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  1. Ajax


    I have been using this revolver already. I had several or them in my hand (one of the was c.2 years old) none of them had this issue with wobbly barrel. I had been returning goods to other retailers like PatrolBase, Gunfire, Taiwangun, AirsoftWorld and NONE of them charged me for return shipping if the goods were challenged to be faulty. To be honest I felt like Frank didn't give a sh...t about the issue. Their communication was let's say limited. for first email describing the issue I got reply "sorry you don't like it" and then copy & paste return shipping instruction. There was no attempt to resolve the problem - they did not offer anything like - lets see if the other revolvers we have in stock have the same issue - maybe we got one that is solid and we will send it to you. He said "we can't refund more than you paid us". oh yes you should if the goods are not satisfactory quality you as a seller are obliged by law to cover the return cost. This way or another you have heard my story - maybe they treated me this way for personal reasons, maybe they didn't like my surname, or maybe I was unlucky. this way or another I feel cheated be them. you may be lucky, you may never have to return any goods to them or maybe they will refund your return postage costs. the decision to buy from them is yours
  2. Ajax

    Gunfire (Poland) / gun-fire.co.uk

    I purchased quite a few things from them. Replicas as well as accessories. Not problem ever with delivery or customer service. I had some issues with gbb pistol - it was venting - I ask them for full check and maintenance. They have arranged the courier to UK for pick up on their cost. (Cough ... Cough ... Unlike Firesupport cough....) They did their magic and returned it to me. It didn't cost me penny and the gun is working like a charm since then - smoothest working receiver I have ever had. Other time the standard NiMh battery that came with the replica swell on first charge. I mentioned it to them. They have ask if I like a replacement since I wasn't planning on using it either way they gave me couple of spare mags for the gun I purchased instead. So can't over recommend them!
  3. Ajax


    Avoid!!!! For God sake AVOID. I purchased a revolver from them when it arrived (box wrapped in brown paper not even in cardboard box) it was faulty. Faulty in my view because according to Frank from Firesupport wobbly barrel which on the 6” length has deviation of c.3mm measured at the muzzle is something perfectly normal. They have instructed me to post it back at my cost but if they find it faulty they will refund the shipping cost. Of course they did not find it faulty. AsI have been told wobbly barrel is normal in Dan Wesson revolvers according to them! Therefore they refused to refund the return postage costs So I lost £12 on return postage – used carrier they requested. They are not a member of trade association, they don’t have any ADR scheme so... In your face... Good that Citizen Advice has different view on this – so will wait and see how the issue will progress. So unless you are happy to pay for returning faulty goods from your pocket – avoid as plague!!!! As a interesting fact – recently I had to return goods to PatrolBase and it was all different story. They have arranged courier pickup, the courier had printed label with him, no hassle for me, no additional costs whatsoever, perfect and polite email communication refund issued same day they received the package. So well... The choice is yours...
  4. Ajax

    Gun picture thread

    heh ... and I was worry that I have too many.... we don't count side arms do we
  5. Ajax

    Have I been kidding myself?

    Go for it! Play your way, play your style, have tonnes of fun!!! This is game, its only purpose it to entertain you. If you meet big boys with toy guns who think they are soldiers because they have look like equipment just let them argue which one on them has biggest di..... (I meant most expensive equipment) and let them go ahead (they will be probably first to take a bb from some random guy running DoubleEagle spring shotgun ). Ignore buffoons, stick to those who treat the game as a fun day out and you will be fine. Don't get me wrong it's fine to be geardo if this rocks your boat but it is not ok to be geardo who thinks he is as good as SpecOps because he learn few gestures, comments and has outfit that looks just like their. At the end of day we are bunch of adults who are getting up early on Sunday to meet people and shoot them with plastic bb's using toy guns - how bloody serious this can be taken
  6. Ajax

    Now looking to get a pistol :)

    My advice - specify model you like and then ask for advice i.e. "which glock 17 make is the best / most reliable / has easily accessible parts etc...." Which one you like? What you are fancy AEP, GBB, GNB etc.... 1911? M92, Glock etc.... Search forum as well there are tonnes on useful info for example this topic as you have asked for TM:
  7. Ajax

    Tac sac! New RIS foregrip made in USA!

    May I have tac-boob version please?
  8. Ajax

    Are you a gun geek?

    Good answer you are gun geek in deed
  9. Ajax

    Are you a gun geek?

    Could be .... But from more technical side any ideas?
  10. Just for laughs. What's wrong with this gif. And how long did it take you for find out
  11. OK Guys promised update on my 6 months old V.T.G guarantee repair. bit of time line: 23/01/2018 first contact with S.W.A.T. Training Devices Limited since purchase. I explained my problem via email asking for help. Since I receive no reply for a week or so I called them and nice lady suggested to sent the V.T.G. to them for inspection. 02/02/2018 I received an reply to my original email from Paul suggesting the same thing. 03/02/2018 package has been sent 05 or 06/02/2018 the package has been received (signed delivery); 07/02/2018 I received generic email from SWAT regarding to issues caused by Reverse detonations and Failed Detonation but no word regarding to receiving my package. Same day I sent email asking for estimated time of inspection and repair (the device is 6 months old and I would expect it to be repaired under guarantee). 16/02/2018 Still no reply. I sent another email asking for an update. 19/02/2018 Still no reply. I sent another email asking for an update. . . . I will update you how / if this will be resolved. I am still quite patient and polite in my communication. I do my best to understand the other side - (small UK based company with limited resources) - but I really do hope that they are trying to understand other side - me, THEIR customer. I was going to buy another V.T.G and if not for the issue with the first one I would have done this. Now due to the whole situation I am much less likely to do so. As a retail company I am surprised that they are doing so little to maintain their greatest asset - LOYAL customers. oh... what the hell do I know... let's wait and see how this will end up.
  12. Ajax

    ASG moon clip shell FPS output

    Hi all. I am replying to my own question hoping that someone else will find this information useful. According to my conversation with guys from PatrolBase the MoonClip ready shells are "full bore" - the gas inlet hole at the bottom of the shell is much bigger then the pinhole at the bottom of powered down shells. This seems to be true also watching this video (this guy is using moonclips): As an add-on tip I have been given was: if you drill powered shell bottom with 0.8mm drill bit you should imcrease FPS to 320-340 fps. Haven't try it yet but may give it a go later. Hope it helps
  13. Hi all Bit far fetched maybe but are you aware of any patrolbase discount codes? I am planning to make fairly large purchase from them and any £ saved will be spend on more airsoft gear Cheers
  14. Hi guys. Would any of you know if the moon clip ready shells are equivalent of standard of powered down shells? Or maybe something in between. What is their FPS output? Cheers
  15. Ajax

    ASG Dan Wesson 715 6" Hi-Power Revolver

    Hi guys. Canyou tell me if the only difference between low and high powered versions are the shells? It there aby difference in gun itself? My cunning plan is to get a gun with low power shells and use it at the field and then get the multi bbs shells and use it as shotgun revolver. But for this I need this high power output from the gun to keep those multiple bbs traveling at some reasonable speeds Any experience with this?