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  1. Does seem appropriate. Speaking of I could make a full Colonial Marine Loudout
  2. I have seen those and they are ridiculously cool
  3. You want to explain that to the neighbour that gets hit by a ricochet? It was bad enough the first time but when I'm dressed up as a space marine apologizing for the small piece of plastic that hit them in the head and explaining what happened I can't imagine it going well
  4. What about the krytac lmg? Same krytac internals as the crb but bulkier externals
  5. I was thinking about it getting shredded. I can get it in pretty thick sheets and if it's padded behind then it should withstand getting shot. I wasn't going to do a full suit of power armour just a few panels in select places.
  6. Trust you to go from plastic sheet to fibre glass
  7. Mate you've still got more space than me
  8. I give that a week before it's everywhere again
  9. Something something... joke about taking everything and the kitchen sink
  10. I've been getting into messing around with my helmet and plate carrier recently and will I'll going to just come out as a geardo. I want to build a custom sci fi set of armour and probably a custom gun too. I was wondering if anyone has any photos of their loadout or tips for making it. My plan was polystyrene sheets called plasticard and a foam base. Is this a good idea or am I just going to end up with a load of broken plastic
  11. Different how? I know with my SRC you need to take the pistol grip and buffer tube before you can split the receiver but from what I can tell the gearbox should still fit in other receivers. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but that's just what I can see with mine.
  12. I remember seeing RWTV do a review on this and they look pretty impressive. Just checked and they do have them in Redwolf's UK store although it is over £60 plus shipping so if they're soon to be coming to Europe then I'd wait. http://uk.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/BBs_Tools_BB_Loading_Tools_Odin_Innovations_M12_Sidewinder_Speed_Loader_BK.htm
  13. I guess it's a little different for us cos we're not living together and she's still in college so we don't get to see each other that often. I was hoping it could be something we could do together but of course airsoft isn't for everyone
  14. Been trying to get my gf into airsoft but it's not happening (she is NOT and outdoor person). Just wondering how many of you have managed to convince your SO to come along or even met or got together through airsoft?
  15. Thanks guys. I got myself a condor one and it seems pretty solid. This is all I have attached to it plus a hydration pack on the pack and it works great.