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  2. Ares honey badger: Quick spring change system, sleek, compact, light, plenty of rail space for accessories, fast semi auto trigger response, m4 mags and gearbox so parts are easy to source. Maybe slighter bigger than what you're after but a safe bet and will also suffice in woodland settings. Had mine since they come out and not had a single issue. You may have to pay slightly over your budget unless you go second hand.
  3. Under both loops then, should be right.
  4. Airsoft Car boot at Red Alert tomorrow and the wages have gone in early! 

    I'm in trouble!



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  6. Not mine but would love to copy it when I get a gun. Now if they make a West Ham one I will be all set.
  7. Welcome to the forum and airsoft. You might benefit from familiarising yourself in the 'UK law' section and then if you like, introduce yourself in the 'new players and arrivals' thread when ready
  8. What about the ESS Tactical XT? People talk beautiful things about this goggles on the USA...
  9. Just started it; two episodes in and I dig it! Before I got into Airsoft I wasn't keen on giving it a go, until I got hooked on the sport, but now I'm all in. Out of all the Punishers Thomas Jane is still the tops.
  10. Paintball mask is your best bet or contacts. For me, I really struggle with goggles around the ears with glasses.
  11. Way Of The Gun, if not just for the shootout at the end.
  12. that is what you think it is, so i think you're saying you think it does? work in progress ofc, most of that gearbox shell is getting chopped, still need to mount everything together with the drive belts, make an insert, and buy a box to put it all in.
  13. Time Left: 6 days and 18 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a Mosin Nagant Sniper, as long as in good condition (Able to skirmish with) I will accept any make from PPS to King Arms


  14. If it’s what I think it is, then I think it is. I think.
  15. dont know if will fit hicapa they grip the light not the gun,
  16. I've heard a lot of bad stuff about the Snow Wolf PPSH-41, and that people have had to upgrade certain parts to get it to work right, figured I'd ask on the forum to get some views too!
  17. is the TM mp5 a full V2 gearbox? Seems crazy cheap. Hard to argue with that reccomendation out the box shoots the FPS you need and it's a TM!
  18. Muther flucker ! did they say it would be engraved ? I would not be impressed if this happened and they’d insinuated it was to be engraved and NOT laser etched .
  19. Thanks guys, some good looking choices here but I have to admit that the BlackHawk one definitely gets my attention. I have a friend in the US so I might have to see if he can get me one and post it over for less than the ridiculous amounts usually charged! Otherwise it might just have to be the First Factory one 😁
  20. AND you must remember the kit it’s self is actually made by a guy called Wang in Gwangyeu province China who told his frail old mother that he’d be head of the politburo by age 30 but that never happened and he’s stuck in a factory in the arse end of China making shit Airsoft kit for 10yuan an hr ! 😬
  21. Got a custom m052 i might be willing to part with for £150. Fair price id say.
  22. Just look at the number of for sales there are in the classifieds almost a 1000, these people must see sense that custom made / upgraded doesn't make a 2nd hand market for properly 90% that are just as cheap new and with a little of your own money will be just as good as the rip off's, do they think only novices with money to flaunt look at the classifieds so will pay out. IMO About time mods intervened and cleared the old stock out without that member re listing unless cheaper. It's 2nd hand so price to 2nd hand. Rant over
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