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  1. I was more talking about the tiny rail and a long range scope lol all kinds of frankengun going on. Keep doing you lol. Fyi buddy, those anti rotation screws are supposed to be metal. Just use them, mark the body..it don't matter..its gonna get dings anyway. You should be able to lift .46 with the brass nub and reach 70m. Worth trying.
  2. What on earth is going on here lol
  3. hello did you sell the " FMA RAC headsets "   ? 

    1. quango2k


      A long time ago yes.

  4. Are you using a genuine TM speed loader? I have a nuprol one which is next to useless and my TM one works perfectly.
  5. She is complete.....for now.
  6. at the last game alone, all 30 people lost all of their teeth. I have seen hundreds of thousands of people losing teeth at every game. One guy lost 98 teeth, and got them all replaced, then immediately a BB came through the window and shot them all back out again, Come on, think of the safety.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As above, light use. Insane battery life. About 5 months old and we have been in lockdown. It did have some krylon on it but I've removed all of it. Built like a tank! Only selling as I have another model too and no use for this one now. Dot is crisp and clear and can go down to NV levels. 50,000 hours battery on level 6....mental! Includes a gunsmodify lens protector so you don't smash it up in game £140 delivered


  8. It's a difficult fit but goes in. I have one for sale in the classifieds if you want one.
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    As above. Brand new. £20 delivered


  10. Got any bigger pictures there? and collection from where?
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    As above. £28 delivered


  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As above. A few light marks. Never skirmishes, just upgraded to a longer one. £65 delivered


  13. They are absolute shit lol. I have had loads of AG parts, all but one of them have problems..they clearly test nothing! There is no other explanation for it. Ag nozzle, weird full auto so removed. Ag bolt (sf version) piston wouldn't fit, also spring retainer wouldn't go in without modding. Ag outer barrel, hop issues when installed Ag maritime bolt catch, sticks out about 3mm more than a real one, so you cannot wind the mag release enough to seat it properly. They even admitted to me they screwed it up! Ag mag release, f
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    As above. £25 delivered


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    As per above. £23 delivered


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