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  1. Does anyone know the thread and length of the two hop adjustment grub screws for the L96 PDI hop chamber and where to source replacements as I've lost both of them from mine? Thanks in advance
  2. Flat hop applies the backspin to the BB over the full length of the hop window rather than just the little nub that sticks down on the normal rubber. This provides more lift, or "hop" to the BB as it is in contact longer and therefore increases the backspin applied. It's especially useful in sniper applications when you're after consistency and require lifting heavier ammo. Simple diagram below found on Google images.
  3. I haven't posted here, or ever played for about 2½ years. I've just decided I should get back into airsoft, I used to enjoy it, I just stopped going when my mates did. The guns have been sat in the cupboard gathering dust, batteries connected, mags gassed and loaded, ready for my next game day, which never happened. Dusted them off earlier, the M16 still seems good, the battery even has enough charge left to fire the gun, haven't checked the L96 or G17 or any mags. I'm calling 3 leaky mags, a sniper with no power and no accuracy, and 6 M16 mags that are jammed and won't feed. Dre
  4. I've tried washing BBs and have seen absolutely no difference whatsoever. If you're buying semi-decent BBs, then they'll not need washing.
  5. Are full length MagPul PTS Masadas discontinued now?

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    2. jcheeseright


      same as any second hand gun, about 75% of what he paid for it.

    3. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      That's what I thought. He was hoping it'd be worth a bit more, with it being discontinued and in new condition :P.

    4. M_P


      They're pretty common, like the vfc scars for example, they wont get any price increase from being discontinued.

  6. Oh, welcome! I'm heading to Canada for a month in May/June. Flying to/from Halifax, NS but staying in Sackville, NB.
  7. I know it's not airsoft related, but it'd really help me out if anyone who's at university and is 18+ could fill in this questionnaire for me! :)http://goo.gl/forms/3j8IKoMgvH

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    2. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      Thank you :)

      They can put 0 in if it's paid by the government, a few people have done so, but I'll add that as a note under the question to clear up confusion.

      If I leave it optional, people will skip it for the sake of skipping it. I had a draft one with a lot more optional questions, and so many people just skipped them out of laziness.

    3. DX115FALCON


      I entered N/A for it.

    4. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      Okay, that's fine :), I need to go through all of the answers to that question anyway and convert them to the same format and to GBP :P

  8. Some of us will be about, depending what time(s) you're on.
  9. Looked on his profile. Hmm fair enough then, I dislike most recent music. I listen to a lot of late 90's/early 2000's music, but then I'm 20, so I grew up listening to that stuff.
  10. Of course he listens to normal music too, he's 13.
  11. 420 FPS is definitely legal, and will be allowed at certain sites. Urban/CQB sites will most likely not allow it, but woodland sites where the engagement ranges are longer will generally have a 500 FPS limit for bolt action rifles. There will be a minimum engagement distance (usually 20-30m) for higher powered rifles (normally anything over 350 FPS), and some sites will say you have to have a side arm (pistol or similar) for use at closer range. That said, I'd recommend against a sniper as a first "proper" rifle, simply because out of the box, it'll be no better than a standard AEG and w
  12. Yeah, not sure if you're picking that out of what I said, but if so, I mean at the same FPS as a lighter BB, not necessarily from the same gun.
  13. That's because you're most likely applying basic physics, in that an object will fall at the same speed and reach the ground in the same time, regardless of it's horizontal velocity. You're forgetting that airsoft guns (with hop ups) but backspin on the BB, which keeps it in the air for longer. What BrightCandle said above about comparing distance of heavier BBs with lighter ones at the same FPS is right; the heavier ones will have more energy behind them. Even at the same energy, a heavier BB may travel further (to a certain extent) as it will be less effected by drag and will slow down le
  14. If I play, which I haven't done much recently, I tend to play ArmA2/3 and DayZ SA/mod, may be interested in joining sometimes.
  15. I wish you could actually get 80 billion drawing pins for a quid.
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