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  1. Oops... VFC HK417 AEG with accessories. There goes my airsoft budget for this month and the next few will all be spent on new motor, inner barrel, hop up, piston assembly, air nozzle, cylinder head and Gate Titan.
  2. You got any better photos? Just want to get a better idea of the full scope.
  3. Make: Any Item: OD green mag pouches for 4 HK417 magazines Desired Condition: Useable Swaps/Part Exchange: no/no Budget: Less than £20
  4. Finally got to field my newly built custom gun at the weekend. It's a great feeling having a gun that you know every part that's been upgraded. It's built in a G&P receiver, outer barrel and gearbox with SHS gears, piston assembly, cylinder head and air nozzle with a Gate Titan programmable MOSFET set up with precocking and semi, 3 round burst and full auto. The motor is the G&P 16 TPA M120motor with neodymium magnets. It's got the G&P hop up with a flat hopped ZCI stainless steel 300mm 6.03mm barrel. Externals are a Noveski 10" rail, ZCI barrel extension, Retroarms CNC mag release, fire selector, trigger and bolt catch and PTS foregrip, pistol grip, trigger guard and stock and finally a Trijicon ACOG and RMR red dot clone. After a bit of feeding issues first thing in the morning it worked brilliantly all day. I love the feel and sound of the precocking and knowing that as soon as I pull the trigger it'd fire a shot. Fires dead on 1J so an M100 and 0.28s are in order. What really made my day though was getting a phwoar from the guy chronoing it in the morning.
  5. ASG Infinity 30K is pretty much the best one worth getting. Even with no precocking it's snappy and it can handle the stress of precocking easily. Next best thing for considerably less money is the SHS High Torque. More of a balance than a high torque as such, but it still performs. I actually have a frankentorque powering mine and with a Gate Titan it's probably got one of the best trigger response on the field. SRC magnets in an older G&P motor.
  6. I dunno if you can still get them anywhere but there is a shell ejecting lever action shotgun out there that you can actually flip cock. Just sayin'...
  7. Not to mention that those nuprol ones had started going puffy a few months after their first use. I had to use them for that weekend but never again. I had them doubled up so there was no real chance of them getting over stressed but I wouldn't risk it again.
  8. PM'd
  9. After much deliberation and trying to convince myself I didn't need one, I finally gave in and bought a Gate Titan MOSFET. 3 round burst ftw!
  10. Would probably be worth getting ones with the bungee retainers to be safe
  11. The real steel Vector fires I believe .45 ACP so any magazines of the same caliber should fit. I'd have said UMP 45 mag pouches and probably P90 mags, but they may be a little loose. I'd have said wait for the Krytac Vector to launch and I'm sure some manufacturers will fill that gap in the market.
  12. How much is one of these new? I've had a quick look but couldn't find anything.
  13. Dunno about when it comes to standard customers but my work uses FedEx when sending out aerosols. Need to put a label on the box about pressurized containers but should be alright. Probably not the cheapest way of doing it but that's my 2 cents.
  14. Yeah it's a right PITA and took me a while to work it out. The way I found to do it is push the spring guide in then disengage the barrel. from here you can then take out the inner barrel and hop up, leaving the spring guide clear to pull out and then the outer barrel. Definitely worth cleaning the inner barrel and getting in the nooks and crannies of the slide and rails with a decent cloth and little tip I found out recently is Q tips for the really fiddly bits. Then liberal use of silicone spray, again using Q tips for the slide rails and bits, everywhere there is contact. That includes the outer barrel, the plastic components of the gas system, not too much on there though you don't want it going inside, and the flat surface between the magwell and hammer. The first time you clean it it's worth reassembling it, cycling it a few times then taking it apart and doing a couple more times because there's always going to be bits you missed. After that before and after each game especially if it's raining should be fine but I still like to do it every month or so, just for the sake of it.