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  1. The next best is "I bought a Krytac and put £200 of worse bits in it. Why isn't it the best gun ever?"
  2. No problem. It took me a while the first few times.
  3. VID_20170423_170408.mp4
  4. I've got this exact make. It's a bit of a fiddle but there's a knack. There are slots near the back, on the sides of the hammer, with a gap in the middle. Slot the back of the slide into there and lower the front down then slide the slide back. It should engage on the rails then you can push the pin in and let the slide move forwards.
  5. In which case it'll be a problem with the firing pin that hits the valve in the back of the mag. Something stopping it from catching back but that's where my knowledge of gas guns ends. Whatever the exact problem is I seriously doubt it's going to be an easy fix.
  6. Any of you guys watch Bluestone 42? Mainly a comedy but wasn't afraid to get heavy when it needed to be.
  7. I recently bought the KWC M93R which is pretty awesome. Heavier and uglier than the traditional M9 but you can't beat full auto. I think you can still get them around the internet but I bought mine off the forums so you'd have to check. It's got a pretty light slide and recoil spring on it so minimal recoil from a full auto pistol and has the fold down foregrip.
  8. Does the hammer stay back if you rack the slide with no magazine in? If it doesn't then you've probably broken a catch or sear in the hammer assembly. WE do a lot of replacement parts and assemblies but I can't say I've seen replacements for anything for the hammer. Have a hunt round maybe you'll get lucky. I wouldn't recommend taking it apart unless you really know what you're looking for though because it's all spring loaded and will probably explode as soon as you do and be a complete PITA to put back together.
  9. You know... for the important stuff
  10. Can't wait to take it out to my next game. Also going to be a big part of my CQB loadout.
  11. KSC M93R II
  12. Yeah surprisingly well
  13. If you don't mind the crappy plastic look, you can pick up a box of 10 ASG mags for pretty cheap. I got a box for £50 and I saw one on the forum for £40
  14. That's actually pretty cool hadn't seen that before. I still prefer having a strap round my leg though, just makes it more solid. Plus I like to sit and tinker with things.
  15. I've been messing around with holsters for a while now and just couldn't find anything that worked for me. Drop legs were way too bulky and I always felt like the belt clip was going to slip off. After a few games of not getting on with my holster I started experimenting with mounting my drop leg holster higher up but it dug into my hip. I've now cut it down, removed one of the leg straps and shortened the belt strap. I've now got a super solid, low profile holster that sits right where I want it. Thoroughly recommend messing around with all your gear until you get it right. I always see people at skirmishes using kit straight out the box that clearly doesn't work or for them properly, from holsters round their knees to mesh face masks that haven't even been bent to fit their face and stick out the sides. The real thing is function over form. Way too many people focus on staying as much stuff to them as possible and I definitely did that to begin with too and suffered for it. Find what works for you and of it doesn't work then make it.