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  1. You guys I think I'm in love
  2. I always flip flop on whether or not I like M14s but that ones really nice
  3. You trying to find a use for the stupid number of spare springs you have lying around?
  4. I never knew I needed this. Thank you!
  5. Just got my first GBBR. A custom built G&P SR-15. Can't wait to try it out.
  6. You remind me of my dad
  7. Yeah it's a real pain
  8. Yeah it's a right pain. I use a flathead screwdriver to lever the pin on the side
  9. Exactly my reaction.
  10. Probably because mine's real steel. I do run them in the buffer tube.
  11. Well spotted. I don't have it with me atm to check. The battery tubes on the side don't fit lipos and they don't have space for the wires to connect to them
  12. My real steel Magpul MOE crane stock is definitely most favourite. It's the most comfortable out of my various stocks an has a better cheek weld than the slimline MOE. Only problems are that it doesn't fit a crane style battery and isn't quick release so it's foing to live on my GBBR when that arrives.
  13. Buy another set. They'll turn up as soon as the new ones are delivered
  14. It's SRC so the heating up is pretty standard
  15. Grey Bath Airsoft. I feel like I picked a bad time...