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  1. Haha oh that happened a long time ago, I'm now at that stage where do I gate titan the thing or go hpa. Trouble is hpa nozzles seem to be too strong for airsoft, everywhere I've looked there's people with issues. Shame as I'd love me a Wolverine Reaper. Funny you mention Geoffs, I was about to use their black 0.30g bb's as since rhopping my As Val is really consistent to the point I can trust where they're going. Also I'm going to be switching to a Digital Flora setup, turns out I adore Sposn/Sso/Giena Tactics gear. I have an Sposn Rt-3 sling and it's perfect, I can actually stand and shoot with a 10kg rifle. Turns out NATO gear just isn't for me.
  2. Stock cylinder and piston, barrel is a touch longer but 6.03 as opposed to stock which is 6.02.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, my assumption was joule would change according to bb weight clearly I was wrong. So I could quite happily run 0.36 and perhaps be a bit better off. I was afraid that going heavier would throw me off site limits, which iirc is 450fps 1.83 joule. Good to know there's still more to be had. I'm already impressed with how capable it's been, a touch more accuracy would be awesome.
  4. My thinking was that running 40 or so fps higher might offset it. This is for my Dmr. Either way I now have a chrono on order.
  5. Well thing is, in order to run a bigger BB I'll have to step down to an m110 otherwise I'm over the joule limit. I can easily lift heavier, heck 0.30g is the minimum I can run. Do you see dilemma?
  6. Meant to add I can run a stronger spring with a lighter BB. From what I've read online, most dmr users stick with 0.30-0.36g so I'm guessing that's what is best. The rifle is very consistent, and I was hitting snipers without too much bother, just the extra fps I can push got me thinking.
  7. I'm currently around 355fps 1.79j running 0.30's. But stepping down to 0.25g means I can run 390 or so FPS whilst maintaining joule output. Now obviously I'll lose a bit of accuracy, so is keeping where I am the better option?
  8. I do as well, there's a on eBay that sells a battery fan kit that fits great. And yes I do have thermal lenses, I'm just a sweaty bugger.
  9. Well from what I could see the problems only arise from running full auto above 25-30 rod. I'll think about it, I've been very spend happy and could do with a break from Airsoft. I might use the time to just go straight in with a Wolverine reaper. Shame it went, first half of the day was a blinder, kept snipers on their toes for sure.
  10. No higher than £50 least preferably.
  11. Looking at a Jefftron as I think my trigger contacts have gone. The gun just plain stopped firing, first felt like the safety jammed, but it released which I think was the contacts breaking. This is for my As Val dmr.
  12. Well that really sucks. Fingers crossed for you, does sound like some scum has pinched it, what do you expect with what they pay.
  13. Sounds about right for them, I often get sparrows on the car at work as they know I'll feed them. I'll throw up some more pics when I get the chance. Funny on how the Cornish coast got a mention, as that's where I live. Don't really do many coastal shots, but I have a few.
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