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  2. Just a basic Spanish over & under, loads of fun but I am bad lol
  3. What Shotgun/Shotguns do you have? Im literally waiting on moving house before sticking my application in for a license and getting my own.
  4. enigma83

    TM Recoil

    Would you be interested in a Sopmod block II?
  5. can anyone tell me the exact outside diameter of an m4 crane stock tube? thanks in advance
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  7. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Hi I'm after a Aug upper (I have a a3xs) so looking for something but longer so can swap uppers so can have a dmr build, doesn't matter if isn't working or doesn't have gearbox



  8. david1996

    Mp5 high caps

    Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    2xmp5 200rd high caps


  9. david1996

    Repro tlr1

    Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    A cracking wee bit of kit in good condition only used twice Has solid and strobe functions


  10. Info: M14 is doing 400 FPS with 0.2g and the SA80 is doing 380 with 0.2. These are old but well looked after guns that I have recently purchased for $200 as a set including a KJ works p226 ake/brand: TM and STAR Any accessories included: M14 comes with red dot SA80 comes with working imitation scope Pictures:
  11. TIGGER


    Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    I have this awesome HK417 for sale Hi Custom VFC 417 dmr Full custom build based on the solid externals of VFC with zero movement in the body what so ever! Inside the body there is a Mancraft PDiK hpa system in a custom v2 shell with precision machined parts for perfect nozzle and hop alignment. The rifle performs very well and weighs in at a total of 3.4kg and the rifle is currently set to 400fps which can be changed through the regulator. There is no selector plate in the rifle so currently no safety but only fires in semi automatic for sight ruling for dmr. (Vfc Selector plate is included in the sale) Parts list of what you get: Vfc 417 -rrp£449 PDiK hpa system -rrp£200 0-4x nikko short dot scope -rrp£145 Utg mounts -rrp£50 Lonex trigger -rrp£10 Buttstock amped Gripline Rs xtm covers -rrp£15 Rs xtm handstop -rrp£20 Hk style vertical grip -rrp£10 Gripod - rrp£15 Tm barrel and bucking -rrp£45 Prometheus tb barrel -rrp£45 4x genuine vfc 100rnd magazines -rrp£130 2x mag pouches -rrp£20 Gun bag -rrp£40 located in kings Lynn can meet buyer half way cheap @£265


    , Norfolk - GB

  12. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

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    Anyone with an ICS DMR stock who would consider letting go?


  13. Many thanks fellows, unfortunatly there was a short spring sitting vertically in the trigger ass which flew to god knows ware as my daughter in law came in as I was trying to reasemble the trigger until her Labrador leapt upon myself and helped me scatter the trigger to all in sundry ,*&^%$£* (Bloody dog) so unfortunatly young Sam cant shoot tomorow. but thank you both for your wise advice. After owning and repairing bloody sringers + precharged air rifles I feel a right *&^%$ prat to be stuck as these triggers dont make sence to me. Cheers fellers.
  14. Ah thats fair enough, I will try to get mine working so I will post pictures later, thank you everyone for helping though
  15. No haven't fixed it, I just cant be bothered to be honest. I put the inferno back into the specna arms which is an absolute doddle compared to that lol. I'll use it for spares if ever needed by me or anyone wanting bits that i see on the forums. A costly mistake but hey, thats airsoft for you. ( I bought mine from the UK)
  16. I've striped it down before and it is such a pain, have you fixed yours?
  17. Unfortunately with it being a TM clone, you have to strip it down the same way which means everything off and the receiver splits in half- a pain! If you do do it, take your time and photo where everything goes if needed. Hopefully it is an easier fix.. Good luck ah, I just re-read and see you've already had a go at it. Not so bad then
  18. None of this seems right to me either
  19. yes, the hop uint is going up in the direction of the arrow. it does not sit horizontal with the receiver. Looking down the hop unit, there is an extra groove as highlighted in the square. I thought this might be where the nozzle was hitting it due to it being mis-aligned. I dunno, perhaps its supposed to be like this? but it just doesnt seem right to me!
  20. I just put an ASG 105 spring into the new EO3 and got 347FPS perfect but less than I would have thought
  21. Is it facing upwards? I have not used the gun since after changing the inner barrel. When I sent you what happened to the Hop-Up, that was before anything had happened to me taking apart the gun and I do admit that lining up the upper receiver was a pain as where the hop lies was where there was a gap without screwing it down. I'm thinking of re-opening my gun in a minute and I might send a picture of it
  22. So you've changed the inner barrel to a much longer one but not change the cylinder to match it? You will get undervoluming issues. Did it work correctly before you changed the barrel? I think you need to tell us exactly what you have done and what the FPS was before and after each change.
  23. This image hopefully gives an idea of what was wrong with mine. It doesn't show it as much as it does for real. I came about this as I was fitting an Inferno engine into it and the nozzle would fire then just jam. Gearbox perfectly aligns but the unit itself...bad day at QA? You can gouge out the screw holes of the hop units screw holes to try and align it better. Hopefully this isn't your issue, but thought i'd highlight it for future reference.
  24. Thing is I have opened it and I have changed the inner barrel to a much longer one and since then I have not fired it. I didnt see what was wrong straight off and what do you think I should do about it?
  25. You get what you pay for is what I would say and the risk you take from buying overseas if you don't want to send it back. Without opening it up I couldn't tell you what's wrong with it. Best open it up first and see if there isn't anything obviously wrong with the hop unit before buying a replacement. It could just simply be a misaligned nub. They aren't the easiest to take apart so be warned, very easy to lose springs and such.
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