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  1. SCAR_Jester

    ICS CXP-16 L (Custom build)

    Time Left: 3 days and 7 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Looking to get rid of this rifle, for sale or swap, all offers welcome. Very few stock parts left, however upgraded parts have very little wear due to low use. (See parts list bellow). Included in this bundle is the rifle, 2 short Ares PMAG's and 1 Tan hicap mag, - Also a second upper gearbox, currently set up as a DMR ready setup, however this can be rebuilt VERY easily to anything else, or simply spares. If you have any questions not answered here, please shout! Regards, Jester Explanation of rails and front end: So, you may have noticed it has no side or bottom rails. You are correct, I shaved them off as my plan was to create an MLOK rail or something similar to the TM DELTA rails. I was unable to finish this project due to work and life catching up. The rails on the sides can be cut to MLOK size easily, however the bottom due to the internal dimensions can only have the TM DELTA style unless milled out. The suppressor front end thing, this was another project I finished, it is a piece of steel pipe I cut, welded and painted and placed in the front to act as an integrated suppressor. The suppressor does not contain an inner barrel and has some foam in (makes a nice thump noise at distance). It is only held in with black silicone sealant, so you can remove it with some small effort, once done you can take out the barrel spacer, turn it around and you have the original working look again. Parts list: ZCI 300mm tightbore barrel Maple leaf 50 degree hop rubber ICS metal hop unit ZCI 13:1 gearset w/ bearing tappet pin on sector gear - Gears have been short stroked 1 tooth to drop fps slightly. SHS high torque motor, replaced armature for stronger one, estimated 22TPA. Rewired with less resistant wiring Element trigger switch assembly GATE Nano MOSFET (wired to both contacts) Setup can run a 7.4v LiPo, would not run an 11.1v without further mods as 11.1 makes it double fire on semi. Upper A: - 330fps G&P white piston with 2 metal release teeth Stock cylinder head w/ AoE correction foam Stock nozzle Stock tappet plate + upgraded tappet spring Slightly cut M120 spring Metal spring guide Stock cylinder Upper B: - ~430fps Lonex Red piston NEEDS RELEASE TOOTH REMOVED BEFORE USE SHS metal bearing piston head ASG Ultimate cylinder head w/ Aoe Correction foam Stock nozzle Stock tappet plate w/ upgrade tappet spring Guarder M130 spring Metal spring guide SHS heat sync Cylinder (full seal)

    250.00 GBP

  2. SCAR_Jester

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I cannot unsee this now... what have you done?!
  3. SCAR_Jester

    Barrel cleaning for a newby

    I've said this before, we need a quote of the day pinned post.
  4. SCAR_Jester

    Hi Capa Dragon 7inch *HOLSTER*

    So long as it follows the standard frame and slide shape, a regular holster without a bottom should work fine. i.e. - Nuprol Hicapa holster.
  5. SCAR_Jester

    Gun picture thread

    It looks like the barrel is sagging a slight bit, if possible maybe put a solid barrel spacer in near to the end to keep it straighter? (That is unless it's a trick of the mind!).
  6. SCAR_Jester

    WE G18C Nozzle Repair

    If you can you can always dry fire it and see where the nozzle is when the slide locks back. An alternative to a nozzle spring is a BIC lighter spring, they're much stronger than your stock one (and far too long) but the right size so you can cut it down
  7. SCAR_Jester

    WE G18C Nozzle Repair

    Nozzle springs are really easy to come by usually. (try not searching your brand but simply "G18 nozzle spring", or G17/19/23 etc. But to answer your question, if the gun is not short stroked, no it technically doesn't need it but it adds a better more consistent air seal. try it without the spring and see how it goes, I would always recommend one but if the gun is totally stock then it should be fine.
  8. SCAR_Jester

    How do headshots feel without helmet?

    I know, you feel naked without your magic headset haha. Then again down side is you can't hear your friends close buy if there's a crowd talking (and running them under a helmet does not make them easy to come off.
  9. SCAR_Jester

    How do headshots feel without helmet?

    +1 for those, use them indoors is like cheating.
  10. SCAR_Jester

    Condor Battle Belt - and what next?

    I get what you mean, I was just offering up some solid Chinese brands, unlike Condor being pretty "meh". But my idea was giving a basic run down of what knowledge I had on some items. At the end of the day if it hold well and in budget with good comfort, everything's a solid option (not condor)!
  11. SCAR_Jester

    Condor Battle Belt - and what next?

    Perhaps down to "genuine issued gear" =/= good gear. Take British forces items for instance, my mate always complained about PMC's with all the cool kit, and he was stuck with issued.
  12. SCAR_Jester

    PTS MKM AR15 tips & tricks

    Bringing this thread back to life again: When I go to open my receiver the buffer always flier forward, I feel this is due to the original buffer lock starting to round off, this will eventually lead to a failure I imagine. Where can I get a better one? - Or am I stuck with buying a replacement OEM part? Cheers
  13. SCAR_Jester

    Condor Battle Belt - and what next?

    Oops, can't believe I missed that one of all the ones to miss (probably some other mentionable ones, but the above are most common) +1 for blackhawk.
  14. SCAR_Jester

    Condor Battle Belt - and what next?

    Depends on the style you want, I assume form the title (but not the body) you're after a belt? You could get a large battlebelt with molle to hold endless amounts of kit. You can get duty belts to do more or less the same but in a much much smaller package (less load though). And more and more we're seeing riggers belts (more made like duty belts) with small amounts of molle on them too. I myself have a Helikon Security Belt (duty belt), very sturdy, fairly cheap and comes with an inner velcro belt (god send for duty belts). I hold my pistol holster, 1 pistol Taco, 2 x M4 Fast Mag pouches (single stack beside each other), TRMR Kydex holster, and a Dump pouch. Fully loaded it has some weight of course, especially with GBBR M4 mags, but it doesn't ride around much, and if seated right (some modification and personally I like zip ties) nothing moves about and it's just enough for CQB style I play. Again depends on your play style, how much kit you need also. Do keep in mind a fully loaded battle belt (or even duty) can get in the way of movability if you have a fully loaded (or even just large) Plate Carrier. I run a JPC with elastic sides (no mags in them also) so I can run anything on my belt with total manoeuvrability. And as much as one may like their realsteel Crye or die loadout, it's down to what works, what your budget is, and at the end of the day, it's holding a light weight toy mag. However saying that I like to spend a little on the load bearing items, and then the less load bearing i.e. mag pouches - I cheap out on. Hope the above helped. Quick brand for general gear run down bellow for your interest: TMC - Crye Clone, made VERY well and almost the same as Crye. Emerson - Chinese clone company, cheap, cheap, works 8Fields - Same as Emerson, but personally I have seen better quality and design from them (I run 8Fields JPC) FMA - Very cheap chinese brand, low quality, but if the item isn't hitting walls or doing hard work, it'll be fine. OneTigris - Basically 8Fields with a bumped price. Condor - Cheap, but you may find a gem among the mud Viper - Cheap up priced clones, however they do good pouches and less load bearing items. Nuprol - Viper 2.0 basically. Warrior Assault Systems - The bridge between Airsoft and Real steel (Cheap for what it is, and it is a monster) 5.11 Tactical - RealSteel hella overpriced Semapo - RealSteel ish hella overpriced Crye - RealSteel - High priced (note not overpriced as their kit is another frigging level of good) Helikon - Can't comment on realsteel or not, but they are solid and fairly cheap TacticalTailor - lil pricey but GREAT duty belts
  15. SCAR_Jester

    New Primary - suggestions

    Or for gas, get a HPA tank and some form of extended mag and you have the awesome GBBR with ammo like a typical AEG