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  1. At best any age restriction is gonna be moral and as such entirely up to you. Personally I'd side with Adolf its most likely too late to protect people from themselves if they're buying parts for something they already own so you'd be golden in my book. Really unlikely that someone is gonna be buying up second hand parts to illegally assemble a replica firearm, if they're that keen on breaking laws they may as well go whole hog and get on the darknet to source some "glock" parts from the lads at GCHQ.
  2. Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

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    Ad for the HAO rail still stands just also in market for one of these, would prefer the short version but will consider either honestly. Would prefer to grab it with a matching barrel kit to get it mounted or an adapter ring would do as well. Cheers for looking


    - GB

  3. Time Left: 6 days and 7 hours

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    Looking for a Mk16 13.5" for a build I'm working on, will consider pretty much all colours and makers. Would prefer NSN Numbering but could also let go of that ambition for the right offer. Would also be ideal for me if you have the mounting hardware for an MWS as thats where it'd be going but again could go for the right deal without. Would obviously prefer posted unless you're local. Cheers


    Harpenden, Hertfordshire - GB

  4. Having said all I just said I'd imagine if I owned/operated a site this'd be my across the board policy too just because of liability, all I said before was mearly from a personal perspective. From a business perspective especially while it remains legal a firm no to everything including drink would be my answer on site.
  5. Crome

    THE TM MWS thread

    Outside of kits does anyone currently make an M16A1 length barrel for the MWS? Other than a seemingly long finished production run from 5KU I've turned up very little.
  6. I'd tend to agree, the options in top post are written as such to make one answer callous and the other correct a assume because of OPs personal biases toward the subject. Really as long as you can maintain safety, show respect for others and continue to follow the rules I'm honestly happy for you to do most anything that doesn't harm others ("I don't like the smell" doesn't count as harm imo) and respects site rules in order to have fun on your days/afternoons off then go bananas. Frankly speaking when it comes to the recreational user I know more than a few "mates" who could use a half a joint to calm them down a bit to bring less aggression/unhappiness from their weeks to almost everything in their hobby life, airsoft included. Sites sell those bastards beers throughout the days which absolutely has the potential to make things far worse than weed ever could. My prescription is only for Insomnia so I'd not really need to smoke up at a site ever but this countries draconian dogma toward something that is proven to be helping a huge gamut of conditions is a little nauseating/offensive😑.
  7. Crome

    THE TM MWS thread

    Sorted this but have cleaned the barrel multiple times since issues developed and tried multiple other inners. Turned out that the G&P SPR kit I brought was just so poorly made and aligned (came from the factory using shims at the receiver mount, shims on the outer barrel end and an adapter to make their randomly 12mm threaded barrel end to 14mm CCW all that meant that unless the stars aligned I was always gonna be having issues with it not being as accurate as needed. Lesson learned though will avoid G&P as a general rule in future without much more research.
  8. Crome

    THE TM MWS thread

    A little tech support would be appreciated just in terms of guesses at probable cause at the very least. I've been shooting my MWS perfectly fine for almost a year now but suddenly I've started to notice every fourth or fifth bb will rocket skyward almost as soon as it leaves the barrel only for the next to be perfectly fine. In effort to troubleshoot this I've taken the gun apart in its entirety sans my BCG which I'll be taking apart this evening. I've replaced my bucking and tried alternate barrels all to no real effect. I've even tried an alternate hop unit only to have the exact same problem. It persists across every magazine I own and I've even tried alternate Ammo weights and brands. Has anyone ever run in to anythign similar? Any advice would be greatly apprecaited as I'm pulling my bloody hair out over this at this point.
  9. Gotta love that this is so much not your first rodeo that your advice now reads like a choose your own adventure book lol
  10. Crome

    The TM AKM thread

    Popcorn anyone?😅
  11. Crome

    The TM AKM thread

    NVM Am moron clearly a wood parts kit for a 47 I linked not the GBB AKM 🤦‍♂️
  12. Genuinely what is one of these things, two toned, worth second hand though? Postage cost? 😅
  13. I preordered the Colonial Marines Collectors Edition as a twenty something (edit: forgetting my age now lol) so not a hope in hell I'll be preordering this but me and a couple mates are tentatively interested in it because we essentially can't resist the sound of a pulse rifle.
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