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  1. My local site doesn't enforce barrel blockers but after a close call, I'm definitely considering starting using one and talking to the owners about making a rule about it. End of the day you can do everything you can to be safe with airsoft guns but you can't account for everyone and accidents do happen.
  2. Probably. I'm a bit of a whore so I post photos of my guns wherever I can
  3. They do make a pretty DMR though...
  4. It looks more like a removable assembly. Definitely not a normal V2 trigger
  5. The HK417 is a heavy bit of kit and not particularly cheap either, especially when you remember how much you're going to have to spend on it. I love mine but I'm turning it into a DMR and it's more complicated than I was expecting as I was planning on giving it a Gate Titan but the trigger setup is different. As for turning it into a G28, you're looking at £150 for the 20" barrel and rail and Idk if you can get the matching stock for the G28 as the 417 has an enlarged buffer tube so only the original stock fits on it. If you really want a G28 VFC do one that comes with all the right bits but they're the best part of a grand and that's if you can even find one.
  6. Ugh can't decide which looks better
  7. Managed to snag 10 PTS E mags, a PTS P mag and a couple of unbranded plastic stanag mags for £60
  8. Happy birthday to me
  9. KWC Cybergun 1911 Rail Gun, 2 spare mags and 25 CO2 capsules because they were 40p a pop
  10. Generally they come with flip up covers which you can put down when you flip it to the side. Generally I've found them to be pretty useless. They aren't solid enough to be accurate and are too dark to see targets properly
  11. That's kinda what I was thinking. Plus glamour shots
  12. Thanks guys. This one won't be seeing any action then. bit of a waste of money but I'd rather that that really hurting someone. Besides lets be honest we've all spent loads on stuff that we've used once then left in a drawer.
  13. Just got myself a laser for my primary and its way brighter than I was expecting. I kinda don't want to run it just because I don't feel comfortable potentially pointing it in someone's eyes. What's people's opinions on this? Has anyone witnessed any horror stories of this going wrong?
  14. My local site actually had specific rules in place stating that pretending to be out our not playing then using that to get a kill because "you didn't ask" is against the rules and I have to agree that it's sh*tty. I've seen in milsim events were it's an insurgent force against NATO where being underhanded and using guerrilla tactics are expected but in a general skirmish it's just feels like taking advantage of people good nature.
  15. As a southerner playing in the south I can attest to a lot of people complaining about getting shot. You don't like getting hit go play lasertag.