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  2. @MiK Looking good, only adjustment I would personally make is swapping the MR hop for an Autobot. The MR has some sealing issues and side by side there is virtually no difference from the Autobot in terms of accuracy (and the auto has been around a while and is a very trusted platform). There is an argument to try a 70 or 75 shore bucking as well. I personally run a 75 in my VSR and it's always been spot on but fully understand why a softer rubber can help. For the price maybe keep a 60 MR and take a punt on the crazy forum guy spouting about 70/75...
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  4. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Rare Prime Noveske CNC M4 lower receiver for WA M4 GBBR-s. Comes as pictured with steel prime internals. I am shipping it from Hungary. Shipping not included in the price.


    - HU

  5. I think the beauty of this hobby is there's room for both. I sit halfway between, some of my guns have parts lists that no sane person would be willing to admit the price of, others sit very much in the budget category. What i will say is with a few exceptions at the ultra high end (eg umbrella armouries) it takes a lot more than just throwing money at a gun to extract performance and the diminishing returns curve is steep. I very much agree with the premise that a well dialed in jg or cyma can be a barrel of laughs. My collection isn't massive, but it does...
  6. I also asked him about his near retail price on something I was interested in but he wouldn't budge. The amount he sells certainly isn't normal for an airsoft player
  7. I'm definitely on the fence. I like collecting as much as playing. I buy replicas that have a meaning for me (or got at a bargain) rather than any performance reasons. Such as weapons I saw growing up or historic like Vietnam & WWII etc.
  8. This particular rif, I can actually say was owned by myself and traded recently. Rocket, remember when we were chatting about my Glock and I mentioned that I had an ACR for trade/sale? This is the one. I know because I put the incorrect gun matrix sticker on the lower and I replaced the stock with a an fde stock rather than the original tan and it accidentally matched the lower receiver in colour. The guy I traded with wasnt the guy selling here and my sale/trade was less than 2 months ago. I bought it about 3 years ago for a bit more than £200 IIRC and it was...
  9. joys of being single and childless, I buy what takes my fancy but i like pistols more than I like long arms so relatively cheap.
  10. I'm budget driven. That's to say that I enjoy researching the best bang for buck gun and then finding the best price for it. I've found some second hand bargains with decent brands like LCT but the most expensive price I paid was for the Alien pulse rifle new at £299 Unfortunately I enjoy collecting about as much as playing so I can't afford expensive guns. (I share my budget with biking) Luckily the lower to medium brands like JG, CYMA, Classic Army up to Specna Arms give decent enough performance to have plenty'o fun in games. 😄 I like using different styles from MP5 to L1A1.
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  12. Don't worry, the only questions we don't like are ones such as, "what gun is best?" and "what should I get?" without any previous research. The answer is, yes, you can change parts on the gun to alter its characteristics but its a pain in the buttox so not very common I would say. Most of us will find that as an excuse to buy another one 😉
  13. It’s the same old - same old , no matter what the hobby...... First off with me it was Paintball , a grand on a marker was the norm , then your air system & hopper.......... Motor bikes , I was nothing without the newest R1 and a grand worth of exhaust on it Then Downhill Mountain bikes , my suspension cost more than on my R1 I have one decent airsoft RIF , A Krytac, was the first gun I bought , bought it used , got it at what I still see as a decent price I now have a few “budget” brands A JG Works , A...
  14. Could people share there experience using the above, how do they perform, what’s the best ones to buy, what rating do you use and do they have any issues using them?
  15. To be honest I don't think that just because something is expensive guarantees that it is high, or even good, quality. I think a lot of it falls down to researching what you're investing in. A good example of this would be to use the MP5 platform. If memory serves last year Umarex carried out a licensed release of an MP5K variant over in the USA and many people automatically assumed that VFC were the OEM, however, it is reported that it is just a H&K licensed CYMA. Now there's nothing wrong with CYMA, they actually make some great MP5's, but due to the release coming from Umarex buyers were...
  16. Guess who's back, back againSciep1's back, tell a friendGuess who's back, guess who's back?Guess who's back, guess who's back?Guess who's back, guess who's back?Guess who's back?
  17. Thank you I've just seen on their facebook page, they've acknowledged the issue and said it's only present in a few guns, and that if you follow all the steps they've posted and you still have the issue, they will send you a USB cable for free to correct the software - but I feel you're right with the tried and tested thing! I'm not sure if this is different case by case - but is it possible to just buy an additional barrel and handguard to swap out based on what I want to use the gun for? or would it not really work like that? (sorry for the...
  18. Welcome Specna Arms are very good in my opinion but I haven't looked at the new models. There is the argument that its not a good idea to adopt new things until they've been tried and tested (by others) If you've seen questionable things about the new range then best to stick with a model that has more info and history of use. Yes, the SA-H06 looks a bit long for CQB but its up to you to decide what you like.
  19. Thank you! Also please feel free to move my post if i should post my question in general!
  20. Few and expensive for god damn sure. It's strange though. Most people would think £100-150 is expensive for a pistol and that the quality would be amazing. But in reality, it's just cheap pot metal that's been reused in many other models. Even stuff in the 200-300 range. Just re-branded shit. Quite sad really. It's really difficult to find proper quality products these days. One of the worst experiences of that was the WE desert eagle. Looks cool af, and it's very expensive. But then I disassembled it and found a shit tone of molded seams and irregularities and realise that it's just cheap pot metal again and will shatter...
  21. Yeah just a little XD. Oh well. good to know the original fps. I think 440 is gonna be enough for what I want anyway since im not going dedicated sniper.
  22. Apologies, that’s with 0.2g. He’s going to stick the original spring back in and take a second set of measurements. At the moment, the “upgrade” has made it a bit on the unusable side!
  23. UKARA could do the same ... but its up to them. The scheme being an optional method to document a buyers status. Some sites are extending membership etc. For airsofters the worst that could happen is they have to repeat the qualifying before they can buy new RIFs. However, First Aid at Work certification is a legal requirement in the workplace. Without an extension a business could be prevented from operating just because First Aiders can't get recertified. Have they stated that all certificates are being extended? Last weeks HSE update was that extensions may be possible, but with other measures listed such as sharing first aiders. Todays update from...
  24. I have owned a lot of guns and my current collection is quite large but only one of those was more than £400 with most of the rest being around the £100-150 area. Most of my guns are jg and cyma and would be considered budget guns However I have found these guns far more fun to use, even stock than the more expensive ones I have owned. The only pricey gun to stick in my collection and not get sold off is the pkm and that is because it sort of fits in its own unique role (and has a bit of wow factor which when we come down...
  25. Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

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    Looking to buy or swap a TM 416 Delta or Devgru with a few mags spare. 😀


    - GB

  26. Hey everyone! First time posting here, and first time buying an airsoft gun that wasn't £9.99 at an open market.. I've decided I want to go with Specna Arms - the metal externals are whats getting me the most and I've heard some good thing for them as beginner AEGs. My question is - are the new 2.0 EDGE models decent? I've seen a few things about them firing full auto on their own, mock bolts getting stuck and warping - but I havent seen anything about the same issues in the original H series. Does anyone have any experience or advice on these? :) Also, I'm looking for a...
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