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  1. This heat is killing me but my gbb's have never performed better :D

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    2. -Marksman


      @LtPurcy I have ways around that lol, @TacMaster I did but its limited -_-

    3. jcheeseright


      so essentially you were using a paid service to cheat at a game on another paid service? Why not just practice so you're actually half decent at the game instead of ruining it for everyone else?

    4. -Marksman


      I was not cheating in public games, I was giving people max level on a game for a price.

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    2. Da_sheriff


      Want to make it even more awesome?

      Put it into a Small form factor PC case and water cool it.

    3. Finius


      That £80.43 you could have spent on airsoft :(

    4. -Marksman
  2. Hosting modded cod lobbies online on xbox, add me if you want a invite - Im XBLS Lobbies

  3. Hosting modded cod lobbies online on xbox, add me if you want a invite - Im XBLS Lobbies

  4. wtf my best mate & his dad share a brazzers account

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    2. -Marksman


      I needed the details for a "school project" c:

    3. QuadMachine


      So right in many ways

    4. Deva


      Bit of a three way going on here..

  5. No Parcel today :L

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    2. Kaza66


      @Tariq- yea when its something like that, it pisses me off, but when its something like, idk lets say bricks, and they drop a note saying you should pick it up at the depot- that pisses me off to. @Marksman- i hope your going to be ringing up to get the postage fee refunded? or ill do it for you lol that pisses me off too!

    3. Tariq


      2 day service doesnt include getting it to the shipping company though...

    4. Namaco


      God help you if its delivered by Yodel, toke half a week to get my phone when used next day delivery...

  6. No more ensligh exams :) 2 hours & over 8 pages, basically the most I have ever wrote c:

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    2. -Marksman
    3. Zak Da Mack

      Zak Da Mack

      thanks, xbox all waeek after that xD

    4. -Marksman


      :P Ive been banned for like a year & a bit off it & now with my current xbox have to pay $40 to get online for a day
  7. Need a job for the summer & after, anybody willing to take me on? xD

    1. Da_sheriff


      Go up to a bin man/road sweeper and ask him what agency hires their crew. It may be a biin job, but the pay isnt bad, the hours are nice and the guys you work with are a laugh.


    2. -Marksman


      i might just give that a go

    3. Deva


      I'm sure Finius could use you in some way..

  8. Finally got a .com domain :)

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    2. -Marksman



    3. QuadMachine


      eh?!? A little convoluted no?

    4. -Marksman


      It is my gaming alias

  9. Selling ISO Disks For Cod5, MW2 & GTA IV - Need some funds again http://imzephyr7s.weebly.com/iso-disks.html

    1. Tariq


      This seems legit ¬_¬ (I don't actually have a problem with piracy, but it doesn't really belong here)

    2. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      Pretty certain you're not allowed to sell/advertise non-airsoft stuff for sale on the forum, especially if it's illegal.

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      As above, if you want to sell people this stuff, join the supporter's scheme for access to the free for all forums.


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