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  1. TWG 10% OFF code:



    So now you have no excuse for not getting a M904G under 100 quid


    Fuck me - everybody will have one of these when this lockdown is over


    under £100 ???

    fuck me the shit I bought for much more

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    2. Shamal


      Is that an order or a request?

      Fuck me

      Fuck me

      Lol 🤭

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      With my back of a bus looks...


      More like wishful thinking

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Just for the record...


      as of 8:30pm tonight TWG

      have 115 M904G's in stock/my basket

      (Mrs Duck went nutz - shhh just checking luv)


      now if they flog say 10 per day that is just over 10 days supply

      if they flog more or some wholesaler comes in & hoovers a batch

      well if greedy c*unts grab a few batches then they are out of stock

      (likely until new year)


      so if you are contemplating getting one

      maybe not hang around too much perhaps


      I'm done, I have bought some toys to play with

      & deffo got all I want/need - for real this time...


      Mrs Duck scoffs - think she has heard that hundreds of times


      ATB chaps

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