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Rate an airsoft mate

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Its getting a bit boring on here lately so thought its time for something different.

We have had threads about awsome honourable players before but I thought its time we had one about forum users.

A lot of people on here have played games with other forum members and I wonder what their observations on what sort of player the other person is. Think of it as getting to know you from someone else's perspective.


Put down what sort of player they are sneaky or gung ho.

Are they honourable, do they call hits, do they get feisty and start cheat calling.

Are they the sort of player who stands out from the crowd for whatever reason.

Are they the sort who thinks they are elite super soldier.

Just a general player review.


Try not to kiss ass or be too nasty but be honest and remember it's just a bit of fun.


I will chuck a couple up about players I have met.

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Well here goes.


Colonel Kurtz


Hes a player I have played against and on the same side a few times.


Hes a sneaky sod who likes to flank the enemy and generally get into places you least expect someone to be. Hes also a good attacking player who you can rely on to storm an area with you.


Never seen an issue with hit taking and I have shot him a few times. Generally a well mannered relaxed player.


Hes a good player to have on your side as he goes for the objectives and doesnt just camp around for kills (you get a lot of that at the mall).


Hes a lot quieter in person than he seems on here. Comes across quite reserved but definitely doesn't play that way.


All in all a decent player, cant really say a bad word about him, except maybe he shot me in the finger from about 2ft away a few weeks back and it was the one that had only just stopped hurting from when I fractured it playing in June. [email protected]!



Someone elses turn to spill the beans on other forum members now. Lets hear what they are really like.

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Have played at UCAP GreenOps and Sandpit on the same team.


A steady and dependable team mate, who will go forward hunting the opposition and get stuck into the fire-fight.


An honest player who calls his hits and plays by the rules. Never hear him cheat calling. He will pull a team mate from line of fire to medic them back into game.


Generous spirit, offered the use of his spare gun to keep me in the game when I experienced technical issues with mine.


A player who embraces the diversity of airsoft sites and looks forward to trying them all :)

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