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  1. I use glasses/goggles with insert lenses, and have done for almost 4 years now. From my experience - Pros Should your eyes change, getting new inserts will be cheaper than getting a new set of glasses. My prescription has changed twice over that time, and only having to replace the inserts has saved me a fair bit of cash. One frame, many glasses/much customisation. Mine came with a normal clear goggles set, a mirrored shades set, and both yellow and red high contrast lenses. Whenever I'm driving on a sunny day, I use the mirrored shades as my driving glasses. Really useful. The contrast lenses are brilliant for playing in low-light environments. Cons Fogging. I find the the space between the goggles and my lenses can fog up a fair bit. (May be a problem related to my goggles though, not a generic thing) Field of view. The inserts are considerably smaller than proper glasses. I have difficulty aiming at times, due to the frames of the inserts getting in the way.
  2. The Lancs were stationed at my cousin's airbase a couple of weeks ago, I got to see them flying around then. Absolutely spectacular. If anyone is near by, I suggest visiting Duxford this weekend, as they've got their Autumn air show on this weekend. Should be entertaining. (And loud )I was there last week, to kill some time before heading into London. A "normal" day for the museum had the following flying: 2 Spitfires (the 2-seater training version, £109 to ride in...), Wirraway (Aussie WW2 light bomber), Catalina flying boat, B-17 E, P-51 Mustang, F6 Hellcat, F8 Bearcat, an F4U Corsair and a Jet Provost. I repeat, this was just a "normal" day for the museum... Absolutely knackered my phone taking so many photos and videos.
  3. SIG P228 - for my FBI kit, it's carried in a right-handed IMI holster on my belt, on my left hip. (I'm more comfortable with a cross-draw than a left-handed holster). Spare mags are either in a pouch on my right hip, or, if I'm wearing it, held in the in-built mag pouches on my (blue FBI/cop) ballistic vest. For my Army and PMC kits - it depends on what else I'm using. Normally belt-mounted, but occasionally drop-leg. Never worn on my plate carrier, as I find it uncomfortable. Walther PPK and P99 both have custom made brown and black leather shoulder/armpit holsters. Pistol goes on the left, 2 spare magazines on the right. Made by a family friend who is a leather worker. (Normally does work for historical reenactors and museums). Tailored to fit me, and to hide under a suit/dinner jacket. Incredibly comfortable. A lot better than many of the shoulder holsters which are available to buy in stores.
  4. Cheers Ed. Once I've sourced a new bolt (as the current one has been drilled that many times I can't do it again), I'll look into that method. Many thanks for that advice. That's unlucky about your camera. Do you think it's possible to salvage any of the parts for future use, or do you think it's a complete write-off?
  5. KJW - Unreliable P226 and P229 -showing their age, as the designs are a few years old now. In warmer climates they run well enough, but in colder, milder temperatures, both pistols suffer reliability issues. Leaks gas quite badly, due to rough construction around the piston. The use of heavy metal slides do not help gas efficiency, especially in colder weather. Recoil is mild - it does not 'feel' correct. For the P226, the magazine seals are awful, and the things fail at the drop of a hat. P229 magazines are better, but still fail frequently. Added bonus, the P226 can use TM P226 magazines. Due to the leaks and poor seals, the FPS and range of this pistol is not consistent, and can be incredibly variable. For the price, and their age, they're not bad. It's rare for parts to break, which is also good. The downside - is that for a large part of the year they simply don't work properly in the UK, and for that reason I'm listing them as unreliable. I should add that while CO2 kits/versions are available, I have not bothered to try them, largely because I stopped using both my P226 and P229 by the time KJW released the CO2 stuff. WE - Reliable F228 (P228) Feeds flawlessly, even in very cold weather. It's possible to empty a full 40 rounds in 9 degree temperatures before it starts to cool down or stop firing. Recoil is crisp and firm, it actually feels like you're firing something. The weight and balance is fine. Barrel and hop up are a good combination, produce fairly nice range and accuracy, with good consistency. Minimal gas leaks (however, using the de-cocker forcefully, as in full on ramming it, can occasionally cause the gun to momentarily vent gas). Can use KJW P229 magazines (not that you'd want to). Am unaware of parts breaking. FPS is around the 290-310 mark, and remains consistent. CO2 magazines are available, but I have yet to feel the need to use them. In my opinions, reliability is good enough without them. I could mention WE's L85 but won't go into detail, as it seems that a lot of other owners have different opinions of it. Some people feel the need to replace everything, others (like myself) have managed to continue using it with the original stock components. All I'll say is that fitting an NPAS is a must, and that the W.E bolt carrier is utter shite, but there aren't really any good alternatives.
  6. Bolt carrier on my W.E L85. Well, I say "I broke" it, a more accurate thing to say would be "the gun broke it's own bolt carrier". The thing has finally deformed itself so much that it just won't work. Can't complain, given that it's worked almost non-stop since the day I got it in over a year ago. For future reference I will need to look into ways to reduce/cushion the impact force of the BC. Any one have any suggestions? Ed, what's actually wrong with the camera?
  7. I would use my boots rather than hammers, but there are some places where only a hammer can fit, and my size 11 feet are going to cause more damage than good... Mid-battle manicure, gotta look my best A few of my GBB-rifles suffer from having bolt-carriers made from very soft, easily deformed metal. Whenever fired the bolt carrier can deform slightly - while not necessarily a huge issue, it can cause the rifles to jam after a while. Sometimes I need the files to try and gently re-shape the bolt carrier back to something that works, or shave off anything that's not going to go back into place. Annoyingly, even though my L85 uses RA-tech's "steel" bolt carrier, the thing still deforms and jams. Have yet to find a solution to this, and it's the worst GBBR I have in terms of jamming/deforming bolts.
  8. Used to carry a ridiculous amount of tools whenever I used my AEGs, largely because the two I usually took to games with me required a lot of different tools. No parts commonality. Since I switched over to using GBB-rifles May 2013, my tool kit has become considerably smaller. Lint-free rags, silicone lube, duct tape, 2 metal files (1 round, one flat), 2 allen keys (the ones I need), 2 miniature screw drivers and both a 1lbs and 3lbs hammer. If the problem can't be solved by the liberal application of hammers, it's beyond fixing.
  9. I've been dealing with them since last Easter, when I took the plunge and bought my WE L85. I still have contact with them, and purchase stuff from them. I've had nothing but great service from them. I'm not going to deny that they can be blunt, but they have always been friendly and honest with me, and unlike one or two other stores I've dealt with, they've never been patronising, rude or insulting. I consider them to be an old-school "no nonsense" style business - blunt but honest. One thing Ed - my email accounts do sent Milspec's emails to the spam folder, no matter what I do, so that genuinely could be the reason. It's a personally run store - rather than some faceless online site. (I'll preface the next bit with this: I always phone them up prior to making a purchase) They actively get involved in sales, and (usually) make sure the customer understands and knows everything prior to purchase, and continue with after market support. They seem genuinely enthusiastic to assist customers. I've had perfect service, and I'll continue to recommend them. Regardless of the quality of service, they certainly know their stuff.
  10. I say go for it! It might not look pretty, it isn't the most authentic piece of kit - but that doesn't matter. So long as you like it and it works, it's fine. It's not beyond impossibility for it to happen anyway. A few years back (possibly 5, honestly can't remember), quite a few websites showed that the Philippines military (willing to be corrected) had done a similar thing to their rather old M3 Grease guns. Rails, lights, grips, the works. Absolutely bloody mint. At the time it was an interim thing, until they could afford something else. The internet response was... interesting. The type of people who furiously masturbate over pictures of 'pure' fire-arms (you know the types I mean; "if it wasn't an official design which saw service, it's heresy") were up in arms, decrying what they called 'sacrilege' of a historic firearm. They completely ignored the justifications of the military that, as a country which lacked a multi-trillion dollar defence budget, they couldn't afford to buy lots of flashy, high-tech, polymer guns covered in rails at the time. And that actually, the modifications worked pretty well. So seriously, go for it! I look forward to the pictures
  11. Winter, undoubtedly winter. (Not that it really matters, seeing as how I'm largely relegated to CQB these days...) Humidity is low. Unless you're seriously unfit, goggles and glasses are less likely to steam up (well, I've found that to be the case). Due to the lack of warmth, many of the bullet-proof bastard brigade don't show up, meaning hit taking is good. It's hilarious to see half the enemy team get stuck up to their arse in thick mud. Or unable to climb a hill, because it's slick with mud. Everyone gets to laugh when a gas gun (pistol/rifle) vents all of its gas in a huge cloud. Once I've stopped coughing, I too usually find myself laughing when my L85 does that... No wasps. There's absolutely no fecking wasps to deal with. Useless, vicious flying bastards.
  12. What an absolutely delightful man. Apparently (according to Z1, so take it for what it's worth) he's been ID'd. I have to admit, I bloody love it when people get caught on camera like this. Personal favourite was a chap who appeared at Halo - and filmed himself cheating. All day. The mind boggles..
  13. The cocking serrations on the slide are correct for a P229 (half-height of the slide, rather than the full height of the slide - something only the P229 has). The trigger-guard is correct for a pre-2007/non-railed P228 or P229, but the slide and frame look just a little bit too long to be either. That said, it could just be a trick of the camera.
  14. Tanaka, or a clone of a Tanaka. Only people I know of who make a P229 in plastic. Good luck finding mags though, the Tanaka hasn't been available for several years. One thing though - could you get some more photos up of it? The frame looks a little bit too long to be a P229.
  15. I can't comment on the communications/uniforms/body armour, but here are some points - There may be a typo for the Land Rover's speed. I'd like to see anyone get a Land Rover to go 160 km/h without rocket assistance or dropping it out of a transport plane... (It's 95 km/h, isn't it?) SIG-Sauer and Glock are the wrong way round. The Sharp-shooter rifle isn't a future weapon, it's only a UOR, like the ACOGs on the L85s and the SIG-P226s bought for use in Afghanistan. We won't be buying any more, and once we've returned from Afghanistan, they'll be returned to the Treasury (who'll do whatever they like with them, scrap or sell them most likely). There certainly isn't a maintenance/logistics program to support their continued use. Actual future rifle - the program to find a replacement was meant to start in 2015, but has been pushed back to 2020 (costs, also seeing if the US wants to change from 5.56mm), and probably won't enter service until 2030 at the earliest. It's likely we'll see further modifications to the SA80 family in the mean-time. Although there is firearms design capability left in the UK, the reality is we'll probably buy off the shelf. Since H&K currently run the former RSAF Nottingham plant, and seem to be getting a lot of love from the MoD as of late (L7A2 upgrade contract, the L111A1 modernisation, among others), it's likely we'll probably buy some over-priced and over-rated high quality precision German engineering from them. The section on vehicles seems a little odd. I'd have gone for some of the Daimler/Humber lorries rather than the Universal Carrier. Where's Jackal MWMIK? After all the controversy we saw over the Landies/Snatch/WMIKs being "mobile coffins", the Jackal is one of the most significant bits of kit we've bought.