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Hi, new to the forums, started playing airsoft this year and have become addicted to it. Based in Surrey and trying to sample as many different sites as we can. Have played at Ace Combat in Kent, echelon in gravesend and driverwood in Crawley. Have also booked up Dogtag in Crawley for this coming weekend. 

hoping to pick up some tips, tricks and advise from the airsoft community which has been very welcoming so far.

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Welcome mate 👍

Sounds like you're well stuck in already 😁


Not been to Dogtag but heard generally good things 😉

Plenty of tips, tricks and trash on the forum 😏


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Hiya dude, welcome to the forum and glad you are enjoying the hobby.


You'll more than likely find the answer you need somewhere on here or if not, just ask, the guys are friendly enough as long as you don't mention certain airsofters from youtube :P

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Hi @ShootingBlanks 👋

Welcome to the forum, full of advice and like minded players! 🔫🤪👍

Glad to hear your stuck in, I have a channel aimed at beginners, if interested? One tip, you see the enemy, shoot first, then chat afterwards! 😂👍


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Hello @ShootingBlanks👋

Come in and sit a while.


Plenty to get your airsoft juices flowing within these well thumbed hallowed pages.


One tip I can impart for what it's worth....don't try western style twirling with your we m9 especially on concrete!😥


Have fun 👍



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  • Head Moderator

Welcome :).


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