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  1. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    The MWS is done, not spending another dime on it ©️! Next to that I still have some bits and bobs from the MWS left, and some parts from my Block II FSP build, if anyone is interested, send me a pm, everything is going relatively cheap
  2. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    I can feel the pressure rising, lot of weight on my shoulders...I'll probably get kicked off this forum if they don't deliver within a week 😅
  3. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    So far I've had no problems ordering from Asia really RMDavis, can't say I even noticed any delays. Ordered a few things from Angry Gun, ShooterCBGear, Samoon and J.K. Army, all arrived within about a week, mainly depending on customs. Not sure how UK customs fare compared to Dutch customs though so your experience may differ. Also, pre-welcome to the club! On a sidenote, having just completed my Block II FSP I want to move forward to another project, thus selling some bits and bobs of my build, including a bunch of original MWS parts that I have replaced with Strike Industries parts (my Strike rifle being the only complete MWS I'm keeping at the moment). Figured I'd post here first as I'd prefer getting rid of everything in 1 go. If you are interested in (preferably) the whole package or have questions regarding the parts, send me a message. The grip, stock, rail ladders and XTM kit are real Magpuls, the sights are PTS Griffin Armament replica's with offset and normal mounts, the rail is a Cerakoted Madbull rail. The charging handle, flashhider and suppressor are Angry Gun and the PEQ15 Green laser and the flashlight are Element.
  4. Some more Strike Industries parts arrived . Means the MWS is nearing actual completion, that is, if I stop browsing for new shit to put on... Also a a new grip for my AKM, really didn't like the original grip so ordered one to get free shipping, win-win! So next to the AK grip we've got a set of silly, completely unnecessary but cool looking 45 degree back-up iron sights(which can also be used as lower 1/3rd), a billet aluminum dustcover and trigger guard, a magazine release, a forward assist and some M-Lok covers!
  5. \Ordered a Magpul CTR stock for my TM MWS Block II FSP build, but instead I got a MOE, decided to keep it anyways and called in for a refund of the difference in price, which is quite substantial, next to that I got my GHK AKM deliverd aswell ❤️
  6. Without a doubt quality over quantity. I do honestly have a problem with wanting everything that is technically possible to be real steel parts which drives the price up by a lot. I just finished my Tokyo Marui Block II FSP which has some replica stuff on it(an Element light and Peq15) but it just feels so...undesirable compared to my Streamlight for instance...
  7. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    She is finally finished, my MWS Block II FSP! Stupid stock took 2 months to arrive...and it isn't even the right one, ordered a CTR, received a MOE 😕 . Anyways, for now she is finished and since yesterday she has a little brother from another mother, a wonderful GHK AKM!
  8. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    As said, if you want to use a real buffertube you will have to rethread. I did it myself a few weeks ago to fit my real steel Strike Industries buffertube. Because the threading is so close to real steel the rethreading took about 2 minutes with the right tool. Added bonus is that non-real steel buffer tubes still fit aswell. On my old MWS I had the Angry Gun milspec buffertube however. Not had at any problems with it, nice finish and all, nothing bad to say about it but compared to the Strike Industries buffertube the finishing wasn't AS good although that may differ per buffertube. The other tubes you link I have had no experience with by the way .
  9. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    Considering I am based in The Netherlands I had it done by Camogun. Must say, even though for the majority of this forum it's not really useful information, but they are great. Was my first time Cerakoting and my first experience with them and they've been sound. Mailed back and forth to decide on a color, decided to send the rail in via the post and a few days later I was bombarded with these great pictures. Picked it up a few days after and had a nice chat with one of the owners who explained all the options they had for Cerakoting so all in all, I can really recommend them!
  10. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    Sorry for hijacking this thread with my photobombs but I got my Madbull RIS II FSP rail cerakoted and picked it up today, looks absolutely stunning if I say so myself! It's for my 2nd MWS build, Block II FSP replica. Unfortunately I still do not have my FDE stock yet, last part I am missing for the build. Anyways, here are some pictures of my rail getting Cerakoted, was a black rail to start with but forgot to take pictures of it
  11. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    Got a care package in the mail from Poland today so I am finally able to "finish" my Strike Industries build . Was only missing the takedown pins, buffer tube and adjustable scope mount, really happy with how the build turned out!
  12. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    My new love has just arrived! Goes well with my Strike Industries build! Just awaiting the mount, Strike Industries buffer tube and takedown pins
  13. LVOA-D

    THE TM MWS thread

    My Strike Industries build so far. Decided not to sell the real steel parts after all as I am working towards my license for real practicing with real firearms. So I decided to buy a new MWS to fit it all too. As soon as they are back in stock however I will be buying another MWS to make a Block II FSP build (the one I was going to do instead of this ). So here it is, my "Strike Rifle", not finished yet but for the most part it is to my liking. Only upgrades I'm definitely going to do is get an SI Forward Assist, an SI buffertube and the SI Fang triggerguard and perhaps a set of real magpul pro mbus'.
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