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  1. Hi all I know that well's are not reputable or respected in airsoft world but this one seems to be direct WE clone and parts should be fairly easy to obtain. I am wondering if somebody has any first hand experience with this replica? Thanks
  2. I build one "grip/conversion" and used APS carbine kit as well but it is still glock with its short barrel inside. That's why I am wondering it there is anything purpusfuly built available on the market like ruger or m4 or mpx style of gun using g mags.
  3. Hi all Since I have quite a few glock gas mags I was wondering if there are any other platforms (rifle or smg) I could use them in. In real steel I know that there are quite a few but how about airsoft? Cheers
  4. I have just finished my project just in time for tomorrow's game what do you think? This one has active spare mag retention. And because I had no holster which would fit this monster I design and made one. We will see tomorrow how good it is
  5. One last question. Will use of green gas like Nuprol 2.0 increase wear and tear in TM. Do you change to Duster gas on summer or is it not really important? Thank you.
  6. Ok so TM is the best. But is it c.£40 better then WE? Comparing prices WE is c.£100 and TW c.£140. Also what upgrades would you recommend to WE? Thank you all for your replies.
  7. Ooooo so does it mean that we mags will not fit?
  8. Great thank you for your help. Quick question how TM mags get on Green Gas? Will they have same issues as TM mk23? Also any views on KJW KP18? Any good?
  9. Hi all. I am thinking of buying g18c style pistol. Which manufacturer would you recommend? WE? TM? KJW....etc.... Thank you.
  10. Out of interest would you know if APS mags work in WE?
  11. I use Dragonfly and for some reason green gas mags are not working perfectly in it. Seems that brass nozzle is bit to heavy for green gas. It works perfectly fine on CO2. Now I want to repair all those mags and use them hopefully in WE glock.
  12. Good morning all. I have 3 green gas mags made by APS. All three are leaking from fill valves. I tried to replace rubber orings but this didn't stop the leaks. So now I want to replace them all. Would you know which make/type fill valves will fit APS mags. I was looking for like for like replacement but it seems only place I can buy them is APS home page. Are the available anywhere else and my google skills are failing me? Or there are third party replacements you can recommend? Thank you.
  13. Thank you for the game guys I had tonnes of fun shooting you and get shot. Hope to shoot you again
  14. Be a good boy and use rest of the clothes as well.....please..... 😱
  15. Unless you have wz.93 camo I would say old boring armbands.
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