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    I have a couple of great retention holsters for my TM Deagle (1 left and the other right) that are brand new. They fit, very securely, either onto a belt or MOLLE. I bought three altogether as they are so rare (6 week waiting list!) with the intention of running akimbo Deagles! Now I shoot my HPA Dragon 7's more so these two are spare if anyone would like one/both? Paid €55.95 each for them from Skirmshop.nl - will sell them for £45 each 0r £85 for the pair if anyone is interested? https://www.skirmshop.nl/en/deser-eagle-fast-retention-holster-with-trigger-lo.html 7d4f1b_6d861fcc2b584beab68322c6b64ed201~mv2_d_1536_2048_s_2.webp 7d4f1b_37148831bb39458498b6b6b3defdfdb7~mv2_d_1536_2048_s_2.webp 7d4f1b_564ed321e4aa47f5a2dbbb5dcecc7971~mv2_d_1376_2048_s_2.webp



  3. tbf he probably wasn't expecting much working in the soviet union at the time.
  4. Got myself a second boonie hat, from eBay, was quite surprised it didn't feel right....solid.... open it up, vacuum packed, it was only £3.95! 😜👍

    Will go well with my Desert Loadout.... just waiting for one more item to complete it! 😎

    Hopefully be here by tomorrow then can try it.... 🤞




  5. 😂 classic. Anyone used this site: http://www.sellyourpaintballgear.co.uk/used-paintball-guns ? Don't look like you'll get a load for it but might be an option
  6. Case in point, prob the greatest example, Mikhail Kalashnikov, 100million units sold, he didn't get a penny, loadsa recognition but no hard cash ! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Kalashnikov
  7. Was just looking around online to see if I could help OP and noticed Dragons Lair say they're closed on Saturdays on their FB. https://www.facebook.com/pg/dragonslairairsoft/about/?ref=page_internal Might be worth putting a call in to check? Edit: unless you mean a different place, as they're quite far from Medway. Kent Woodsmen is near you, but as you say - only open on Sundays: https://www.facebook.com/pg/KWFTC/about/
  8. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Almost new Specna G36C SA-G12 EBB Carbine for sale! It's an EBB with nice recoil when firing, comes with two tone so great rifle for starter. Theta red dot worth £30 is gifted to you plus the original price £115, so great deal isn't it? If you need any grips (angled or standard) I can also give you for free! Magazine is somehow malfunctioning, better buy one yourself, uses 7.4v lipo battery which is not included. Collection in London is preferred, I can also deliver myself within area 3. Postage can be carried at your expense.


    London - GB

  9. And so it begins (again) Got my self one of these https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/castellan-airsoft-dummy-hexaco-suppressor-long Because it is against the laws of nature to not have a rectangular suppressor on a vector. The universe would implode 😆 so that along with a thread adapter should keep me happy for a while. But then again ....
  10. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Woodland painted Well MB-01/08 Fluted for sale, very lightly used and almost no scratches. Stock scope included. It's a really nice gun with nice camo for you to play as a sniper. Bought for £115 so really a nice deal at almost half price! Do not hesitate! Collection in London is prefered and I can deliver it to you within area 3. Postage can be carried at your expense, as it's really a large and long rifle.


    London - GB

  11. Usually up against the gearbox, many find gives the best results I've done the 3 hand chrono test a few times to check stuff out before I sling it back in gun or to confirm a process of elimination etc... but shifty hops in some guns can cause fps drops, hence things like springs/o-rings on hops help to ensure some shifty hops stay put or in place better other hops on different guns are more fastened in place like on AK's but M4's often benefit from a spring(s) or o-ring mod and/or o-ring method... just to stop the hop trying to come forward when say a mag is inserted thus pulling it away from box and creating a leak that drops fps etc...
  12. Will add them to Asia/UK lists - will defo give airsoftpeak a look, free shipping worldwide is always great; nothing worse than filling your basket up thinking you've got a bargain and then get hit by a massive shipping fee!! 😖
  13. *Assuming you mean for the TM M4 GBBR series* I’ve been trying to get mine sealed since 2018. The output valve o rings are made of grass and silicone oil will only allow them to seal temporarily. In my experience anyway. If you get the size for replacement o rings and it might actually seal. IIRC the original Marui valves are not compatible. My PMAG lives in my parts bin now, and it’s probably for the best as the bolt lock wasn’t very positive. Ace 1 Arms (SAA branded) PMAG’s are very good though.
  14. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

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    Nicely painted WE F226 E1, remain almost new despite some scratches on the black paint. No malfunctioning at all just because spending too much on airsoft lol. Bought for £110 so really a nice deal. Never gone through games so haven't fired much. 14mm CCW adapter included for you to attach silencer/compensator/tracer or just look cool! Collection in London is prefered, I can also deliver it to you personally within area 3. Free postage under £5 outside London, over £5 postage applies.


    London - GB

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  16. have you tried.... http://www.airsoftpeak.com/ https://camoraids.co.uk/ thanks for the list, some on there ive never heard of. Will pin this for now
  17. @menphis 👋 They were the reinforcements, preparing for the next wave, that’s War, no disrespect intended.... plus getting a dead body down a ladder is not easy!?🤔 Good movie, that deserves it credit! 👍 What would you do if you saw a militia walking up casually to your door step, wielding Ak’s and RPG’s, before the SHTF.... with your so called security protection, bailing or providing very little resistance.... with limited equipment and safety measures!? 😵 This film shows what a bunch of trained soldiers/contractors can do, against the odds! 💪 Respect to those people!!!! 💷GAMBLE💷
  18. Probably a few more better images needed dude.
  19. Can anyone shed some light on why the Delta guys rolled Rone's body off the roof? Was it just for quickness? Just seems highly disrespectful if it actually happened for real
  20. I'd likely start with a bloody good barrel clean. Longer barrel won't give you much if any advantage, going tighter is a good thing though, 6.03 is a good size. Ammo may be playing a part in this, don't use cheap ammo unless you're slinging loads in CQB, use a good quality ammo. I personally will only run Geoffs Super Precision, it's not that much more than a bag of cheap stuff and it's far more consistent.
  21. when you want range do you want absolute range, or just effective range? the latter will be increased with improved accuracy. currently i'm loving the MAXX units, one of those with a maple leaf macaron and your choice of barrel (personally i like pdi's 6.01 although i might try a 6.05 in my current build) you'll probably be wanting to put a lot of effort into shoring up compression, doesn't matter how good the hop unit/rubber/barrel is if it's being given poor airflow, if anything i'd suggest doing that first before going so far as to change the whole combo.
  22. @Steveocee I use 0.3 but with the stock hop up unit and I dont have a consistent range and accuracy. So i would like little more range with some form of consistent accuracy. I now have a 6.05 / 200mm long barrel is there any benefit of buying a longer one? like 350mm one thats 6.03. FPS is not the problem thanks in advance.
  23. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

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    Crye Precision Smart Suite General Purpose Pouch 11x6x4. Used a handful of times on the back of plate carrier with a 2l source hydration system. Versatile piece of equipment, condition is basically as new , no marks, no damage, no wear and tear. ( please see pics for confirmation ) RRP from Odintac was £85. So grab a saving on full list price. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. ( £3.49 ) Any questions please ask. Thanks, Jay.


  24. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

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    New unfired gun, unwanted present for the wife!!!, as well as a new TM 416D why do i bother lol £470 plus post in shop it cost me yours collected for £420 saving £50 or add £15 for parcel force 48 add £15 if paying paypal goods no trading or offers thanks i need to recoup on these rash buys


    Waterlooville, Hampshire - GB

  25. It's more of a temperature/energy output matter. I run a 50 and it lifts 0.4s just fine, but I am limited to 1J so I stick to 0.30s If you live in a cold area a softer rubber (50-60) is recommended over a harder one (75+) After all you're not going full auto at 50 rps chewing through it in a matter of days.
  26. I have too many LiPos and my phone doesn't last a day. So, for the exorbitant price of €5,50 I have just bought a LiPo to USB converter Will be useful for long tournaments as I don't have to buy, charge and remember a big power bank Link for those interested
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