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  1. No worries, just rip out the foam on all the vents and you're gtg.
  2. I've fogged everything and tried most, even my dye i4 fogged within minutes and that's with thermal lenses. Only ones that worked for me are the fma fan assisted goggles, I have the improved version coming as my first pair despite working great the foam is a bit firm for liking. The improved version from what I've seen has a thicker foam lining. Bonus is they are cheap at £20 or so, have two fan speeds and run off one aa battery. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/kr2uHX5TH
  3. Damn didn't even see that bit. Think he'd have taken the hint after a couple weeks.
  4. I can buy the same from China less than half of what he is asking.
  5. Similar to what I'm planning for my as val. Caught a few snipers out thinking an aeg couldn't touch them.
  6. 5.11 double bungee pistol pouch og. Hadron mk23 rail plate. Chinese trijicon rmr. Angled foregrip for the tk45. Used mk23 mag. Dtd mk23 holster. Three viper extended taco pouches.
  7. Multitude of reasons. Kinda miss being a squaddie, and I've always been bit of a nerd so upgrading guns scratches that itch. Plus it's a fun way to meet people and get some exercise, I've never been the sort that likes the usual mundane things that people get up to. Still learning, still figuring out a loadout I'm happy with but I'm slowly getting there.
  8. I'm thinking single point, but one of those that's a harness of that makes sense? Need something that's comfy, and helps transitioning to pistol.
  9. Tried it with an old pair of glasses, to get deep enough to remove the scratches meant the fov was changed. It no longer felt natural looking through them, so no like the guys said just buy a new pair and save yourself the hassle.
  10. Right all done took a lot of faffing about.
  11. Well that I did, bit being extended mags meant they're too long for two loops. Not to mention the middle loop on the pouch requires taking out most of the elastic bungee holding it together. I'm just hoping they're in the right place, hate to go through it again. Done two of three, feeling a lot more secure.
  12. Trying to, but can't loop the middle of the pouch, it's too tight. They are viper pouches so I'm guessing this is why. Edit - Had to completely unfasten the elastic loops, I can see it being fun looping it back in.
  13. Thanks I'll give it a go. If not might try punching in some more studs.
  14. Obviously it's designed for three loops, where the belt has two loops. Any of you found a good workaround?
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