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  1. So batteries arrived today, ordered on Sunday - well packed and secured. I mean very well. Box, in the box some paper and two other boxes in each of them bubble wrap battery and manual. Mean time independent email how to use lipos etc... So far so good. Also batteries fit like a glove. Perfect size I can close the compartment without the worry that I squeezed the lipo packs. As expected 7.4v is not as crisp as 11.1 would be but with the latter (as replica has been powered down to UK legal requirements) It tend to have overspin as the guts and motor are meant for 420fps in full auto. Nothing I can't live with or the bright side the guts should serve me bit longer on 7.4v for reference this is the battery I purchased for Bolt AKS74U: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1000mah-2s-20-40c-lipo-airsoft-pack.html
  2. Instruction unclear... soldering iron stuck in the eyeball 😱🤪 the best way to describe my soldering skills LOL but if it will come to this I may increase my house insurance and then give it a try. At the same time I would change mini Tamiya to Deans connector as they take quite some space as well. I have just placed order with hobby king (thx EDcase) so will wait and see when the package arrives.
  3. Thank you for reply. The replica is made by Bolt and they use wooden grips which as beautiful as they are, they are also but thicker than tm plastic and takes more space. Also they use steel brackets at each end which takes bits of length as well. Is made card board model of the battery I found and it could fit under condition that it wont arrive with 2m of wires 😅 I will buy it and let you know it it will fit - just in case there are any other aks74u Bolt users here
  4. Because there is no space there. Recoil system takes it and therefore tiny front grip is the only place to put it. And I do not want to spoil esthetic with storing it outside the replica.
  5. Cyma did this with their Bizon high cap mag using spring loaded horizontal plunger. re P90 I use Cyma version and can’t complain, didn’t mod it at all and for CQB performance is ok for me. Taiwangun had p90 mag pouches for molle and leg drops.
  6. Thank you gor your reply I am not trying to build a monster I got AKS74U which has only space in front grip to store battery. Original battery has dimensions 95x20x10 and closest I found so far is 101x20x10 which is 1000mah 7.4v and 20/40c so unless I find any even shorter I will give it a try.
  7. Did I start 2 topics? Apologise if I did it wasn't intended. I didn't even notice this.
  8. Hi I look for lipo 7.4v which dimensions won't exceed 95x18x15mm. Capacity is not an issue as I can carry few on me during the game. High c rating would be beneficial and mini tamiya is preferred. Would you have any experience with such small batteries? So far my googling didn't provide any useful outcomes Will be grateful for any suggestions. Cheers.
  9. Hi All I saw few interesting items on this site. https://airsoftshop.cz/ Does anyone have any experience with them? are they trustworthy? Is it correct that they do not accept PayPal? How’s they customer service and post purchase support/guarantee? thank you.
  10. Thank you for this suggestion. It is an interesting replica. Stop on empty and functioning charging handle are unique features. Still some reviews I saw suggest that this solution is bit over engineered and prone to malfunctions. The gun modifications are more difficult as you need to disassemble large portion of the replica to get to hop unit or gearbox. It is Japanese style replica using lots of screws rather than VFC or Taiwanese style which uses more realistic disassembly. Also very much like TM it uses pot metal rather than steel. I have read that KWA did plan to release AKS74U but haven't see it on the market. Additionally reviewers said that the ebb is strong but nowhere as GBBR where Bolt reviews states that it has ebb as strong GBBR. It seems to me that this replica is good alternative to TM shock recoil system i.e. TM AK102. On the other hand I have been searching for users first hand experience opinions for a while asking at few FB airsoft groups and forums and other than comment that early version of M4 being prone to loosen up, I have heard nothing but overwhelming positive feedback. Users seems to love them. Therefore I will be very keen to understand your negative opinion about Bolt? Why? Did you own it? What kind of problems you encounter? Thanks.
  11. Thank you. I am glad to hear that the system is reliable. Does it really feels so good? I hope it is closer to gbb than these flying sheets of metal in other ebb that annoys you more than kick your shoulder?😅
  12. I do have E&L already but I want something with blowback that I can feel. From the video reviews it seems that Bolt kicks nicely and I have heard that it uses LCT externals. but I hoped for some first hand reviews how it handles longer term use and any known out of box issues? As an alternative I am thinking about TM AK102. so I would be grateful fur first hand opinion on these. so thanks for your reply but .... next.... 😀
  13. Hi all Does anyone has any first hand experience with this replica? I would love gas blowback feeling on AEP. Is it worth it? Are there any sensible alternatives? Is TM AK102 worth thinking about? thank you
  14. Check wz.93 Lubawa vest.
  15. M4 stock on AK is an ABOMINATION!!! Wanna Frankenstein-gun? Wanna see world burning????
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