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Scammer - Tom Andrews/Dean Greenfield


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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, admins if you can put in in the correct place and not delete.


Scammer active on another forum so heads up.

He goes by Tom Andrews on the forum but emails come from Dean Greenfield. I unfortunately encountered him on Usedairsoft selling 'airsoft joblot' with loads of AEG parts, claiming it was his dead brothers. He's also advertising a 'Airsoft KWA LM4 UKSF L119A2 Build Gas Blow Back Gbbr Package'.

Contact was good with emails coming from Dean Greenfield, this should have been my first warning, but then nothing once I had sent payment through PayPal, this was my second warning as the PayPal address was a Michael Thomas. This is where it gets more confusing. Michael Thomas had allowed Tom Andrews to use his PayPal account and transferred the money straight out and into his wife's/girlfriend's account (or so I can figure out), stupid on Michaels side and he also got scammed.

After no contact from Tom Andrews/Dean Greenfield after sending payment, I used the contact through PayPal to send him a message, that's when Michael Thomas got in touch and told me about the situation and that there was a third person also been scammed. Conversations have gone back and forth, and to cut a long, confusing story short, Michael Thomas has issued me a PayPal refund and he and his fried are trying to get back their money from Tom Andrews/Dean Greenfield.

Michael has reported him to the police and there is an incident number if you feel you have been scammed by him and need it.

Here's the info I have on this scammer:

Tom Andrews/Dean Greenfield
Steyning, West Sussex, GB. 
[email protected]

Yet another bad seed for the airsoft community, but after 20 years of using forums, it doesn't surprise me. Stay safe and always use PayPal but NEVER friend or family!

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 11.01.57.png

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I'm pretty sure I recall wanting to put a brick through that gurning geezer face previously.

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Heads up @SAW, most of your post is in black font, which is hard to read when a user is using the forums dark mode skin. I think if you remove all formatting this'll correct it for all forum skins.

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On 10/07/2024 at 11:55, gavinkempsell said:

This sounds familiar, hasn't there been a scam alert for this individual before?

I'm pretty sure that name has come up before in relation to being a cunt 

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To prey on people's sympathies claiming to be a grieving sibling takes a special kind of scumbag.


It's a shame we have to be even more vigilant.

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