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Beginner Gun

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Hey guys.

I'm looking at getting my first airsoft gun and would really like your help with finding one.


I'll be playing at "The Mall - Reading" so it'll be CQB.


My budget is around £175 but for that I will need to buy the gun plus batteries, chargers or gas.


I am under 18 so any guns must be 2 tone or come from a retailer that will 2 tone the gun for me.


Other equipment such as mask and bb's is not included in this budget.


I'm in the UK.


So far I've come up with 2 ideas :




G36c, I like that it has plenty of room for attatchments.





I absolutely love this but a few things worry me:






FPS (site has a 328fps limit)





So will that pistol be enough on it's own or would I need a primary weapon?


How long does gas last and how does it all work? (changing/refilling)


Is it possible to have the FPS of the M93R reduced if it's too high?


Do you have know of any other weapons that would be good?


What are your thoughts on shotguns?


I also really like UMP45's if anyone knows of any good ones in budget?


Thanks for your help and I'm sorry for the long post.

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You cannot buy a two tone rifle until your over 18 bud

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Yeah I know, my parents can buy it for me though :)

Yup they can "gift" it to you :)

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2 tone UMP?


It may be possible to run with just a pistol at the mall. I would recommend getting an AEG though as you then have the option of trying other sites if you fancy a change.

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battery + charger - smart charger which prevents overcharging/cooking battery - both together £25

(probably nunchuck 8.4v battery)


you get 1k bb's i think - 450 mag, it ain't glow in dark orange

(could paint it but that is changing a Imitation Firearm IF - RIF Realistic one in eyes of law)


save rest of money and see how you go - no real need for pistol - may wanna spend on extra mag

or loadout kit - full face protection must be worn for under 18's at most sites

don't chance it - get a good one for your precious eyes


shame that gun had a great starter kit for £20 more - about £35 value but lately always out of stock


there is NO OTHER GUN to match it for price - ok no rails but trust me you won't need much else

if you can't hit something with that then you may as well just use a nerf gun

forget ultra zoom scope, torche, or laser - get out there and start shooting

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Have a look at the g&g combat machines cm16 raider, rails all over the gun and comes in a 2t so no extra for spraying I believe.


I have one and they really are very good for the money and your £175 will get you a good charger and maybe 2 batteries and a spare mag.

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I'd recommend the UMP or any G&G Combat Machines. There's also the G&G PM5 Sportline (I think that's what it's called) which is an MP5A4 (£124 and should be £10 for two-toning it) I would concentrate on also buying good eye protection / good footwear first, and then extra magazines for your primary before going for a pistol, but if you're playing at a CQC site most of the time it could be more useful.

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buy G&G cm16 from zero one - free two tone

7.4v LiPo 2600mah (lasts me ages literally I could play 5 skirmishes at least before I would need to charge)

accucel digital 6 with power supply (battery and charger from component shop)

peoplee say turnigy is a clone maker however ay as well buy from component shop so u keep the postage down. That setup is about £200 and I use it atm, it works like a dream and does the job perfectly.

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Raider's are better but out of stock in most places.....

looking at £125 aprox for Raider short/long barrel - but has rails

the carbine - no rails £100 and would prefer clear over 2tone anyday


bit dodgy but clear "can" be painted better coz you give it coating inside

as well as outside to ensure paint don't come off or chip easily

but suppose you "could" gently remove the 2tone paint at later stage if UKARA


Zero One seem to have pulled a lot of stock for the NAE they might have raider

but many places are out - or if lucky to find one they wan't a bit more for it

or extra for 2 tone etc......


but the £99:99 carbine in clear is worth considering - heck I would get 1 or 2

if I didn't have so many guns already - would keep it as a spare/backup in my bag

or get it for 3 months to obtain UKARA - over 18's, then perhaps spray/replace a

few bits - or sell it or still keep as spare if a m8 comes along etc.......


wish I bought 1 or 2 of these instead of crappy bulldog/dragon - live n learn I guess

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