setup can run a 7.4v LiPo, would not run an 11.1v without further mods as 11.1 makes it double fire on semi. Upper A: - 330fps G&P white piston with 2 metal release teeth Stock cylinder head w/ AoE correction foam Stock nozzle Stock tappet plate + upgraded tappet spring Slightly cut M120 spring Metal spring guide Stock cylinder Upper B: - ~430fps Lonex Red piston NEEDS RELEASE TOOTH REMOVED BEFORE USE SHS metal bearing piston head ASG Ultimate cylinder head w/ Aoe Correction foam Stock nozzle Stock tappet plate w/ upgrade tappet spring Guarder M130 spring Metal spring guide SHS heat sync Cylinder (full seal)