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  1. picked up this "EVIKE custom" ares striker. the price, TDC and magazine placement was VERY tempting for me, though the cylinder volume was an issue. but this will be more like a a low power scout rifle. Im coming from a JG Bar10 (tdc mod, ml bucking, 500fps), I also just picked up the new SB tac-41. I already did the indicator delete mod. it was ALREADY giving me issues. shooting 1.4joules on 0.43g from the box.
  2. a little late but yeah, once i saw the oring, i could swear its from a speed loader.
  3. My "parts bin" MWS monstrosity. the kick on this thing with duster gas is like shooting real steel. definitely harder than my 22lr!
  4. its cool if you dont mind loosing bolt catch. the machining to get the bolt catch to work is a lot of precision milling of the recievers IMO, and im fairly good with tools. i just took out the blue catch lever and tossed the bolt catch lever all together. my plan was just to have a small SMG which can swap mags with the TM glock.
  5. I got only a 30fps increase on a stock setup, ex 6.01mm x 373mm. On propane. On duster gas no increase. 245fps regardless of barrel
  6. did a commission 3d print of an MWS outerbarrel/collar (for ultralight builds) and i really liked the concept, so i made one myself for my pdw build. also a new 3d buffer tube arm brace, and tanker style muzzle device. this thing has RECOIL!
  7. Its actually my beater mws lol. I have a fully stock one which is my baby. those are also just mock up photos. the kit does involve some modifications sadly... oh well. just finished transplanting the glock nozzle in the BCG. im missing the bolt catch right now and i dont want to fire too much without it. I test fired some shots making sure the follower doesnt pop up the catch lever. threw the bbs just as hard as an MWS mag. interestingly too, the adapter+magazine weigh less than a MWS magazine. Also, Im running a stock BCG so shot count should be up there.
  8. quaratine purchases came in. nice.
  9. yeah, the temp i was testing in was around 50degree f. not sure in Celsius but it was cooler. i would imagine warmer temps, the mws does 350-360 stock. but just changing barrel inner diam. doessnt change too much... theoretically, keeping the stock magic TM barrel, and just going straight for a nozzle set is a better first option. you may also have better groupings with a wider bore needing less cleaning.
  10. stock 250mm 340fps ...laylax 6.01 373mm 370fps... duster gas saw NO change and maintained 240fps. everything stock but the barrel. modifying the stock rocket valve got 450 on propane and 350 on duster (601 barrel) go figure.
  11. I have one. bare bones lower with grip and screw. also trigger guard. blemished, as it has a hairline crack near a pin which doesnt effect any function.
  12. I pulled up the MWS pdf, and in the exploded trigger box view, it seems its the side of the bolt catch hook... I also reviewed the youtube trigger box reassembly, and he never mentions that buffer. I dont recall seeing that part on Impulse101 before either...
  13. I just bought an OEM complete bcg from impulse101. $65 plus shipping. imo the stock bcg has a good balance of efficiency, and recoil weight. the stock float valve can be modded for more fps quite easily too. might be out of stock. I also bought a handful of feedlips from them too. http://impulse101.jp/en/488-m4-mws-parts (Any clue where this goes?) http://impulse101.jp/en/m4-mws-parts/tokyo-marui-spare-parts-m4-mws-mgg2-33-bolt-catch-cushion-4830
  14. i have the A.I. steel tip and polymer tip. the steel tip LEAKS. the polymer is silent. imagine that... i also have a brass tip which doesnt leak.. It might be that white gasket on the bottles, check out the inner diameter...
  15. My boneyard MWS I refurbished. thing is nutty! paint: rustoleum machine gray high performance enamel
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