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  1. In some of the footage you have two cameras running, where are they mounted, or is the second piece of footage from a team mate?
  2. "I shown one to my girlfriend last week, she said she would rather come home and find me in bed with another woman, than come home and find me dressed like that in the bathroom." Funniest thing I've read all day! I know what your saying about the older serious lot. That's a whole other thread in itself.
  3. "In a closed corridor firefight with our team he declared "covering fire" and then proceeded to shoot several members of our own team in the back" That cracked me up!
  4. Generally agree with the sentiments here. It's worth noting though that patience with the younger players is a must if the sport is to grow. I worked in a Games Workshop store for a few months way back, and the divide there was quite stark. You had the "Veterans", a group of around 12 gamers that would come to the store regularly and spend a fair bit of money, and the "young bloods" the kids between 10-14 that would just splash paint on there models and throw dice around without a huge respect for the rules. What happened was telling. The veterans looked down on the new guys, acting with an aloof and superior attitude, both with their painted models and their knowledge of the rules. On various forums you'd see them posting comments, effectively saying we (Games Workshop) owed them because they spent so much money. I was looked down on for pandering to the younger folk and in some instances not knowing as much as the vets did despite the fact I was an employee. What Games Workshop taught you though, was that the young guys were the lifeblood of the hobby, without them growing up into the game the business wouldn't make money and the veterans would be screwed. GW didn't care that I didn't know all the rules, or wasn't the best painter, they liked me because I was patient and guided the young bloods through the expensive and daunting hobby Warhammer is. We as skirmishers all love our sport, and theres always more mature events that we can visit if we want less of the kids running Rambo around our heals. But all of us as a community must support the new players, even if it involves biting down hard on our lips in the face of serious in-experience. We need them just as much as the veterans if airsoft is to grow in the UK.
  5. Solid Session at The Mall on Thursday. Props to the Zed Adventures guys for putting on a good show

  6. Loving the tricked l85 mate. Though the balaclava gives you a proper good-soldier-gone-bad look
  7. Agreed ringing is a far better option over FB. I've never got on with their website, reckon they'll redo anytime soon?
  8. Not out yet mate, check here and I'll tell you when you can get it: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Phobolt/391142060976614?fref=ts
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